Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 170: Sir Qi (Sixth part)

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Chapter 170 Sir Qi (Sixth part)

Translator: PurpleNails

Editor: Pelethite

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The Demon Lord gave a cold snort without any further response.

However, his words are enough to make every one of them delighted!

As none of them have dreamed of this ideal outcome.

The Demon Lord is clearly a man of his words, given that he possessed such a high state. Thus, for these people, his words meant: If you can grab the heritage from my disciple, by all means, do it! Even it means to kill him, I will not put blame upon all of you!

There is such a special master existing in this world?

Although they find it hard to believe, when they recall the monstrous act of Chu Mo and how he made them developed the teeth-itching hatred, they managed to comprehend a little about the words from the mysterious high-power.

An evildoer young man like Chu Mo is indeed hard to kill!

For instance, to one’s surprise, he climbs up the Lone Peak with methods that none of them has any idea of.

Therefore, besides besieging the area at the bottom of the cliff, they have no other better idea!

Follow Chu Mo to climb up the cliff? No one would do so, as anyone would know, the strength and the Murdering Heaven Edge which the young man carries… neither was herbivorous.

Before Chu Mo fled the scene, the image of him beheading seven or eight people at once are still imprinted deeply within most of them. Even to think of it now, the terrifying feeling is still there.

But anyway, now that they know the high-power who was hidden in the shadow only wants his disciple to gain combat experience rather than to kill them, they can now stuff their heart back to their stomach.

The night soon passed. What comes next morning is a bright sunny day. The Lone Peak which shrouded in mystery had finally been unveiled by the winds and make itself presentable to everyone.

People who lay first, clear sight of the peak can’t help but exclaim in astonishment: “What a magnificent mountain!”

Everyone was swooned over by the three thousand feet high cliff.

“Too high!”

“Extremely steep!”

“That young man did climb up the steep cliff, didn’t he?”

Many of them dare not to believe the fact that Chu Mo had climb up the mountain.

However, when they approached closer, they find out some neat stones on the floor like they were cut by blades.

Someone went on to test the hardness of the rocks, and there are amazement twitching at the corners of their mouth: “The stones were incredibly hard, even with my unrestricted Golden Stone State, and precious sword, may not be able to cut the stone neatly in shape!”

Some who are hesitant to believe also went on to test the rocks. Eventually, all of them cry out in surprise.

“These stones are incredibly stiff!”

“The Murdering Heaven Edge that he possessed must be the world’s sharpest weapon!”

“It must be a real difference to have a good master!”

“I am already starting to run out of confidence…” Someone said it dispiritedly: “Though with the promises of the high-power, which he will not avenge us by killing Chu Mo, the problem is… I don’t feel safe about it!”

“Indeed, those Golden State elders and two elders of Understanding Intent State from Azure Dragon Court and Vermillion Bird Associations… perhaps have died in the hand of Chu Mo.” Some have whispered.

Silence falls momentarily in the crowd. A man who is unwilling to accept the fact said: “We couldn’t retreat now, could we?”

Sir Qi stepped out and said: “Sometimes take a step back doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose your courage. Moreover, your violent act is basically not something to be proud of.”

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Another man mockingly responded: “Sir Qi, you shouldn’t have spoken more of your sarcastic remarks, if you have no purpose in here, why bother to stay? When Chu Mo appears here, he may not believe that you are a good man either.”

“Indeed, you can’t stop us, neither you can to stop Chu Mo, why stay here? Why not just leave?”

Sir Qi faintly smiled, he speaks without anger and unhurriedly: “During those ancient times, heavenly beings that fall from the huge rip across the sky of the four continents, might not necessarily be only the ordinary beings, high-power from the other side might as well entered into our world. I constantly have this feeling that the martial techniques carried out by Chu Mo, are not something that supposed to exist in our world! Though my state isn’t high enough, I still reached the apex level of Golden Stone State. Therefore I can still know some things about the world.”

The crowd quietly look at Sir Qi.

Sir Qi gave a smile to them: “At least, according to what I understand, not to mention the top sect like the Immortal Sky, even Heavenly Sword Sect, Deities from other realms, and the strongest from four secluded supreme sects… may not able to sealed all of our dantian in one shot, nor possessed a power that can accurately restrict our state. The young man from the Immortal Sky, have I say it right?”

Sir Qi throw his question to the young prodigy whose surname is Meng from the Immortal Sky.

Meng Li look at Sir Qi with a bitter smile: “I have not heard much about these anecdotes. But I have never encountered such a powerful master in this world.”

An elder from Vermillion Bird Continent agreed in a low voice: “Yes, I’ve once met a great hermit, he might have reached the Intent of Heaven State as he has the unfathomable depth of strength. But I have never heard of him having these kind of capabilities, too. According to legend, above the four continents, there is the heavenly realm, I’m afraid these sorts of techniques must be from the heavenly realm.”

An indrawn gasp arose from the crowd after what they’ve heard.

The existence of another great world is too far out of reach for them.

Those who achieved the Dao and transcended from the four continents must have transcended to the heavenly realm!

Sir Qi nodded: “That’s why I need to see exactly how strong Chu Mo is! I have no more strength to enhance my level, nor will I have the chance to enter the heavenly realm, but if I can witness the transcendence from a younger generation, I believe that is the greatest thing in my life, and there’d be no more regrets in my life!”

“What do you have in mind, Sir Qi?” asked the people who knew him, they gazed in awed at the elder who has aged more than hundred years.

Sir Qi calmly stated: “Although I might not be qualified, I want to be one of the guardians for that young man.”

“What…” each of their faces showed weird expressions.

All of them rack their brains to grab the heritage of Misty Palace from Chu Mo, trying hard to kill Chu Mo, but Sir Qi has to be the black sheep among them.

Hence, they have no standings to blame Sir Qi either.

You can’t force others to become a robber like you, can you?

“In other words, Sir Qi is now our enemy?” someone said teasingly.

Actually, it is what everyone thought.

Even though everyone has the same state, but if one suddenly ambush the other, it’s still hard to defend against a sudden attack!

Sir Qi calmly shook his head: “I will not attack any of you, plus, I don’t know whether Chu Mo will agree or not. Moreover, I would like to see what he will do to escape these challenging situations.” (To be continued…)

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