Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 167: Escaped

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Chapter 167 Escaped

“He ran away?”

“Did he just flee?”

“Why is Chu Mo running away?”

“Quick, catch him!”

“Don’t let him escape!”

“You, stop right there!”

Although the crowd was petrified of Chu Mo’s killer move, their courage was instantly bolstered when they saw Chu Mo running away. They couldn\'t help, but roar loudly。

If Chu Mo escaped just like this, then all of their lives would not be spared.

Almost a thousand men were sent out to hunt down this one young man. If he still easily escaped and news of this were to spread out; with all the sacrifices and damages created in the war, they’d become the laughing stock of the entire world.

Alas, Chu Mo was not stupid, why would he just stay still? How could he stay and wait for his death?

Thus, not only did he run away from the scene, he even ran faster than he had when he came out from the Yellow Flame City.

Even though every step he took caused his wounded body to contort in extreme pain as if it was going to split in half, Chu Mo clenched his teeth, gathered his focus, and strained every nerve in his body to speed up his Phantom Wind Steps, running as fast as he could under the night sky.

The crowd was not able to chase him before their realms were sealed, much less after their realm became restricted. Plus, many of them were long exhausted. In a blink of an eye, they were soon left far behind by Chu Mo.

Their eyes all became red!

Before the war had began, there were some who had the thought of quitting and staying away. However, up to this moment, no one thought of leaving anymore.

Now, almost everyone held only one thought in their mind: to stay alive and hunt down Chu Mo so they could grab the heritage of the Misty Palace!

This was because they yearned for every martial technique that had been performed by Chu Mo.

This included the associates from the Vermillion Bird continent. From their perspective, the martial techniques carried out by Chu Mo came from the heritage of the Misty Palace!

In this crowd, not many of them participated in the annihilation of the Misty Palace. Therefore, almost everyone started to question about the real power of the Misty Palace before they were destroyed.

“...Perhaps the martial techniques mastered by him were meant to be concealed by the Misty Palace! Yes, this should be it! It was the forbidden secret!”

“Maybe because of the fact that the previous Misty Palace only had female apprentices who cultivated the martial techniques, that they had been unable to carry out the true power of those techniques!”

“Chu Mo never approached any distinctive sect at all. The techniques which he had mastered must be from the heritage of the Misty Palace!”

Of course, some were more skeptical about the theories.

“The high-power who had sealed our Realm, is it related to the Misty Palace?”

“Right, what Chu Mo has mastered may most likely not be from the heritage of the Misty Palace!”

“I think the martial techniques mastered by Chu Mo should be the world’s most powerful techniques!”

However, another voice abruptly made itself heard and instantly stopped any objections.

“If this turns out to be the fact, then we should capture Chu Mo at once! If we can find out the martial techniques that he mastered with some interrogation, isn’t it worth more than the heritage from the Misty Palace?”

The one who mentioned about their sealed realm by the hidden high-power… what’s the point to worry about it now? If it intended to kill them all, how would they be able to fight it?

As such, after realizing the fact, almost everyone began to insanely chase after Chu Mo without abandon.

Up until now, despite the one hundred sixty or seventy people who had died to Chu Mo, the significant casualties were located in the attack between Azure Dragon Court and Vermillion Bird Association, causing more than three hundred people to die in the war.

Only the five hundred plus people who had stopped attacking each other, were left to chase after Chu Mo.

Chu Mo trained a few of his techniques during the combat, allowing him to use them more efficiently. For example, when he now performed the Phantom Wind Steps, he ran even faster than the wind because he had reached the next stage in mastery.

Mountains appear over the horizon a hundred miles away.

The mountain ridge was shaped like dragon’s back, stretching and undulating, lying still with green forest covering it. Even under the night sky, there was strong and magnanimous energy emanating from the mountains.

In the general communities, a famous saying goes like this: never enter the woods!

This is because the thickest forest contains the biggest possibilities of unknown danger.

However, Chu Mo need places like this now!

So, when he saw the rolling mountains, his face finally began beaming with joy.

He sped up his pace, even at the expense of overly consuming his internal force. In a short while, after he ran about a hundred miles, he managed to reached the edge of the woods. Without any hesitation, he rushed right into the woods.

Again, he ran another hundred miles more in the woods. Finally, he found a suitable place for his escape.

The soaring cliff with peak shrouded in clouds!

Under the night sky, he stood at the bottom of the cliff looking towards the sky. He could only see the clouds and mists. Occasionally, when the wind blew away the clouds and mists, steep cliffs can be seen extending to nowhere!

The bare wall of the cliff had just a few trees with tenacious vitality that grew out from the rocks. However, the distance from each tree made it almost impossible to climb the rocky wall with just these trees.

Furthermore, the steep cliff is too high; even the masters in the Golden Stone Realm would have a hard time reaching the top!

Because once the energy has dried up, one will definitely die by falling from above.

“Well, not too bad.” Chu Mo panted heavily while wiping off the sweat on his forehead. He murmured: “Even if they have restored their strength, I think they can hardly climb up this one steep cliff. By that time, I will be waiting for them at the top!”

Chu Mo then startED to climb the rocky wall. Using the Murdering Heaven Edge to pierce into the hard rocky surface, bit by bit, he climbs incessantly.

Although he has the sharp Murdering Heaven Edge in his hand, his climbing pace was still considerably slow.

The wounds on his body continuous bled, almost dying his clothes completely red.

Like a carved stone, his expression maintained a dignified determination, showing perseverance and steadiness in his gaze.

Continuously persevering, he slowly headed upward.

In between the layers of clouds, the Demon Lord was staring down towards Chu Mo, feeling touched by his disciple’s perseverance.

Actually, before Chu Mo fled from the scene, the Demon Lord almost couldn’t hold himself from reminding Chu Mo: Testament does not mean you need to fight until it ends!

Defeating this many enemies was a considerable miracle for a young man like Chu Mo! Even when he was in the Heaven Realm being hunted by the High-power, he could only barely produce better results.

Chu Mo didn’t disappoint him. Soon after he realized that his reckless fighting could not kill every enemy, he fled the scene without hesitation.

Demon Lord wanted to know: How will Chu Mo deal in this challenging situation?

In fact, anyone who analyzes the situation will think that without the help from Demon Lord, Chu Mo will definitely die!

This is because this is a hopeless situation!

Even though everyone was in the same realm as Chu Mo, there were still at least five hundred people left in the crowd!

No matter how powerful his martial techniques are, there is still strength in numbers; if there is enough ants, an elephant may be bitten to death. If they work together to attack Chu Mo, Chu Mo will have no chance at survival.

However, this does not mean that running away is a safe route to take either.

This is due to Chu Mo’s severely injured body. If he can’t find a safe shelter to treat his wounds, he will still have no choice but to face death.

Once the Demon Lord decides to help Chu Mo, then the Testament would be considered to have ended.

However, this would also mean that he had failed...

(To be continued…)