Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 168: The Lone Peak - Part 4

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Demon Lord was pleased because Chu Mo had not let him down!

Chu Mo had unexpectedly chosen this escape place, that even Demon Lord was surprised by his choice. Because for Chu Mo, the steep cliff wa also a huge challenge for his current situation.

When Chu Mo climb up to more than three hundred feet, his exacerbated injuries causing him lose his grip and almost fall from the steep wall. Luckily, there wa a small tree within his reach. He managed to grasp the small tree and stabilize his balance.

After he overcame the heart-pounding situation, Chu Mo impassively continued his climb.

Until the breakthrough of the first layer of clouds and mists, Chu Mo looked up, through the glimmering light from the twinkling stars, he still saw the extending walls with no ends.

“The higher, the better!” Chu Mo murmured with his clenched teeth.

Eight hundred feet… A thousand feet… Two thousand feet!

When he reached two thousand five hundred feet, the strong wind blew aggressively, and the temperature plummeted around him. Injuries on his body were aggravated by the situation.

Chu Mo realized if he cannot treat his wounds immediately, he would not be able to hold on any further.

Soon after, Chu Mo sat on an old bough and started to use Murdering Heaven Edge to dig a hole on the steep wall.

The Murdering Heaven Edge wa undoubtedly sharp, yet even so, Chu Mo was still amazed with its sharpness.

Using Murdering Heaven Edge to chip off the hard-rocky wall was like cutting tofu. Chunks and chunks of rocks fell to the bottom of the cliff.

At this very moment, the chasers had reached the bottom of the cliff!

Many masters exist in this world, especially those who were defined as hidden dragons and crouching tigers from the continent of Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird.

Exactly like how Demon Lord predicted, running away would not simply allow one to throw off these chasing masters!

This is because some experts among them have the tracking ability, they managed to pick up Chu Mo’s trail and followed him to the cliff.

“Damn it, how high is the cliff? I can’t see the peak!”

“Check out the other routes, see if we can go around it? How the hell are we supposed to climb this steep cliff?"

“Our realm has been restricted, even if it’s not, with the strength of Golden stone state, it is still difficult to climb up the cliff!”

“If only we had masters from the Understanding Intent state, they can directly ascend to the peak!”

“Quit your thoughts, if I guessed it right, Elder Fu Long of Understanding Intent state may have died in the hand of the high-power who restricted our state.”

“I’m afraid that Granny Qu from the Vermillion Bird Association is also in a negative situation now.”

“The terrifying high-power…”

At the bottom of the cliff, the gathered crowd of masters from Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird Continent could not help but quiet down momentarily.

“What shall we do now? Watch that little bastard climb up the steep cliff then escape freely?” One of them impatiently questioned.

“Chu Mo is severely injured as well, it is impossible for him to escape any further!” Someone stated in a cold manner, “And I know this mountain! It is the Lone Peak!”

“Lone Peak?”

“Yes, all I can say is that the kid had found himself a dead end. He thought he could escape when he saw the cliff in the dark, then without much consideration, he climbed up the cliff. Wait until tomorrow. He will realize how foolish his actions were!” The person sneered and spoke further, “If he keeps on running with his technique, we might not be able to catch him. However, since he escaped to the Lone Peak, rest assured, either he will die of starvation, or come down first!”

“The Lone Peak… what is it about this place? How can you be so sure?” Someone from the Vermillion Bird Association asked.

The world works its wonder in mysterious ways.

A moment ago, both parties were at each other’s throat in the life-or-death situation. But now, they seemingly had no memory of the war they were involved in before this moment.

“My sect is less than five hundred miles from here. As such, I am considerably the one who knows best about The Lone Peak!” A middle-aged man who presumably was in his forties emerged from the crowd.

This man is not from the Azure Dragon Court, but he was an Elder from one of the sects in Azure Dragon Continent. His name was Zhao Chang Hai.

Before Zhao Chang Hai’s realm was restricted, he was also an expert within the Golden Stone State. Not many recognized him in the land of Azure Dragon. However, he has a certain amount of popularity at the Da Xia.

“The Lone Peak, three thousand feet above sea an isolated peak!” Zhao Chang Hai grunted, “The reason why it was called the isolated peak was because of its steep wall in all directions, absolutely no slopes can be found! If the weather in the morning is nice and you look at it from afar, it is almost reminscent of the shaft of a brush that stands in between the sky and the land. It is one of the three remote mountains in the land of Azure Dragon, another two would be the Solitary God Peak of Undying Mountain situated at the Immortal Sky, and Solitary Sword Peak at Heaven Sword Sect.”

“So, this is the Lone Peak of the three remote mountains. Before this, we knew where the Solitary Sword Peak and Solitary God Peak were yet, now it is the first time to have also seen The Lone Peak.” Someone sighed in amazement.

The corner of Zhao Chang Hai’s mouth twitched a little. Displeasure arising by what was just said. It may sound harmless, but it also indicated that there was no distinctive sect around the area of the Lone Peak, resulting in it not being as commonly known by others.

“Hey, although The Lone Peak is less famous than the other two peaks, it has two distinctive peculiarities which even outstand the other two peaks.” He said coldly.

“Which are the two peculiarities?” Someone asked.

“First, the rare medicinal herbs! It is impossible for one to reach the top of the peak by climbing, even if Understanding Intent State experts flew to the top of the peak, they would find hard to stay long. Hence, The Lone Peak has vast lands, the whole mountain has several hundred miles of radius. There are all kinds of fine medicinal herbs that grow wildly across the great land. Most of the herbs are extremely rare and precious!” Zhao Chang Hai proudly said, “This is the first peculiarity!”

“What is the second peculiarity?” Someone in the crowd questioned.

Zhang Chang Hai then stolidly said: “The second peculiarity is actually the Dragonfish of Heavenly Lake!”

“Dragonfish of Heavenly Lake? You’re saying the Dragonfish of Heavenly Lake is actually originated from the Lone Peak?” People present at the scene shockingly looked towards Zhao Chang Hai with eyes filled with doubt.

Most of the people in the crowd showed their shock and disbelief plainly on their face.

Dragonfish of Heavenly Lake, was a very rare species in the land of four wonders. Not only did it taste delicious, but it was also said to be the world’s top-notch food ingredients, and it had a kind of taste which could drive crazy every living being. A Dragonfish a day was also rumoured to extend life expectancy for up to fifty years! It also had a magical efficacy that heals a hundred diseases and cured a thousand poison!

This was not just some legend, this was a solid fact!

It was just that the Dragonfish was a rare and precious delicacy, which only appear once in every decade or even every century!

Furthermore, no one actually knew where the fish originated from.

Today, they heard it from the mouth of Zhao Chang Hai. It was indeed very shocking, but at the same time, it is hard to believe that this was true.

In fact, after Zhao Chang Hai had delivered the shocking fact, he couldn’t help but regret this act. As Dragonfish of Heavenly Lake is the biggest secret withheld in his sect.

He didn’t understand why he had so easily revealed the secret to everyone.

However, once the secret had been revealed, there was no turning back.

At this moment, someone doubtingly asked, “Dragonfish of Heaven Lake, I heard it originated from the northern part, the Black Tortoise Continent. Since when did it become the peculiarity of Azure Dragon continent?”

“Indeed. I’ve also heard that Dragonfish originated from the coldest place in the farthest north!” Someone added.

While Zhao Chang Hai was wallowing in regret of his unexpected doings, he heard their doubts and stolidly replied, “If all of you don’t believe it, that too, is fine!”

(To be continued…)

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