Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 161: No Way to Escape

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Chapter 161: No Way to Escape

Soon after, mother Qu took the bottle of poison antidote, and she distributed it amongst the crowd. There were truly quite a few pills in the bottle, at least thirty. After everyone was supplied with a pill, there was still ten left over.

Mother Qu wasn’t greedy with the bottle of pills either. She returned it to the man, and she dully said: “Don’t worry. We won’t squander your pills. Wait until this matter concludes, and we return to the Vermilion Bird Association. I will personally fight to ensure the Association president gives you the proper reward!”

Two thirds of the pills had already been distributed out. The pain was real. After all, the materials to refine such a pill was extremely costly. Not even a golden stone realm expert could casually give it away.

Because of this, the forty year old golden stone realm expert became appreciative after hearing mother Qu’s guarantee: “I must thank mother Qu in advance!”

“Everyone’s goal is the same. The Azure Dragon Court members have all died, our chance has come!” Mother Qu looked at the crowd of people: “Therefore, we must unite as one! If any one of you dares scheme anything, you can’t blame me for being rude!”

“Don’t worry mother Qu, we all know the severity!”

“Yes mother, don’t worry, we all take this seriously!”

These people all felt that since they carried the anti-poison pills, they could now sit back and relax. All of them held the expressions of victory.

Under the guidance of mother Qu, this group of people started to fly across the valley.

A distance of three or four kilometers was nothing to golden stone realm cultivators. It was almost the blink of an eye.

Mother Qu lead these people to the other side, and when they came before Chu Mo, they were all immediately startled. Because when they arrived, they discovered the two headless corpses, located at a place that was previously outside of their line of sight.

Some people immediately recognized the two corpses. They couldn’t help but be startled: “These two men……they should be the Golden Knife Sect Guo Xing, and the Raging Inferno Sect Wan Zhi. They were both peak golden stone realm cultivators!”

“That was the past. Their current realms should be incredibly close to the understanding intent realm. They could almost be considered almighties of the understanding intent realm. They were actually beheaded, dying here!” One of the men looked alarmed at Chu Mo.

Mother Qu also felt a little embarrassed. After all, she just swore there was no one else here. But these two headless corpses were a ruthless slap in the face. She never once believed that this empty-handed teenager had the ability to cut the heads off of two peak golden stone realm cultivators.

Mother Qu looked with her crow-feet eyes at Chu Mo. She coldly asked: “Little animal, who killed them?”

“Old fart, are you talking to me?” Chu Mo struck back.

“You’re seeking death little animal!” The old woman enraged.

Chu Mo coldly smiled: “Old fart, have you come to kill me?”

“You think I don’t dare?” The old woman’s figure flashed. The understanding intent realm pressure exploded out right away. It was like a large mountain wanted to press down on Chu Mo.

Mother Qu was driven insane. That teenage brat was smaller than her grandchildren, and he actually dared curse her in front of this crowd. How many years had it been since someone cursed her?

She didn’t even think, why was this teenager completely unafraid in front of this crowd of strong cultivators?

Mother Qu raised up a hand, and she ruthlessly slapped towards Chu Mo’s face.

“Little animal, I’ll teach you to behave. A man must learn respect!”


Mother Qu used thirty percent of her power with this slap. She was really afraid that one slap would kill Chu Mo.

She couldn’t bear the responsibility if the Misty Palace Heritage was lost.

However, right when she was charging at Chu Mo, she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her Dantian.

“Ah!” Mother Qu painfully cried out. Her body was actually forced to the ground, and her eyes revealed extreme terror: “Senior……have mercy!”

From this one point, it could be seen that Mother Qu was much more clever than the Azure Dragon Court elders. She didn’t even question who the opposite party was. She only relied on the mysteriousness of the opposite party. By easily suppressing her Dantian and locking her realm, she quickly decided that the opposite party was far stronger than herself.

He was an unfathomably terrifying existence!

She finally understood why these Azure Dragon Court experts died. So she didn’t have any deliberation, and she immediately begged for mercy.

Only it was a pity. The person she begged for mercy from, was the Demon Lord!

The Demon Lord who was pursued by countless people!

And now he saw his own disciple, being pursued by over a thousand men. Even if Chu Mo was soft, the Demon Lord’s heart……wouldn’t budge in the slightest!

Chu Mo coldly smiled: “Old fart, go scram!”

He raised his hand into a fist!

Yes, this was no longer a fist, but the Life Fist!


Chu Mo’s fist ruthlessly struck into the old woman’s face.

The old woman let out a miserable scream. Her body flew out horizontally, and she crashed far away into a brown colored stone.

Understanding intent realms have a powerful body. Her body broke the large stone into several pieces, sending gravel flying.

But at the same time, who knows how many of her bones snapped, and she fainted on the spot.

It can’t be said that Chu Mo was much stronger than the woman. The old woman just didn’t realize her strength would be instantly sealed. Under that state of panic, who would be prepared to fight back? There wasn’t even any time to defend!

The strongest among this group of people, the understanding intent realm cultivator, couldn’t even trade one blow……and was knocked flying by Chu Mo!

Continuing on, Chu Mo didn’t wait at all for the crowd’s reaction. He directly rushed towards the group of people.

The Demon Lord didn’t speak this time, and simply sealed the Dantians of all the people. The crowd of Vermilion Bird Association members, in this way, instantly dropped from the golden stone realm to the iron bone realm.

This sudden change left them with no time to react. In the blink of an eye, Chu Mo’s heavy fist exploded onto five or six people, sending them flying out.

Two had especially bad luck, and were sent flying down the valley. This valley was at least ten thousand feet deep. Once they dropped, their bones would certainly smash into pieces. Their corpses probably couldn’t even be found.

By the time the remaining men reacted and cried out, ten of the twenty men were already crippled.

The remaining ten looked endlessly terrified, letting out a frantic scream.

“What’s going on? My realm……how could it suddenly drop to the iron bone realm?”

“My realm fell to the yuan closure……” This person had even more bad luck. Because when the Demon Lord acted this time, he was a little carefree. He didn’t pay much mind when placing down the large seal.

Because of this, the cultivator that just stepped into the golden stone realm, suffered the same seal as the peak golden stone realm cultivators, and fell all the way into the yuan closure.

A yuan closure realm wasn’t the least bit concern for Chu Mo.

With one Life Fist, he sent the man flying, and then he turned towards the others.

“Quickly run!” One of the men finally reacted. This place was too scary. This teenager was like an evildoer. With empty hands, he actually had such terrifying military strength. If they stayed here, they would end up handicapped if not dead. There wasn’t the slightest bit of benefit!

The thing that made these men terrified from head to toe was, they had absolutely nowhere to run. Because apart from the valley cliff, all of the other directions were completely sealed!

It was like an invisible enchantment was trapping them there!