Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 169: Imperious Demon Lord

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Chapter 169 Imperious Demon Lord (Fifth part)

Translator: PurpleNails

Editor: Pelethite

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At this moment, someone among the crowd said: “Dragonfish of Heavenly Lake… It is not impossible for it to exist here. Legend has it that the Dragonfish are not an earthly being. During primitive times, there was once an open slit that appeared between the sky across the four continents, no one knows why it occurred. Even today, there’s still no way to prove whether the open slit has ever existed.”

The person pauses a little then went on with the speech: “However, I’ve researched on many classics and historical records, and I think the legend could be true! The open slit existed before, and along with it, many kinds of living beings from another realm entered our world. The Dragonfish of Heavenly Lake were one of the many kinds. During that time, when it fell out from the open slit, it might have not only fallen in the farthest north of Black Tortoise Continent. Furthermore, I think its primary efficacy might be more than to simply just extend fifty years of life expectancy.”

“Old man, how did you know?” Someone in the crowd asked: “You are very sure of your words, perhaps you have seen it before?”

Everyone subconsciously turned and looked at the person who spoke.

The person who took the floor was an old man, silver-haired with wrinkles scrawled over his face. He has a slim figure which makes him looks like he is extremely delicate.

After what he had heard, he smiled: “Years ago, an inept old man like myself did indeed see one, and luckily have feasted on one Dragonfish as well!”


Immediately a shocked gasp can be heard from the crowd.

Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

After a while, some of them who recognized the old man approached him and greeted him respectfully.

“Sir Qi, you are here too!”

“Here I am, honored to meet you. Years ago, I was taught by you, Sir Qi.”

“So, it is Sir Qi, I didn’t realize your presence just then, please accept my formal greetings.”

Some of the experts from Azure Dragon continent followed along to greet the old man. Whereas, experts from Vermillion Bird continent stood quite dumbfoundedly.

Someone explained in a low voice: “Sir Qi has gained popularity in the land of the Azure Dragon. Although his state is considerably high, he only reaches the apex of Golden Stone state. However, he loves to teach younger generations, it’s his nature. Many experts from Azure Dragon continent have been taught by him in their early age. Don’t be fooled by his looks, although he looks like he is now in his seventies, in fact, he is already more than a hundred years old!”

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The silver-haired old man smiled: “I come here because of curiosity. What makes a thirteen or fourteen years old child a formidable opponent? We have a different purpose here, all of you wanted to seize his heritage, but I wanted to make him my disciple. I wanted to appeal all of you to spare his life. However, I don’t think that’s necessary now, as the mysterious high-power hidden under the shadow will not permit all of you to kill that young kid.”

If Sir Qi’s words came out from any other person’s mouth at the scene, perhaps one will surely be ridiculed by everyone.

Protecting Chu Mo? What a joke! Who in the crowd doesn’t want the heritage of Misty Palace from Chu Mo? And those martial techniques that cultivated by Chu Mo?

Whoever dares to say they don’t want it, he might be drowned in everyone’s saliva.

And Sir Qi just said it out loud, everyone who knows him has a hard time to refute his words.

Because judging from every aspect, Sir Qi is hardly the evildoer.

Especially when some of them recall, Sir Qi just followed the crowd to track Chu Mo from the beginning.

He never fights anyone nor did he Chu Mo!

Someone helplessly smiled and said: “Sir Qi, is it worth the trouble? We have no grudge upon Chu Mo either, but the heritage he holds doesn’t belong to him, and it is not for someone at his age to bear as well. We require only the heritage, not his life.”

At this moment, another man in the crowd sneered: “All right, I believe in Sir Qi’s words. If the words came out from other person’s mouth, I would think that is a bunch of bullshits! Not wanting his life? What a joke! Not wanting his life means giving out your own life! Once such monstrous youngster grows into a man, will he spare all of your lives?”

The crowd is instantly silent. Because everyone knows that it is a fact, they just don’t want to make it clear.

Suddenly at that moment, someone broke the silence by yelling into the air: “Great elder who hides in the shadow, who are you? What’s your purpose insealing our Dan Tian and restricting our state? If you plan to kill us, at least make us understand how we die?”

Practically everyone kept their silence after that, they can sense the high-power who sealed their Dan Tian and restricted their state was watching them in the dark.

As expected, a faint voice came through within the oblivion: “Each of you makes killings and robbing sound so rightful. Think of greed as the power of justice, think of yourself as the embodiment of truth. In fact, all of you deserve to die.”

The crowd remained in dead silence.

Even Sir Qi who has lived for more than a hundred years and once feasted on Dragonfish, can’t help but slightly narrowed his eyes, trying to use the secret technique which he learned by himself to sense the location of the high-power. However, he realized he can get nothing. Sigh, in disappointment, he understands the gap between them is too great!

“However, to kill all of you means to dirty my hands! A bunch of ants. I have utterly no interest in killing all of you.” The voice within the oblivion is faint and cold.

Yet for people at the scene, those words are equal to a merciful sound from heaven.

The one who yelled was a little excited when his questions were being answered. Therefore, he went on and asked again: “Great elder, what exactly you want us to do?”

“Be a training dummy for my disciple!”

Such domineering answer caused a stir in the crowd.

Many of their faces showed anger.

This is just too much!

They are people who carry high status, at any rate, never ever have they been looked down upon by anyone before. But when they recall that the higher power has unfathomable depths of strength, they became quiet momentarily.

“I restricted all of your states is considerably an act of a bully, I have no interest to kill all of you... If anyone of you has true capabilities to grab the heritage from my disciple, even to kill him before I am able to save him, I will not blame any of you! Nor I will look for any vengeance after that!” Demon Lord said apathetically within the oblivion.

If anyone in the crowd does have true capabilities, which they are able to kill Chu Mo before he saves Chu Mo, then he can only blame himself and his disciple of being too weak.

In this case, if both Demon Lord and Chu Mo were killed then they have to accept their fate!

An average man may have a hard time to understand the Demon Lord’s mind. As a matter of fact, if one have experienced what Demon Lord had gone through with his ordeal, one would understand Demon Lord’s painstaking efforts.

If one cannot endure these tribulations, what more can one take to face trials that are harder than this?

“Great elder, do you meant what you’ve said?” someone asked excitingly. (to be continued…)

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