Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 164: Thinking of Retreat

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Chapter 164: Thinking of Retreat

The youth from the Immortal Sky was the quickest to react. He was panicked in the moment that he dropped from the iron blood realm to the iron bone room, but he settled down very quickly.

Those from the top sects were truly abnormal.

And so, he very calmly looked around to the people at his side, and he commanded: “Enough! Why are you screaming? Does it change the outcome?”

Those people were already in extreme awe towards him, and in this moment, they were in urgent need of a backbone to stabilize their emotions.

“Brother Meng, your realm is also……”

“I’m the same as you!” The young man icily spoke, then he looked to the others and said: “Right now, there are two possibilities that have brought about our current situation. First, there might be a terrifying expert in the vicinity. Although I’ve never heard of someone who can seal Dantians, that doesn’t me the world is without such a person. Second, there may be something strange about this place. We can try and leave this place, and then see if there is any change.”

“Brother Meng is right. We should leave here and try!” Everyone else follow.

The young man nodded, leading the group of people to another place.

However, the outcome left them a little hopeless, because they encountered other people with the same panicked expression.

Even without asking, they could tell the other party encountered the same situation.

The young man’s complexion became all the more gloomy. He hadn’t even seen the opponent’s shadow yet. Moreover, he didn’t know why the opposite party acted.

At this time, one of the men from the unit suddenly said: “That Chu Mo……isn’t he at the fourth rank iron bone realm?

“It’s possible. In any case, he can’t be past the middle of the fourth realm!” Someone said.

The youth from the Immortal Sky mumbled: “Could it be……someone deliberately suppressed our realms to this level, and wants us to fight on equal terms with Chu Mo? This……isn’t this too ridiculous? Even if our realms are suppressed, there are over a thousand of us all together!”

“We should rally together!” A person from the newly encountered group said: “The current situation is far beyond what we expected. I think, it would be better for us to merge together!”

The youth from the Immortal Sky nodded: “You speak well; however, merging together creates a management problem. It could truly be dangerous if we don’t cooperate, and we could end up fighting each other.”

“This is simple. We all know that you are a big figure from the Immortal Sky. You also hold a high position in the Azure Dragon Court.” That person said: “We will all listen to your command!”

That person asked the others: “Brothers, what do you all think? Anyway, this is what I think!”

“We think the same. The youth from the Immortal Sky is trustworthy!”

“Right, everyone must unite at this time. We trust in the Immortal Sky reputation!”

There were several with dissenting opinions, but under such a situation, they didn’t open their mouths. And so the two groups combined, approximately seventy or eighty in total. They temporarily followed under the Immortal Sky youth.

“Brother Meng, what do we do now?” Someone next to the young man asked.

The young man looked to the crowd, and he gently asked: “Do you all think that there is still a chance to grab the heritage?”

A bitterness appeared in the face of these men. One of them said: “Are you joking around brother Meng? Our current situation has obviously been actioned by a great almighty. The opponent may not favor Chu Mo, but at the very least……he doesn’t favor us. Are you still thinking about stealing the heritage while under such a situation? First think about how to protect your own life!”

The young man nodded: “I am thinking the same way. And so, we should return! I think that as soon as we leave, our problem will naturally resolve itself!”

There were several unsatisfied people among the crowd, raising different opinions.

“I feel this may not be so. That almighty is deliberately causing mischief. He is testing our patience and determination. Otherwise, if he really wanted to kill us, he would have directly acted. Why would he cause so much trouble?”

“Right, that almighty can easily seal us to the iron bone realm, naturally he could directly kill us. Since he hasn’t acted, that means there is room to maneuver here.”

“This old man is from the golden stone realm of power, and was suppressed to the iron bone realm in an instant. It feels like my power has been sealed by over half! If that senior wished to kill me, I’m afraid that one thought would be enough! Therefore, I feel that there is something deeper going on here.” An older man said.

There were seven or eight golden stone realm cultivators within the crowd. They didn’t contest with the young Immortal Sky member for the leadership position earlier. First, they didn’t want to offend the Immortal Sky, and second, they wanted to observe the situation.

Now they saw that the Immortal Sky youth wished to retreat, and they naturally felt resentful. Because from their viewpoint, no matter how strong Chu Mo was, he was merely at the iron bone realm. Even if he already entered the iron blood realm, there was still seventy or eighty of them, and hundreds were still behind.

With so many people, could it be that they can’t beat one Chu Mo?

This was simply an enormous joke!

The Immortal Sky youth’s complexion became a little unsightly. He wrinkled his brow, looked at the old golden stone realm cultivator, and said in a low voice: “Perhaps you don’t feel any danger from this senior, but I feel completely enshrouded in danger! If you still wish to find Chu Mo, and can’t forget the heritage, then please go off alone. Forgive this junior for not accompanying you.”

At this time, the youth from the Immortal Sky didn’t carry any more of his previous aggression towards Chu Mo. It was quite the opposite. He actually became very calm!

This was the kind of disciple that large sects raised.

While having the upper hand, they naturally revealed their wanton nature. But as soon as they encountered danger, they immediately became incredibly calm.

The older golden stone realm cultivator was slightly embarrassed. This youth spoke very politely despite coming from the Immortal Sky. But on the other hand, he was undoubtedly criticizing his intelligence.

Just when he was about to retort, suddenly, roar came from a far away location: “Chu Mo……you……”

Soon after, the roar came to a screeching halt!

It was like a rooster being strangled mid-crow.

The group was immediately startled, and they advanced in that direction to have a look.

But a few kilometers outside of the area, several people went mad, all rushing to one place.

“I saw Chu Mo! He has the heritage! Grab him brothers. The heritage will be ours!”

“It must be that this place is strange, and has sealed our realms. Good or bad, we are iron bone realm cultivators. Go……grab Chu Mo. That heritage is ours!”

“The Misty Palace heritage, it has exercises that are several times more powerful than the ones in our sect! Even if we only obtain one exercise, we will be rich!”

Following the roar, there were several dozens of people rushing to one place.

The Immortal Sky youth was like the others. After a breath’s time……he became urgent!