Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 159: The Eight Hell Blades

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Chapter 159: The Eight Hell Blades

These were exercises that the Demon Lord mastered and understood. They were all powers that invoked fear in the Immortal World, but when these exercises were used on the four continents, not even the Demon Lord fully understood what kind of power they should have.

Therefore, the Demon Lord didn’t foresee how powerful these exercises would be when Chu Mo used them. They held a mighty power that was several times stronger than what others cultivated.

Because of this, he could only smile at Chu Mo’s bold words. He said: “I hope so!”

The Demon Lord said soon after: “The boxing skill you learned is called the Fist of Three Immortal Souls– Heaven, Earth, and Life.”

“Fist of Three Immortal Souls?” Chu Mo slightly raised his brow.

The Demon Lord said: “Right, this boxing skill has three moves all together. The one you understand the essence of right now, should be the Life Fist.”

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched: “Seems like One Fist sounds better……”

“……” The Demon Lord didn’t feel like indulging him. He continued saying: “The footwork skill that you learned is called the Phantom Wind Step. This move is also top rated in the Immortal World! Once you cultivate Immortal’s power, you will become a phantom when using it! When people see the image of this phantom, you will already be a hundred kilometers away!”

“This doesn’t sound bad, actually a little interesting.” Chu Mo grinned.

The Demon Lord continued speaking: “The skill that you just used to catch the poison needles, it is called One Thousand Hands. You were able to understand the obscure meanings of One Thousand Hands so quickly. It really startled me a little.”

“Is this exercise very strong?” Chu Mo asked.

“Of course!” The Demon Lord said with extreme certainty: “One Thousand Hands, when used in the Immortal World, it is the Countless Poses! You can use countless arms for battle! What do you say, is it strong?”

“It sounds really strong!” Chu Mo eagerly said.

“It’s already strong!” The Demon Lord couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Then he said: “The blade skill you’ve cultivated, it is the strongest! I must say, this blade skill seems destined for you.”

“What’s it called?” Chu Mo asked.

“This blade skill is called the Eight Hell Blades. If you really want to display the fear invoking power, then you must take advantage of a good blade. This sword skill is too overbearing. Normal treasured blades cannot support the mighty power. They will work well on the four continents, but at the Spirit World or Immortal World, normal treasured blades will most certainly break apart! However, your blade won’t break.” The Demon Lord said.

“Eight Hell Blades……I like it!” Chu Mo chuckled.

“Right now you understand the first blade. It is called the Soul Stealer! A person’s soul is split into the Three Immortal Souls, the Heaven, Earth, and Life Soul. The Heaven Soul rules over consciousness; the Earth Soul rules over emotions, and the Life Soul rules over a person’s life span. When the Soul Stealer chops out, it stops a person’s Three Immortal Souls. At the highest realm, this blade can kill before it even reaches the opponent’s head!” The Demon Lord dully said: “Of course, you have to wait until after the Spirit World to reach such a realm.”

The Demon Lord quietly spoke: “But since you already comprehend Soul Stealer’s obscure meanings, even if you are on the four continents, this first blade’s power is still enough to shock people!”

“Perhaps you haven’t sensed it. When you use this blade, the opponent’s reaction is a little slower than normal.”

“Reactions are slightly slower in the midst of life and death, which is enough to decide victory!”

“Even more so, with the sharpness of the blade you carry, practically nothing can stop your strike.”

“Therefore, once you use Soul Stealer, people at the same realm……even people at a realm higher cannot escape your blade. So much so, that people two realms higher……might not necessarily come out ahead!” The Demon Lord lamented when he spoke to here. He relied on the Eight Hell Blades to move unhindered through the Immortal World. He once killed an almighty that was a realm and a half higher than himself!

“Spirit Stealer……” Chu Mo mumbled. He recollected his opponent’s reaction when using One Blade. It was just like his master said. Once they saw the blade, the opponents seemed scared stiff. They lost their normal ability to react quickly.

The origin wasn’t because his One Blade was too fast……but rather because of One Blade’s obscure meaning. It was a Soul Stealer!

“The second blade of the Eight Hell Blades is called Life Snatcher.” The Demon Lord said: “The so-called Life Snatcher kills all living things! This blade can be understood when you have enough murderous aura. You don’t have enough of a murderous aura right now, but I reckon that after this moment, you should be able to comprehend it.”

“The third move of the Eight Hell Blades is called the Soul Cutter!” The Demon Lord stepped out of the empty sky at this time, and he walked before Chu Mo. He said: “People have three Immortal Souls and Seven Mortal Souls. The Immortal Souls make up the root of the Seven Mortal Souls. The Mortal Souls are the branches and leaves of the Immortal Souls. Life cannot exist without the Mortal Soul, and the Mortal Soul cannot exist without life. Therefore, the Soul Cutter is even more ruthless than the Soul Stealer and Life Snatcher! Take a large tree for instance, when you cut off all of its branches and leaves, you are only left with a bare tree trunk. Not only does it lose its ability to shelter, it also loses life force.”

“Master, did you use this move in the past?” Chu Mo asked the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord’s face revealed a touch of remembrance. He said: “Back then I relied on the Eight Hell Blades, and finally climbed out of a mountain of corpses and an ocean of blood. It’s a pity, I didn’t have a blade as good as your’s……otherwise, I would have killed even more dirty thieves!”

Chu Mo withdrew Murdering Heaven from the storage ring. He gently stroked the blade: “It’s called Murdering Heaven!”

“Murdering Heaven? What a good blade! It suits you!” The Demon Lord seldom praised Chu Mo in the past, but he wasn’t stingy with praises in this moment. He gazed with admiration at Murdering Heaven. However, there wasn’t the slightest bit of greed. The Demon Lord had seen too many greedy shameless men, and he hated these kinds of people the most. At the same time, the Demon Lord knew far better than others, just how hard it is to find a weapon that suits yourself.

The finding of Murdering Heaven was a godly opportunity. The Demon Lord could only be happy for Chu Mo!

“The fourth of the Eight Hell Blades is called Nightmare. I’m afraid this blade must wait until you enter the Spirit World. Only then will you finally be able to understand a little bit, because this blade enters into the special technique category. You wouldn’t understand if I told you right now.” The Demon Lord said.

Chu Mo nodded, and he didn’t ask any details. He trusted his master’s words, because he said special technique, it already sounded like a supernatural skill. At the very least, he had never heard of anyone on the four continents possessing such an ability.

“The fifth blade is named Thundershock. The blade comes and goes with thunder, and it shines like lightning. The demons weep when it moves, and it’s said to be terrifying.” The Demon Lord spoke, and he thought of the men who died from this move. Several were famous almighties within the Immortal World, but their souls all perished under Thundershock.

“The sixth blade is named Purgatory.” The Demon Lord slightly smiled: “I don’t need to give you an explanation for this blade right? Once Purgatory goes out, everything becomes stuck in purgatory! No matter where your body is……so long as this move is released, then you will be in purgatory!”

“The seventh blade is named Asura.” The Demon Lord said to Chu Mo: “This blade is already in the supernatural category. Not even your master can understand the obscure meaning of this blade’s essence. Therefore, it’s hard to tell you about its magnificent areas. In the future, you need to slowly grasp it yourself.”

Chu Mo looked a little startled at the Demon Lord: “You still haven’t finished cultivating?”

The Demon Lord’s face turned red, and he immediately scolded: “What’s with your expression? Your master is also human! Not a god!”

“Cough cough……” The corners of Chu Mo’s mouth twitched. He quietly mumbled: “In my opinion, master is the strongest!”

The Demon Lord grew warm hearted, and he continued saying: “The last of the Eight Hell Blades is called Godslayer. Your master hasn’t finished cultivating Asura, so don’t even mention Godslayer. But before I destroyed the Eight Hell Blades, I looked at this move’s description.”

The Demon Lord’s eyes shone with yearning as he spoke. He softly said: “When Godslayer is released……the whole world grieves!”