Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 165: True Test

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Chapter 165: True Test

These people all thought to retreat before, primarily because they were intimidated!

Their Dantians were suddenly sealed, causing their realms to tumble. If someone could maintain their state of mind at this moment, then they weren’t human……they were a god!

Actually, a god might not even be able to entirely maintain their state of mind.

While under the terror, the thought to retreat was normal.

But now, Chu Mo suddenly appeared. The exact person that they were chasing to death. He was also being surrounded by others right now. To say they weren’t tempted would be a lie.

If Chu Mo was really grabbed by that surrounding group, and the heritage obtained, then these men would certainly feel regret!

At this time, everyone’s gaze rested on the young man from the Immortal Sky. The group of golden stone realm experts were getting restless, and they were just shy of rushing out.

The youth from the Immortal Sky muttered to himself, and then suddenly blurted: “The Misty Palace…….back then it was no inferior to my Immortal Sky sect. If it can compare to the heritage of the Immortal Sky, then one twelfth…….would have over ten thousand books!”

As he spoke, he looked at the people to his side, saying: “We are less than a hundred men, but we are a powerful force! When colliding with another force……we can’t lose.”

“Does elder brother Meng mean?” A silver deacon from the Azure Dragon Court seemed to understand the young man’s thoughts.

The young man’s voice became ice-cold: “If we divide this ten thousand book heritage equally, then each person……should have over a thousand books!”

Everyone’s breath became urgent. Looking at the man from the Immortal Sky, they all began to stir.

The several golden stone realm experts couldn’t help but reveal a deep thought.

Right, this place already became total chaos.

Those prior Azure Dragon Court and Vermilion Bird Association members were gone without a trace. Their realms were suppressed, and had all fallen to the iron bone realm. And so……could the Azure Dragon Court and Vermilion Bird Association members that were up ahead have died already?

If that was the case, then these men were the strongest force still chasing.

They were all starting to gain a backbone like the Immortal Sky disciple.

The other groups could temporarily band together, forming a mob, but they would still be unorganized!

“Therefore……” The handsome young man from the Immortal Sky showed a ferocious smile: “We shouldn’t act against Chu Mo first……only make sure he doesn’t run. We can kill the others! For instance, those from the Vermilion Bird continent! They……are our enemies! They have traveled tens of thousands of kilometers, stretching out their hands to our Azure Dragon continent……isn’t this a little too shameless?”

“Yes ah, this is too much! This is simply shameless! I already wanted to teach them a lesson!”

“Right, the time has come. The Vermilion Bird Association and Vermilion Bird continent sects have gathered, and we have words to say!”

These seventy to eighty men were either from the Azure Dragon Court or the Azure Dragon Continent. At this moment, they could form an alliance in a very short amount of time.

“Good, we will first kill the group from the Vermilion Bird continent!” Ice-cold murderous intent flashed across the eyes of the young man from the Immortal Sky.

Soon after, these seventy to eighty men advanced towards the direction where Chu Mo appeared.


The group attacking Chu Mo was from the Vermilion Bird Association!

Chu Mo had just begun to act, taking out three or four opponents.

The group’s reaction was quite unpleasant, but because they were ambushed by Chu Mo, they suffered heavy losses right away. They were furious, and they looked at Chu Mo like he was a glittering gold mountain. Greedy instincts took over any logic.

Chu Mo finally felt the taste of a tough battle!

This group wasn’t like the two previous ones. They never saw the Demon Lord. Their realms were suppressed, but they weren’t afraid at all. Moreover, they weren’t like the gold rank elder from the Vermilion Bird Association. They weren’t under the surprised state of getting their Dantians sealed.

Chu Mo acted straight away. Although it truly couldn’t be considered a sneak attack, his actions still caught the group off guard.

The group was already through the initial stages of panic, and had already begun to adapt. Most importantly, their original realms were almost all at the iron blood realm. The iron bone realm was still fresh in their minds, and they were quite familiar with the power.

Even though their realms were suppressed in an instant, they could still put out extremely powerful combat strength, because they had already gone though the initial stages of panic, and greed had taken over.

Chu Mo mastered exercises that far exceeded those of this world, possessed an extremely formidable physique, and could be considered unequaled at the same realm. However, when facing so many insane experts at the same realm, he began to feel the strain right away.

However, this was the only way to excite all of his latent ability!

Chu Mo struck out with One Thousand Hands, increasing the degree of variations. His opponents began decreasing one by one.

Bloody Spirit Aura flew towards the jade on Chu Mo.

Yet at the same time, there were many wounds on Chu Mo’s body. Several injuries were severe, and even the bones could be seen.

The blood quickly dyed Chu Mo’s clothes red.

But Chu Mo, was like he didn’t feel anything at all. Vengeful light shined in his eyes, and he was like an enraged tiger, pouncing left and right. Every touch of his fist killed or critically wounded.

Only the encirclement grew larger and larger.

Several people heard the activity, and they all rushed towards that direction like a swarm of bees.

Was the young man from the Immortal Sky the sole person with greedy eyes?

At this moment, the sunset already fell upon this piece of land, and the sky had become dim.

But the murderous cries were yet thundering the heavens!

“How can this guy fight so well? Is he really at the iron bone realm? Why do I feel like he is at the golden stone realm?”

“Grandma! I cut into his shoulder. The treasured blade that I refined over a hundred times fell into ruins. His shoulder is still completely intact, without any damage. Are his bones made of steel that has been tempered countless times?”

“Ai’you… pains me to death! My arm was cut off by one strike……ah, my arm!”

All kinds of snarls, growls, and roars broke out one after another.

Chu Mo gathered more and more injuries. He could clearly count, the number of slain had already reached twenty!

These were real deal opponents at the same realm!

Moreover, they used the greatest power that could be mustered at this realm!

So far, Chu Mo already used up one tenth of his power!

Although he didn’t feel especially exhausted, Chu Mo had a very clear thought: If this continues, then, even if he uses up all of his strength……at most he could only kill two hundred opponents.

There would still be eight hundred more men……all completely insane like these men. He would certainly be powerless!

“Looks like master was right. I burn up too much of my power, lacking control. I thought that I was being efficient, but in reality, it’s extremely wasteful! I must think of a way to use the smallest amount of power, to bring about the greatest force!” Chu Mo thought.

And at this time, the situation suddenly changed!