Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 156: This is a Big Trap!

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Chapter 156: This is a Big Trap!

How could they have such a strange feeling?

Guo Xing and Wan Zhi looked at each other. They both saw hesitation in the other party.

Chu Mo gave a toothy grin: “To tell the truth, is this the sect way? I’m a lone teenager. You all want to steal from me, and then kill me?”

“Perhaps if you were already seventy or eighty, I would really let you go with your life. But because you are a teenager……” An ice-cold light shined in Zhao Qing’s pupils: “I must kill you! Otherwise, we will be the ones who die later on!”

“Well spoken.” A dull voice came from the empty sky above.

“Who?” Zhao Qing fiercely yelled. At the same time, he raised a fist and struck towards the empty sky.

A powerful force came crashing out. A fierce wave could be seen in the empty sky.


A cracking sound immediately rippled through the sky.

However, nothing was hit.

Guo Xing and Wan Zhi immediately took up a defensive posture. Terror could be seen in both their eyes.

They didn’t make a noise, but there was plenty of terror in their hearts!

Because they couldn’t sense the position of the other party at all!

Just what realm was this person, that he was capable to this degree?

At this moment, they had the same feeling as facing the court ruler.

The Azure Dragon Court ruler was such an unfathomable expert!

But the court ruler was a hermit!

How could this General’s grandson have anything to do with a hermit?

If the Misty Palace remnant knew a hermit, would she pass the heritage on to a teenager, and then hide herself away?

Yes, this was what these people finally decided from the rumors.

The Misty Palace remnant, Miao Yiniang, gave the heritage to Chu Mo because fear. Then she hid herself away.

Zhao Qing’s complexion became extremely unsightly. He pulled out a long sword from his back.


The long sword was pulled from its scabbard. Cold light gleamed off the blade.

Zhao Qing became a little more emboldened in his thoughts. He looked all around: “Who’s there? Come out. Who do you think you’re scaring by hiding?”


A crisp sound suddenly came from the sky.

Zhao Qing was immediately smacked across the face, and it immediately started to become red and swollen.

But the most terrifying thing was……there still wasn’t even a shadow of a man!

“Rude thing. Die!” An indifferent voice sounded.

Soon after, Zhao Qing’s body boomed with noise……and fragmented into pieces!

He was completely broken apart!

The sword clattered to the ground, making a series of crisp noises.

A peak sixth rank expert……a golden stone realm that was unhindered in the secular world, he died without a sound!

Chu Mo was slightly shocked. He couldn’t help but mumble: “You said that you would let me practice……”

“This man deserved to die!” A chilling voice came from the sky: “I will leave the rest for you. I’ll let you kill until you feel sick!”

“……” Guo Xing and Wan Zhi couldn’t help but retreat back several steps. They had no way to suppress the cold air flowing down their backs. They were both completely shocked!

The other five golden stone realm experts surrounding Chu Mo were all completely dumbstruck. They looked at the original place of Zhao Qing, it was already turned into a pile of broken flesh. Even though they all killed several people in the past, and their hands were stained in blood, there was still an intense nausea.

“Practice……this teenager drew us here, just so he could practice?” Wan Zhi and Guo Xing looked at each other. The could see the clear, intense horror in each other’s eyes.

This should have extremely angered them. However, after witnessing Zhao Qing’s miserable death, they could only think of retreating.

The events of today were simply too strange!

They were very aware of Zhao Qing’s true power. If fighting one on one, they wouldn’t dare say that they could beat Zhao Qing.

After this expert was mysteriously spanked, his body soon fragmented apart. He actually didn’t have the time to speak a word.

Just how strong was the opponent?

Even if it was the court ruler……would he even be that strong?

At this moment, they considered the Misty Palace heritage as lost in the wind.

How could they protect their lives. The most crucial concern was to not die a mysterious death like Zhao Qing.

At this time, Wan Zhi and Guo Xing, as well as the other five golden stone realm experts, they all felt a tyrannical matchless power. It directly enshrouded all of them.

“Don’t think of fleeing.” The indifferent voice dully sounded: “You all tried your hardest to chase my disciple. Not only were you going to steal from him, but you also wanted to kill him. Now that you’ve overtaken him, how can you think of fleeing?”

A bitter taste was in Guo Xing’s mouth. He miserably said: “Senior……I think this is a misunderstanding.”

“Right right, senior, you misunderstand. We…….we were indeed greedy, but we didn’t want to kill noble son Chu!” Wan Zhi hurriedly spoke.

“Yes yes, senior, we never thought to kill. That was all Zhao Qing……he was the one who wanted to kill. He already received the punishment that he deserved. Please let us go senior!” The five golden stone realm Azure Dragon court elders all quickly cried out.

They originally believed that this would be an enormous contribution. Who could have thought that this would be an enormous trap!

This was simply a pit that would bury them alive!

Who would have thought? A deity was hiding behind this secular world teenager!

“Misunderstanding? Stop with the nonsense. You have only one value now, and that is to give my disciple practice.” The dull voice came from the empty sky.

“Practice? Good good, that’s no problem. You wish us to compare notes with young Chu? We are willing, we are willing!” A gold rank elder loudly spoke.

“Compare notes? You are overthinking. What I want is a life and death battle!” The indifferent voice came from the empty sky.

“Ah?” The golden rank elder was immediately stunned. He mumbled: “But……but young Chu’s realm, cough cough……I don’t mean to look down on your disciple. What I’m saying is……isn’t the difference in realms too great?”

The other people all foolishly stared. This was their first time facing such a wonderful situation.

The voice from the empty sky indifferently spoke: “Not a problem. I will suppress your realms to the same as my disciple.”

“……” Wan Zhi, Guo Xing, and the five other experts all stared foolishly. The corners of their mouths began to sharply twitch.

“Good, start. Let’s begin with you two.” The indifferent voice from the sky spoke. At the same time, Wan Zhi and Guo Xing felt their Dantian regions become tied up and blocked by something. A severe pain followed, and the two couldn’t hold back a miserable scream.

“Wimps!” The voice shouted from the sky.

Soon after, he icily spoke: “Begin!”

Wan Zhi and Guo Xing’s eyes filled with intense horror and dismay.

A rank four iron bone realm, how many years had it been since they experienced this realms power? They both forgot how this realm was.

The thing that terrified them the most, was the skill of the opposite party. He easily suppressed their realms to the fourth rank!

Moreover, they were at the middle of the fourth rank, which was the exact same as Chu Mo’s realm.

They could suppress their own realms to practice with the younger generations. However, the current suppression of their dantian was completely different from the other kind!

They could casually remove their self restrictions at any time. But now……the two couldn’t help but try, and they sensed that there was no way to break the binds!

The court ruler definitely couldn’t do this!

The two men had the same thought as the other five gold rank elders: ‘How the fuck is this an easy task? This is clearly a big trap!’