Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 160: Advancing Into Waves of People

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Chapter 160: Advancing Into Waves of People

Chu Mo’s eyes shone with confusion. It was very hard to picture such a scene……

Merely with one move, when Godslayer was released……the whole world grieved. The current Chu Mo couldn’t imagine such a situation!

The Demon Lord felt hurt as he said to Chu Mo: “One Thousand Hands, Fist of Three Immortal Souls, Phantom Wind Step, and the other exercises I taught you, they all came from my sect brothers’ hands. At that time, everyone took what they could carry. As a result, my brothers and sisters all died at the hands of those large sects. This is the reason why those exercises fell into the hands of others. Fortunately before we left, we all shared the exercises. Each person memorized the exercises. And so, I was able to pass these on to you.”

Chu Mo suddenly said: “So that’s how it is.”

The Demon Lord nodded, and he depressingly said: “But the Eight Hell Blades was different. The person who obtained the Eight Hell Blades back then, was an elder sister disciple. She……always liked me.”

Chu Mo looked at his still handsome master, and he didn’t say anything. He thought that his master must be remembering that elder sister disciple. He didn’t know how he should comfort his master.

The Demon Lord softly sighed, then sadly smiled: “Therefore, after she saw me, she directly handed me this exercise, and she didn’t share it with anyone else. It seemed like a selfish action at that time. Yet, the Eight Hell Blades wasn’t obtained by the large sects. This could be considered turning misfortune into fortune.”

“The Eight Hell Blades……only belong to us?” Chu Mo asked a little startled.

The Demon Lord said: “Right, only us master and disciple can use the Eight Hell Blades! Of course, there’s also the person who created the Eight Hell Blades.”

“Hasn’t that senior already departed?” Chu Mo asked.

“Not necessarily.” The Demon Lord replied: “That senior was an absolute talent. He must certainly be an unfathomable cultivator if he can make an exercise like the Eight Hell Blades. Perhaps he ascended from the Immortal World into the Heavens. This is also possible.”

“Ascend to the Heavens……” Chu Mo’s eyes filled with anticipation. He thought: When can I reach such a realm?

The Demon Lord looked into the distance. He indifferently said: “Good, more men have come. Remember, it’s still hard to control Soul Stealer at your current realm. You must use it cautiously. In fact, One Thousand Hands and the Fist of Three Immortal Souls are also extremely powerful! They should be enough for these men at the very least. You can raise your proficiency a little.”

Chu Mo nodded: “Okay, I understand master.”

The scene seemed to appear very normal. It was a master instructing his disciple, telling him how to fight.

But if the people in pursuit were standing here, they would probably cough up blood.

The figure of the Demon Lord flashed as he spoke, and he disappeared from Chu Mo’s eyes.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but mutter: “Is this Phantom Wind Step cultivated to the highest realm?”

The Demon Lord’s voice came from the empty sky: “Right.”

“Beautiful!” Chu Mo had to praise. He then looked up at the opposite side of the valley. There were about twenty shadows that were growing larger.

Chu Mo glanced at the several corpses nearby. He softly sighed in his heart. Greed is the original sin of man. This statement wasn’t wrong in the slightest. He believed that even if those men saw this ground of corpses, they still wouldn’t hesitate to charge over.

If only they knew the terrifying existence that was his master.

It’s a pity that they didn’t know.

“That boy is here!”

“Ha ha, finally we see him!”

“It seems like something is wrong. Weren’t the Azure Dragon Court members ahead of us?”

“Look next to the boy……there’s several corpses!” One of the men finally became aware of the strangeness. He exclaimed and pointed at the several corpses next to Chu Mo.

“How is this possible? That boy isn’t even a fifth rank cultivator. How could he kill an expert at the golden stone realm?” One of them was in disbelief.

At this time, all of the people looked over at an old woman in her seventies.

Her hair was already gray, but there weren’t many wrinkles on her face. Her face was even rosy, like the complexion of a child. It was a pity that she had a pair of long crow’s feet, making her look like an old woman, and even a little malicious.

The old woman capriciously stared at Chu Mo. Her eyelids slightly jumped. She snorted, yet didn’t say anything. She carefully examined her opponent, and at the same time, she slightly closed her eyes.

The other people didn’t dare speak at this time. They knew that she was using Spirit Sense to see if anyone else was present.

The only people that could use Spirit Sense, were those that entered the understanding intent realm!”

The other golden stone realm experts here could only envy to a certain degree.

The old woman was silent for a time. She slowly opened her eyes, and her face shone with exhaustion.

“How is it? Mother Po, did you see anything?” A person to the side asked.

“Yes ah, something feels a little off……those Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders, they can’t be considered top rank experts, but they weren’t weak. None of them were lower than the golden stone realm. How could they strangely die at this boy’s side?” One of the men expressed their worries.

The old woman named mother Qu was silent for a moment. Finally, she slowly said: “That place……seems a little odd!”

“What’s odd?” The man next to the old woman asked.

Mother Qu squinted, and then she said: “That little thing must carry something strange!”

“What? What do you mean……” The person next her looked confused.

Mother Qu coldly said: “All of those corpses appear dark all over. The skin has already become black. If I had to guess, that boy must certainly carry an extremely poisonous item! His actual strength isn’t anything worth considering. Most likely, he used flowery words to deceive the Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders, gaining their trust, and then he poisoned them.”

“This……” One of the men frowned, pondered it over, and then seemed to sense that something wasn’t right.

“What? You think my analysis is wrong?” Mother Qu resentfully looked at the man.

“No, no, mother’s analysis is very reasonable! This should be right!” The man hurriedly spoke.

“The sky is clear and blue here. I just used Spirit Sense to check the valley. There are a few wild beast, but there are no other cultivators here!”

One of the men said at this time: “Did any of you bring something to counter poison?”

Another man said: “I have a bottle of medicine than can cure several types of poison. Only this medicine……” The person swallowed his own spit.

Mother Qu coldly said: “The medicine can’t be more valuable than your life! And certainly not more important than the Misty Palace heritage!”

The man submissively said: “Yes, mother’s lesson is extremely right.” He pulled out the bottle of medicine as he spoke, and he handed it over to mother Qu.

Mother Qu appeared extremely pleased with herself. This was one of the benefits of being strong!

The strong naturally have a higher position!

Even if others are completely unsatisfied, they still wouldn’t dare act rashly before mother Qu.