Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 162: Evil Men Always Exist

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Chapter 162: Evil Men Always Exist

They hadn’t felt such a terrifying and helpless feeling in a long time.

Some of these men, had never even felt such a feeling.

People that could cultivate to the golden stone realm were already considered talents in this world. Their skills certainly wouldn’t be lacking.

If the sect that they were in wasn’t very large, then, they would be the most talented member of their sect.

All the while growing up, they had received all kinds of praise. And after entering the Vermilion Bird Association, they had a powerful backing.

Who would dare mistreat them?

They had never met such a person with this kind of ability!

And so, the originally high and mighty golden stone realm elders, they were all scared foolish. Their reactions were to an unbearable degree, and it even made Chu Mo a little stupefied.

Their realms were suppressed to the iron bone realm, but they shouldn’t lose their ability to fight? How can I practice if you are all like this?

These people would definitely curse if they could hear Chu Mo’s thoughts: How about you try being suppressed two realms all of the sudden?

Actually if they really asked this, Chu Mo really had an answer for them.

Because the Demon Lord was already doing so!

And it was happening in that moment!

The Demon Lord was the master of these golden stone realm experts. After they were suppressed to the iron bone realm, everything became chaotic. They were cut down by Chu Mo in twos and threes.

This simply turned into a one-sided slaughter!

This kind of battle was no problem for Chu Mo. There was practically no pretense of training.

Because of this, the Demon Lord didn’t even give warning. He suppressed Chu Mo’s realm from the middle of the fourth, all the way down to when he just broke through the iron bone realm.

He didn’t lower Chu Mo’s realm level, but it was still equally sudden!

Chu Mo didn’t show any strange signs during the course of the battle. Actually, if this group was sensitive, they should have noticed: Chu Mo’s attacks became a little weaker.

But the pitiful thing was, this group of people didn’t sense anything at all.

They were like a group of thoughtless house flies. They were already completely trapped, but they lacked the fearful power of a trapped beast.Right after Chu Mo used his Life Fist on the second to last person, the final remaining golden stone expert suddenly recovered his realm!


A tyrannical aura burst forth from this person.

He then raised a fist and struck towards Chu Mo’s fist.

Separated by a gap of two realms, Chu Mo was easily struck flying, spraying out a mouthful of blood.

This golden stone realm expert didn’t know what happened, but he knew that his power recovered. He was in ecstasy, and he rushed straight towards Chu Mo.

“Little animal……die for me!”

Fear, dread, and helplessness mixed together into one sentiment, making the golden stone realm expert almost insane. His roar was earth-shattering.


A blade light suddenly shined.

This was a dazzling brilliant light, like some type of magical power, making this golden stone realm expert scared foolish.

Soon after, his head soared through the air!

In the moment that his head soared through the air, his eyes were wide open, completely filled with disbelief.

How was this possible?

Haven’t I already recovered my power? How could he still kill me?

Chu Mo’s Soul Stealer cut into the golden stone realm expert that recovered his power. He was covered in sweat from head to toe. Chu Mo sat down on the stone without any grace, and he began to gasp for air. He mumbled: “Master…..could you not play around? I was almost sent into the pit of death by you.”

“Do you think that I’m the only person who can seal your Dantian? Who can suppress your realm?” The Demon Lord’s voice sounded from the empty sky: “There is no one like this on the four continents, but in the Spirit World, there is certainly such an expert! Someone like that could act against you for any reason. When you are fighting someone else, they could secretly use such a trick against you, and then you will certainly suffer!”

“If that is truly the case, then how do I avoid it?’ Chu Mo scratched his head. When these Vermilion Bird Association members encountered this kind of trick, the expressions on their faces left a lingering fear in Chu Mo.

It can’t be said that the Vermilion Bird Association group was any weaker than the Azure Dragon Court, or that their mental quality was different. The Azure Dragon Court members were already aware of the trap. And so like trapped animals, they were able to exhibit fearful power.

But the Vermilion Bird Association members weren’t given any warning. They were suddenly tricked by the Demon Lord!

Both sides held extremely astonished expressions, which was normal.

This time, everyone wasn’t instantly dead. Especially when Chu Mo exploded a fist onto mother Qu, sending her flying, all within a breath.

They all watched with open eyes, as their brethren were struck down by this teenager in an extremely short time. The shock in their hearts was indescribably intense.

And now hearing Chu Mo speak with this invisible figure, they couldn’t help but cough up another mouthful of blood.

This teenager lead them over a thousand miles, just so he could train!

We are almighties that can call the wind and summon the rain……and we’re actually being used to train a brat?

“Little animal……kill me if you have the courage!” Mother Qu laid there, countless bones on her body were broken. Her face was weak, yet she yelled out ferociously.

Chu Mo looked over in mother Qu’s direction. He said: “Don’t speak, can’t you see I’m learning?”


Mother Qu sprayed out another mouthful of blood, and she passed out.

The Demon Lord finally continued speaking at this time: “Of course there is a way to avoid it, but, you still lack experience. I can teach you a way, but the power you have isn’t suited. Right now, you’ve just witnessed for yourself, a sudden drop in strength is disconcerting. I will pass on a way to protect your Dantian, after you study, it will be much easier.”

As the Demon Lord continued, he directly spoke a chant into Chu Mo’s mind. He said: “You only need to learn it during an opportune time. You won’t need to use it on the four continents. Moreover, this exercise requires at least Spirit power to master. Right now you have Yuan power, no matter if you have more, there still won’t be enough to use this exercise.”

Chu Mo silently remembered this chant. He smiled and asked: “Master, what else is there that I don’t know? Can you teach me everything?””

“One at a time.” The Demon Lord coldly spoke. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Could it be you don’t understand the logic?”

Chu Mo scratched his head: “I understand.”

“Understand yet still ask?”

“Fine, I won’t ask.”

“This place has already become unsuitable. The people behind will have even more unbearable displays.”

“Then where should we go?”

“To the other side of the valley!”

Chu Mo felt his body become light, and soar up into the sky. In the blink of an eye, he was already on the other side. He looked out far away. A large amount of people were fanning out, advancing in their direction

“The whole world is restless. Is the Misty Palace Heritage really worth so much?”

The Demon Lord stood beside Chu Mo, and he snorted: “You have exercises that far exceed this world. Naturally you look down upon it. But there are countless people who want the top grade heritage of this world. What do you think? If you kill all thousand of these men today, will there still be people scheming after you tomorrow!”

“Evil men always exist!” Chu Mo sighed. Little by little, his expression became even more determined.