Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 163: Taking the Initiative to Attack

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Chapter 163: Taking the Initiative to Attack

“Right, master, how did you seal so many Dantians, precisely suppressing their realms?” Chu Mo asked.

“You must wait until the Spirit World for this method. Once you cultivate to the highest realm in the Spirit World, you will naturally be able to do it.” The Demon Lord plainly spoke: “This isn’t too difficult, it is a minor art after all.”

“Minor art?” Chu Mo was a little confused: “This terrifying skill……is considered a minor art?”

“Of course, wait until you truly become strong. Will everyone sit back and let you seal them? Everyone has self-defense methods. There’s pretty much no way to seal someone who is around the same strength. And what is the point of sealing people that are several realms below?” The Demon Lord said.

“Cough cough, you speak the truth.” Chu Mo’s mouth twitched: “That is to say, the exercise you just taught me, it isn’t exactly the most profound thing?”

“It’s not considered profound, being ruined path in the Immortal World. But in the four continents and on the Spirit World, it is considered a high level exercise. At the very least, Spirit World almighties most likely cannot seal you if they wish.” The Demon Lord said.

“So that is the case.” Chu Mo appeared happy.

“You little demon.” The Demon Lord couldn’t help but curse. He sensed that this child still suspected him of not passing on the most profound exercises.

Chu Mo smiled, then suddenly asked: “Master, how many people can you seal at one time?”

The Demon Lord said: “If I was at my peak, I could easily seal all one thousand of these men, but now……a few dozen at one time shouldn’t be a problem.”

Chu Mo said: “Then master, seal up everyone charging over! I want a true battle! I want true training!”

In the prior battle, three green stone in Chu Mo’s jade space sucked up a large amount of bloody spirit aura.

Chu Mo casually glanced within his jade space, all of the exercises that he placed inside received a slight change. Chu Mo already knew, the bloody spirit aura was a type of power source for the jade space.

He transcribed the chants for One Thousand Hands, Fist of Three Immortal Souls, Phantom Wind Step, and the Eight Hell Blades into written form, and then he placed them on the large green stone. When the energy accumulated, a slight change appeared on these exercises.

This change made Chu Mo determined to collect even more bloody spirit aura!

“Are you certain?” The Demon Lord asked: “You might suffer a serious injury in this way. Even……your life might come in danger! After all, while I am controlling the realms of these people, I might not have enough awareness to rescue you.”

“I’m certain! If it isn’t this way, then how will I truly mature?” Chu Mo looked far away at the oncoming figures. He earnestly said: “They have come to kill me. They haven’t come to make friends!”

“Good!” The Demon Lord’s voice was full of praise. At the same time, he faced the far-away group and flew off.

This time, the Demon Lord wanted to let the group have enough time to adapt.

His words naturally frightened Chu Mo. However, although the Demon Lord was far from completely recovering, he still had several types of supernatural powers.

He was able to suppress the realms of these people and pay attention to Chu Mo at the same time. It wasn’t the slightest problem!

But if he directly told Chu Mo this, then the meaning would be completely lost.

The Demon Lord was quite aware after experiencing several bloody battles. The only way to quickly mature was to fight desperately through mortal danger!

At least a hundred men were spread out over an enormous field. The power of the group was a little complex. There were golden stone and iron blood realm cultivators, and the lowest in strength was at the iron blood realm.

They were under an extremely vigorous bloody aura for a long time, invigorating the group of men. At the same time, they desired the Misty Palace Heritage, making them incredibly excited.

They clearly knew that the Azure Dragon Court and Vermilion Bird Association experts were up ahead, but these men still held hope in their hearts.

“What if……they don’t find Chu Mo?”

What’s more, even if the Misty Palace heritage was only one of twelve……it was still an enormous sum!

At the very least, it was still more than a mid-size sect’s entire heritage!

Even if Chu Mo was already captured, there was still no problem. The meat couldn’t be eaten, but the leftover soup could still be drunk. There was no problem right?

The Immortal Sky fifth rank iron blood realm youth was among the crowd.

His eyes flickered with a dull light. Elder Fu Long personally acted, and in his opinion, that boy had certainly no way to escape!

Perhaps when he caught up, that boy would already be dead. The heritage was likely already grabbed by elder Fu Long.

Therefore, he deliberately slowed down, and didn’t exhaust all his energy. Otherwise, by using the poses of the Immortal Sky, his speed may not necessarily be slower than experts at the golden stone realm.

A group of Azure Dragon Court silver deacons and bronze stewards rallied at his side. They were almost all iron blood realm cultivators. This group was extremely respectful towards the youth.

“Senior brother Meng, do you think that elder Fu Long has already finished?”

“Do you even need to think about it? Elder Fu Long has already entered the understanding intent realm, and is a true almighty. When he personally acts, how could he not snatch a teenage brat?”

“Ha ha, we are truly blessed to have elder Fu Long.”

“Just like us having senior brother Meng! Ha ha, those with a large sect background are truly not the same!”

The youth from the Immortal Sky looked somewhat smug. His face revealed a modest smile. He was just about to say something, but he suddenly felt an intense pain in his Dantian.

“Ah!” Without any time to guard, he let out a miserable scream.

Soon after, all of the surrounding people were crying out in pain, and they stopped moving right away.

One person with a pale face said: “My……my realm, how could it become the iron bone realm?”

“I’m the same!”

“I……am also the same! I thought that it was only me. How could this be?”

“This place is strange!”

“Hiss……I just broke into the iron blood realm. How could I suddenly drop back down. What is going on here?”

The group of men became unsightly. They looked at each other, and their eyes filled with terror.

The same thing was also developing in other places without stop.

The Demon Lord said that he could seal a couple dozen people at one time. He wasn’t lying. When he acted, he really could only seal a couple dozen people each time. But the problem was, he could continuously act!

In the time that he was away, the Demon Lord hunted countless high-level Yuan beasts. He found several top grade Yuan medicines, and at the same time, he even encountered a Yuan stone ore vein!

For someone possessing Immortal class methods, finding a Yuan stone ore vein is no difficulty. Only on the past, the Demon Lord looked down upon them, and he had no intentions for it. Now his attitude has changed. After encountering the Yuan stone ore vein, the Demon Lord casually extracted the best Yuan stones.

He could absorb the Yuan stone energy into his Dantian in an extremely short time.

Therefore, although he could only seal forty or fifty people at once, he still had the ability to seal this entire group of one thousand men!

And so, this was exactly what the Demon Lord did.

At this time, countless screams sounded out within a hundred kilometer radius.

Several incredibly intelligent people were within. They thought to flee at the first moment that their Dantians were sealed.

Because they knew, they had encountered an incomprehensible being!

Only it was a pity. The great majority of people were in a state of panic, and they were ignorantly crying out.

The sun was setting in the west at this time, shining from the horizon, making the world a dim haze.

Chu Mo was like a ghost, passing through the forest towards the nearest group……quietly closing in.

He was like a tiger preparing to catch its prey.