Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 166: Fatal attack

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Chapter 166 - Fatal attack (夺魂一刀) (Part two)

“Argh! You… you ambushed me!”

“Damn it… who gashed me?”

“I’m not Chu Mo! Why are you attacking me?”

“Not good… those Azure Dragon court’s bastards are attacking us!”

The crowd turned into disarray as they started squeezing and pushing with all their might to attack Chu Mo. In this chaos, and in their fury; with a roar, they began to attack people beside them.

Chu Mo’s once panicked mind immediately started to calm down at the sight. However, once Chu Mo sensed the current peculiar situation, he couldn’t help but have the thought: “Why are they fighting against each other? Do they believe that it’s already time to split their spoils?”

Almost immediately, Chu Mo understood what was going on, Azure Dragon Court and Vermillion Bird Association were in conflict with each other.

Two great continents, separated by the great mountains, minding their own welfare and never interfering with one another.

Yet, the great heritage from the Misty Palace had gathered this crowd in the land of Azure Dragon Court.

Azure Dragon Court’s people thought that the Vermillion Bird Association had gone too far, to even intrude their land and rob from them.

Vermillion Bird Association just want to take what’s belongs to them, what rights do Azure Dragon Court’s people have to get in their way?

If both sides get along well under such mentality, it would have had to be the work of a higher being.


With a Fist of Three Immortal Souls, Chu Mo smashed the head of the one who tried to attack him from the back. He then manipulated the Phantom Wind Step to another man, he grabbed the man’s sword by hurling his One Thousand Hands towards the man, then he slit the man’s throat to death.


The sword with a sphere of severity, slashed towards Chu Mo’s back like the roaring falls under the evening twilight. Yet, even this, was halted by Chu Mo’s sword which was the cause of that earlier loud bang.

(Dedition: This metaphor made no sense)

The whole situation was in total chaos!

At the start, seventy to eighty men from the Immortal Sky led by the young man attacked the Vermillion Bird Associates. Not before long, three to four hundred men from Azure Dragon Court attacked those men from the Vermillion Bird Association.

Soon, an internal conflict arose between Azure Dragon Court.

Azure Dragon Court possessed a vast land; therefore, it was impossible to know each and every one of their own. From the initial accidental injuries to apparent kills at the end, until the night fell, the place was littered in tons and tons of blood.

Everyone seemed to forget about their sealed dantian, reduced realm, and the existence of a high power under the shadow. Everyone began attacking one another insanely.

From their perspective, no matter how powerful Chu Mo is, he is after all fighting alone!

Once finishing the purge of any other potential threats then going back to deal with Chu Mo, it should not have any problems at all.

Their motives were well thought, but the problem is… how could Chu Mo possibly grant them this opportunity?

Chu Mo kept calculating the possibility to release soul-stirring power with minimum strength. He manipulated skills like Fist of Three Immortal Souls and One Thousand Hands repeatedly towards enemies.

As the saying goes: Practice makes perfect!

Don’t underestimate the strength of the three laws of fist, Sky, Earth, and Immortal combat skills, each technique has diversified force that contains infinite power!

(别看天地人三才拳法只有三招,但每一招其实都变化多端。蕴含着无尽的奥义!) - no clue here

Chu Mo repeatedly manipulates the Fist of Three Immortal Souls, until he finally figures out on how to use minimum internal strength to control the impactable power.


One after another solid punches hit on those who rush towards him.

With each punch he collects Bloody Spirit Aura.

Chu Mo’s eyes gradually became red!

Up till this moment, there were no more strands of morality allowed in this massacre. This was a war for the strong. A terrible war!

Chu Mo was not involved in any sects or associations. However, due to this war, practically seventy percent of sects and associations in the land of Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird had enmity involved with him.

Many new wounds simultaneously appeared on Chu Mo’s body which required him to intake a healing pill to suppress his injuries.

Luckily, the healing pill produced by the great Lazurite alchemist were renowned as the most effective alchemical pills with the highest potency. The active potency of the medicine, plus Chu Mo’s internal capabilities, through a continuous bloodbath of Yuan beasts, he is near to the sixth realm. Which in Four Wonders Land, it is called the adamantine body. (diffenetly couple mistakes here)

The average sword may have left an open wound on his skin, yet it hardly hurt his bones. This is what allowed him to still be standing at this moment.

Even so, several grave wounds were bleeding ferociously out of Chu Mo’s body.

Covered with cold sweats, Chu Mo clenched his teeth, enduring the excruciating pain from those injuries. His eyes were filled with murderous intentions and endless wrath!

Finally, after reaping away one hundred and thirty plus souls, Chu Mo felt a little unbearable.

It’s not because of his running out strength, it is the increasing wounds that are unbearable… Even if there’s no fatal injury, but with this many wounds adding together, it is destructive to his body.

Layers of conflicts and massacres between the continents of Azure Dragon and Vermillion bird prolonged his surviving chance.

Until this moment, Chu Mo finally had some understandings about the feelings of his master whom claimed he had murdered his way out from a mountain full of corpses and a sea filled with blood.

Anger, fear, despair… these emotions were now experienced by Chu Mo. Although he knew his Master would rescue him, he knew better, under these circumstances, that even if it was his Master, he might not able to handle a sudden attack.

Moreover, Chu Mo has no clue of his Master’s whereabouts.

Because the moment when this crowd approached him and started the war, Demon Lord was nowhere to be found. Like he had vanished into thin air.

“This madness has to stop! Testaments… it doesn’t mean that I have to fight this crowd until it ends!” Chu Mo with his rage-filled eyes and mind driven to the point of insanity; with an aggressive attack, he took out the Murdering Heaven blade.

“Reap the souls out!”

Along the slain, it shone out a bright light under the deepest night.

Everyone who saw that slain were instantly stunned.

Dedition: ?

“Within this realm… such a fearful skill exists?” The young man who came from the Immortal Sky had just ended a life of a Vermillion bird associates with his blade, his pupils suddenly enlarged after he saw the slain performed by Chu Mo. His eyes flashed with a tinge of fear.

He never saw such dynamic skill in the Immortal Sky!

“The heritage from Misty Palace…is it possible that it is mightier than the Immortal Sky? I must possess this skill! Whatever it takes… I can drop the sword and remaster the skill of blade!” The eyes of the young prodigy from the immortal sky, revealing his burning desire.

As he is quite far from the scene, he didn’t actually feel the power of the slain presented by Chu Mo. Naturally, he didn’t capture the expressions of the men enveloped by Chu Mo’s blade.

That expression is called… despair!

The young man from the Immortal Sky soon realized the soul-stirring slain by Chu Mo.

Seven or Eight heads, beheaded by Chu Mo’s blade in one slain.

Blood splashes everywhere!

Even the night is pitch dark now, the combatants who were in the Iron Bone realm had good eyesight. Naturally, they all saw Chu Mo beheading seven or eight equal level foes.

The once chaotic situation created by the murderous crowd, could not help but be stilled as they took a moment to be forcibly stunned by the scene.

Everyone’s spine instantly felt a cold chill that directly shot up to their brain and uncontrollably shook.

Was he even human?

Seven or eight splashes of evil blood flew out to Chu Mo, at the same time, Chu Mo surprised everyone with his sudden movement…..He fled! (To be continued…)

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