Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 158: So Simple?

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Chapter 158: So Simple?

“You all are next!” The indifferent voice in the sky spoke once again. The voice was like a magic sound pressuring them to death, making the four golden stone realm elders continuously tremble.

Within a day, their state of mind went from heaven to hell!

Now that things had come to such a state, there was nothing to be done now, even if they felt awful regret.

One of the gold rank elders said: “Us four together?”

The other three gold rank elders had almost the exact same expression.

This was completely shameless. Their faces would turn completely red on an ordinary day, but now, they suggested such a thing without the slightest hesitation.

They were faced with such an evil teenager, and they really had no confidence in fighting one on one.

Even though that teenager’s master already stated: Chu Mo can’t carelessly use that terrifying blade skill.

But did he say that Chu Mo couldn’t ever use it?

What happens if Chu Mo feels like he can’t win the battle? And he releases that terrifying blade? They would have absolutely no way to escape!

Yes, even if they watched Chu Mo’s move a hundred times, they still wouldn’t have the confidence to receive such a blade.

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched. Their four ages combined to almost two hundred years. He really wanted to say: You have no shame!

But after thinking it over, if his master wasn’t at his side, Chu Mo was afraid the current situation would be completely reversed. He had to rely on powerful influences, just the same as them!

Thinking about it this way, Chu Mo didn’t mock the thoughts of these men.

He only had one thought now. He must quickly become strong!

When his master leaves this world, and he can face these people with confidence, then that will be called true power!

“You four go together.” Not waiting for the Demon Lord to speak, Chu Mo looked at the four Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders and calmly spoke.

“Boy, these are your own words!”

“You have sought this!”

“The sword has no eyes, don’t blame us when you get hurt!”


The four gold rank elders were like wild beasts pushed into a corner, all showing their most ferocious side.

They faced Chu Mo and directly charged over.

“Torrential Needle!”

An Azure Dragon Court elder rushed straight towards Chu Mo. Hundreds of steel needles flew out from his hands.

The steel needles glimmered with a dull blue light, swarming like an angry beehive towards Chu Mo’s head!

At the same time, the air filled with a sickly sweet smell.

These steel needles……were actually dipped in poison. Moreover, the poison was highly toxic!

An extremely ice-cold light shined in the Demon Lord’s eyes. In the past, he himself was chased by countless men that were trying to kill him. He sought refuge in the most remote corners of the world, and he knew the darkness of human greed better than anyone.

Moreover, the Seven Demon Poison coursing through his body was also the work of his pursuers.

If he didn’t take in a good disciple, he would probably be a part of the earth, dead a long time ago.

Because of this, the Demon Lord had incredibly sensitive instincts when it came to poison users.

The Demon Lord was considering if he should help Chu Mo or not, and just in that moment, the image of Chu Mo flashed. His whole body was like a mirage, and he directly avoided all of the poison-dipped needles!

“Good boy, good Phantom Wind Step!” The Demon Lord couldn’t help but praise in his heart.

The Phantom Wind Step was a part of his heritage, and it was considered a top level skill in the Immortal World. Chu Mo couldn’t bring out the true essence of the Phantom Wind Step, because he didn’t have an Immortal’s power. However, he understood a few abstractions of the footwork skill.

However, using the skill to the fullest in this world was equally magical!

This still wasn’t over. Chu Mo waved his two arms through the empty sky, and in an instant, it was like over a hundred arms were moving at the same time!

He unexpectedly snatched up forty of these poison needles from the sky!

“One Thousand Hands!” The Demon Lord stared with large eyes, a little shocked at the sight. He mumbled: “I never imaged, this boy even cultivated One Thousand Hands……even though it’s only a small accomplishment, this is already considered a miracle!”

The other three gold rank elders, they clearly knew the ability of the elder that used Torrential Needle. All four rushed Chu Mo together, but the three others were a half step behind because of the skill.

However, Chu Mo elegantly avoided the attack, and he even stanched up forty poison-dipped needles, causing the complexion of the four elders to greatly change. They even thought to scatter in four directions!

“I’ll give them to you.” Chu Mo coldly smiled. He flung the forty steel poison needles, and they made a sharp whistle as they flew towards these four men!

In the instant that the needles made a sharp whistling noise, a miserable scream could be heard as well!

A steel needle hit one right in between the eyes!

An eight inch steel needle was almost completely lodged inside the man’s brow.

The cultivator collapsed on the spot after the miserable scream. His originally glowing face……became a dim gray in that moment.

“What a potent poison!” Chu Mo couldn’t help but be startled.

Soon after, three miserable screams followed.

The three other Azure Dragon Court elders were struck all over by the poison needles. These three pitiful gold rank elders didn’t even have the chance to act, poisoned to death by their own comrade’s needles.

The three gold rank elders all collapsed to the ground. Their faces, necks, hands……and even their whole bodies turned jet black!

The severity of this poison was enough to make your hair stand on end.

Chu Mo foolishly stared. The corners of his mouth violently twitched, and he mumbled: “So simple?”

“Simple?” The Demon Lord coldly snorted from the sky: “You think it’s simple because of the exercises that you’ve cultivated. They far exceed the level of this world! The so-called martial studies is not only martial, but also studies!”

The Demon Lord dully said: “Martial, points to the beauty of the exercise; Study, yet points to the profound meaning of the exercise! The more profound an exercise is, the more powerful the control and domination. Comparing your exercises to theirs, it is like comparing a profound scholar with a man who has only been reading several days……the two almost can’t be compared at all.”

Taking the lesson, Chu Mo nodded. Then he asked: “Master, do the exercises I study really have no name?”

“Of course they have names!” The Demon Lord plainly said: “Only I don’t want you to be concerned by these things, so I don’t wish to tell you. In this world of martial arts, the truth is, whose moves are more refined, whose moves are more lethal! This is the way of the four continents, but in the Spirit World, you will possess power at the spirit level. You will see, when you use these exercises, they will be completely different than on the four continents! This will be even more so on the Immortal World! Therefore, there is no big significance to knowing the names.”

“There is meaning! Good or bad, I want to know what I study?” Chu Mo couldn’t help but roll his eyes, looking stubborn.

“Since you really wish to know, there’s no harm in telling you. However, when you get to the Immortal World, I’m afraid these are all secrets of the large sects. I don’t want you to be influenced when you arrive.” The Demon Lord calmly spoke.

Chu Mo instantly understood his master’s concerns.

These exercises were the skills that his master’s friends obtained in the ruins. They were all chased and killed by the large sects.

And now they were already the hidden secrets of other sects.

This was also why the Demon Lord once warned him about entering the Immortal World. Chu Mo will enter the Immortal world one day, and as soon as Chu Mo used one of these exercises, he was afraid that Chu Mo would be pursued to death.

Knowing too much can certainly be a distraction! This was the Demon Lord’s apprehension.

After thinking these things through, Chu Mo smiled right away: “Don’t worry master. These exercises are closely guarded secrets in other sects. But in the end, I want to let them shine in my hands!”

Chu Mo thought to himself: ‘Because I have the jade!’