Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 157: Nightmare

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Chapter 157: Nightmare

This was an incredibly large trap!

Chu Mo still sat there, the sword resting on his knee, calmly watching the others. Wan Zhi and Guo Xing both felt an impulse to curse the little bastard: “Fuck you and your giant trap! You have such a powerful master, why play innocent with us? Why pretend to be weak? Why pretend to be a secular world teenager? What kind of secular world teenager acts like you did?”

“I’ll count to two. If you all don’t act, then die.” The indifferent voice spoke from the sky, seeming to be a little impatient: “There’s still a pile of people waiting behind you! Hurry!”

Mother! You think this is a party? You want faster? Faster into death?

Wan Zhi’ thoughts felt like ten thousand ninth rank Yuan beasts were trampling across. He gnashed his teeth and said: “Senior……the sword has no eyes……”

“The hands are still put into action, so someone is ultimately responsible for life and death. If you have the ability to kill my disciple, then I’ll let you go!” The indifferent voice was full of self confidence.

Wan Zhi gritted: “Do you speak the truth Senior?”

“You still keep talking. Now I’ll kill you!” The indifferent voice sounded: “Two!”

“Wasn’t it count to two?”

Wan Zhi and Guo Xing were both in despair, but they could only gnash their teeth, and charge towards Chu Mo.

“Raging Inferno Incineration!” Wan Zhi roared. The long blade in his hand ruthlessly chopped towards Chu Mo.

A blisteringly hot sensation filled the air, appearing as a wave of heat.

This was a unique skill of the Raging Inferno sect!

Already pushed to such a plight, Wan Zhi was forced to throw caution to the wind. He could only gamble on the invisible mysterious figure being a man of his word.

Although his realm was rigidly forced to the middle of the fourth rank iron bone realm, he still had absolute confidence. He believed that he could chop Chu Mo down.

Even more so, at his side……there was also Guo Xing of the Golden Knife sect.

“Radiant Golden Knife!” Guo Xing had the same thoughts as Wan Zhi. Things had come this far. He could only fight for his life!

Radiant Golden Knife was a hidden trump card of the Golden Knife sect. It was already used to the fullest. Countless shining golden knife images appeared in the sky!

This made it incredibly hard to distinguish the real from the fake. When you found out which one was real, it was already time for the funeral!

The knife in Guo Xing’s hand was a treasured blade. It shined with a golden light.

The two had their realms suppressed, but they held the incredibly abundant experience of golden stone realm experts. They both rushed towards Chu Mo at the same time!

“Raging Inferno Incineration……Radiant Golden Knife……do you see the moves of other people master? How mighty? You haven’t even taught me the names of my moves! It’s too deceiving!” Chu Mo spread out his arms like a large bird, and actually sailed up into the air. Murdering Heaven stroked a brilliant ray of light through the empty sky.

“One Blade!”

Chu Mo unpleasantly roared.

Up until this point, Chu Mo still only comprehended the first move of this incomparably exquisite blade skill.

Only this One Blade!

He originally only superficially comprehended the first move, but now, Chu Mo understood the true essence of this first move.

He already attained the next level!

The blade was incredibly stunning when it slashed out!

Wan Zhi and Guo Xing both felt suffocated.

They fundamentally couldn’t believe it, such a blade was actually exhibited by a teenager.

But Chu Mo completely lacked an imposing manner. He even looked a little sullen, but the two men didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because of this “One Blade.”

But continuing on……there was no way for them to laugh!

Because this One Blade, it actually enshrouded both of them at the same time.

This was simply unreasonable!

Tyrannical beyond compare!

Fury surged up inside of Wan Zhi and Guo Xing.

They both thought: ‘You’re a teenager, facing us one vs. two. You actually dare make such a move against us two experts? Since this is the case, I’ll kill you. Your master won’t be able to say anything!’

Fury rose from the heart, and hatred was born in the guts.

The two used their unique skills, and they roared at the same time.

The Raging Inferno Incineration, Radiant Golden Knife, and Chu Mo’s One Blade all ruthlessly struck at the same time!


A booming noise filled the sky.

Breaking sword!

Breaking knife!

A dazzling light flashed across soon after. Two heads flew high into the sky!



Two headless bodies collapsed to the ground. Blood violently gushed out of their necks, immediately staining the soil red.

Chu Mo dropped from the sky at this time. He knelt onto the brown colored stone, opened up his mouth wide, and breathed heavily.

This One Blade was too amazing.

People even overlooked Chu Mo when he utilized One Blade, but he was no mere fourth rank teenager.

One Blade beheaded two men!

Even if the realms of Wan Zhi and Guo Xing were suppressed to the middle fourth rank, they both had far more experience than Chu Mo!

Because of this, even though the One Blade skill was exquisite and matchlessly powerful, that still wasn’t enough to conceal the unsurpassable talent of Chu Mo!

Performing a move was amazing, but the person performing the move……was even more amazing!

A burst of cool wind blew past. The other five Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders were stupefied. They simply couldn’t believe their own eyes. Their minds were all an empty blank space.

One of the gold rank elders vigorously rubbed his eyes. He rigidly stared at the two headless corpses.

After a short period of time, when he completely confirmed this was actually real, the man let out an extremely miserable scream……He then turned and ran!


This gold rank elder’s body exploded open with a bang.

It was just the same as Zhao Qing. He immediately turned into a disintegrated bloody mist, perishing in an instant!

“Wish to run?” The indifferent voice from the sky coldly snorted.

Soon after, the Demon Lord chided from the sky: “You killed these people efficiently, but you consumed an excessive amount of energy! How many can you kill in this way?”

“I know, but I couldn’t resist. This One Blade……I now comprehend it to such an extent, but I can only use it at this degree.” Chu Mo’s breath had already stabilized. He slowly stood up, looked at the two headless corpses, and silently shook his head.

The Demon Lord said from the empty sky: “This Hell……cough cough, sword skill is really too overpowering. It’s impossible to fully understand at your current realm. But your talent is actually fantastic. At your realm, you can understand the essence of the first move, but there is no way to fully control it. In addition, your blade is also tyrannical. When your exercise and weapon is combined, to a certain extent, it creates such a phenomenon. So from now on, you must not use One Blade unless there is no other choice!”

‘How the hell does that make sense? Actually discriminating against his own disciple for killing too fast……and consuming too much energy! Moreover, his disciple is no longer allowed to use One Blade! Does he disregard us so much?’ The four Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders wished to cry, but they had no tears. They already collapsed into insanity.

They were all self-proclaimed ruthless men. They were all the kind that killed without batting an eye. But after living to such an age, they had never seen a master chide their disciple in such a way.

Didn’t these Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders represent the Azure Dragon Court itself?

They also had the powerful support of the sects!

The Vermilion Bird Association group was behind. There were also the sect members from the Vermilion Bird Continent, as well as the Azure Dragon Continent sect members.

There were more than a thousand men all together. It was the combined strength of two continents…….don’t dare say that it was the world’s strongest, but it was a tremendous power that no sect could dare ignore. Yet they were actually completely ignored by the cultivator in the empty sky.

He considered them as punching bags for his disciple!

No……not punching bags. That would overvalue their position. They were clearly a group of lambs for the slaughter!

After seeing the indifferent looking teenager kill two well known Azure Dragon Court elders, they didn’t feel arrogant in the slightest.

They acted like this was very normal……

But how the fuck could this be normal?

Where the hell did this terrifyingly evil master and disciple combo spawn from?

The four Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders began to tremble all over. Combining all the dangers and nightmares that they encountered in the past……it still wasn’t as terrifying as today’s encounter!

This was a hopeless situation.

They had absolutely no way to break out.