Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 155: Life or Death Training

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Chapter 155: Life or Death Training

“He’s there! I see him!”

“That’s Chu Mo!”

“Right, it’s him!”

“I never imagined, he actually has the courage to wait for us?”

“Perhaps he has no place to run? Running such a distance must be really difficult for him. Group up, everyone be careful. We must not have a careless death.”

The first group of people was almost entire composed of Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders.

These people felt something was a little off, because they didn’t see the image of Fu Long.

“Why is elder Fu Long missing?”

“Could it be he took the wrong path? He lost the trail?” Someone said, taking joy in Fu Long’s misfortune.

“That’s very possible. Elder Fu Long was flying in the sky, and accidentally flew over” Someone suggested.

The Azure Dragon Court interior wasn’t as unified as imagined, especially when facing such a large reward. Everyone wanted to bite a little more.

The Heavenly Sword sect elder Zhao Qing coldly peered across the valley. He sneered at the young figure on the other side: “Little boy, you’re actually well versed in bluffing people. Who are you trying to intimidate by sitting there?”

The other people watching couldn’t hold back their laughter.

Golden Knife sect’s Guo Xing mocked: “This child has heard too many fantasy stories. He’s displaying such a posture, appearing like an expert!”

Wan Zhi from the Raging Inferno sect said: “He can’t believe that we are unable to cross the valley?”

“Ha ha, he probably believes that we must climb down the valley, and then climb back up. In this way, he has enough time to continue running.” Zhao Qing mocked: “Just like the the city wall last night.”

“Ha ha ha ha.” Several people burst into laughter.

The course was over five hundred kilometers. Over a thousand people were chasing Chu Mo, and they were split into more than ten groups.

They had separated and pulled apart by large distances.

The few people present were talking cheerfully. The distance between them and the next closest group was over fifty kilometers.

“Okay, the people behind are still hastily chasing. We should first settle this matter and then talk later.” Zhao Qing appeared solemn. He faced Chu Mo, who was sitting cross-legged on the other stony hill, and yelled: “Little guy, prepare the heritage. Your grandfather Zhao is going to come and take it!”

The two sides of the valley were composed of brown colored stone. The valley appeared very desolate, but it also gave off a magnificent feeling.

The bottom of the deep valley was actually verdant and lush. Large tall trees grew everywhere, and it gave off a strong breath of life.

The valley was approximately three or four kilometers wide. Zhao Qing’s self-confident voice transferred to Chu Mo’s ears. Chu Mo faintly smiled: “Bring it on!”

“Little man, you’re clearly insane!” Zhao Qing said, and his figure soared into the air.

A rank six, peak golden stone realm cultivator could only fly long distances with great difficulty. But a distance of three or four kilometers was no problem.

Once Zhao Qing moved, Guo Xing, Wan Zhi, and another five Azure Dragon Court experts followed.

In their eyes, Chu Mo was simply a shiny golden mountain!

And this golden mountain would soon belong to them!

These people could already imagine their future prospects, and their excitement was beyond words.

They were all sixth rank experts, but over the past several years, they had all experienced bitter hardships. They only had very few resources in hand, everything was used for cultivation.

A rank six cultivator was known as unhindered through the secular world. It was a high position able to obtain great wealth. But in the sects, this rank wasn’t considered great. There were still many people stronger than them!

Who didn’t want others to look up at them? Who didn’t want to stand at the higher plateau and look down on the scenery?

Today, this opportunity finally came!

They knew quite well, they couldn’t swallow the entire Misty Palace heritage. However, they would receive a great reward in the end! At that time, the reward from the court master would be enough. They could rush towards the intent refinement state!

Whoever enters the intent refinement state will truly reach a higher level!

They will finally be considered true cultivators!

Zhao Qing couldn’t help but scream in mid-air. His figure moved like flowing water, unequally smooth. He was like a fish in the river, a bird in the sky!

Guo Xing had to praise: “Brother Zhao looks like he’s at the fringe of the intent refinement state. His martial art skill is a sight to behold.”

Zhao Qing boasted: “Just a little ways away, that’s it. I should be no more solid than brother Guo. You are only a half step away from the intent refinement state. Aren’t I right?”

Wan Zhi said from the side: “For seven or eight years now, Brother Guo has been half a step away from the understanding intent realm. He must be only a little bit away now, and then he can make a true breakthrough!”

“Us brothers are actually almost all the same. There’s no need to praise each other!” Guo Xing appeared excited, and he smiled as he spoke.

The other five Azure Dragon Court golden rank elders looked at the three men with envy.

They were golden rank elders, but their strength was still quite a distance away. Their position within the Azure Dragon Court was somewhat different.

However this didn’t matter. Capturing Chu Mo and obtaining the Misty Palace Heritage would reward everyone!

Therefore, the court master would rain down rewards, and their share of the profits would be no less!

Chu Mo watched these men fly over, and an ice-cold light shined in his eyes.

They all look at me like a piece of meat. Does everyone want to take a bite?

Soon, you will all be pleasantly surprised!

Chu Mo slightly closed his eyes, and he started practicing the Heaven’s Will My Will scripture. His heart instantly became serene.

His heart and mind were very clear. This was the first true test after becoming his master’s apprentice!

The Demon Lord was still present, but he explained things very clearly with Chu Mo. He would suppress their realms, and make them inhibited to the fourth rank, which was the same as Chu Mo.

But he would absolutely not act to help!

This wasn’t for just one or two, and not for eight to ten, but rather for all one thousand people!

Among them, just how many were experts with incredibly rich battle experience?

Even though they were all suppressed to the fourth realm, this was still a terrifying match for Chu Mo.

The Demon Lord also said, each battle may not necessarily be one on one.

Chu Mo knew quite well on the inside. His master wouldn’t really let him sink into danger, but at the same time, not just anyone could withstand the pressure of facing over a thousand cultivators of the same realm.

“I must consider this……a moment of life or death training!”

“I must break through this hurdle!”

“Otherwise, how can I go find Xiaoyu?”

Chu Mo abruptly opened his eyes. Sharp light shined from his two clear pupils.

Just at that time, Zhao Qing, Wan Zhi and Guo Xing all landed on the other side of the valley. They were no less than three hundred meters away from Chu Mo!

The five other gold rank Azure Dragon Court elders followed close behind, also landing there.

The five people quickly spread out, outflanking Chu Mo in a fan shape.

They were almost all certain that Chu Mo lacked any means of escape, but they were still quite cautious. They didn’t want anything unforeseen to happen at the final step.

Zhao Qing looked at Chu Mo, and he calmly said: “Chu Mo, the time has already arrived, do you still wish to resist? To tell the truth, your display has already surprised me. I’m thinking of bringing you into the Azure Dragon Court. Hand over the Misty Palace Heritage. I’m being straightforward with you!”

As Chu Mo stared at Zhao Qing, an ice-cold light shined in his eyes: “You wish to kill me?”

Zhao Qing mocked: “Boy, how can you be so naive. You should sense it. The matter has already come this far. Who would let you continue living?”

Chu Mo looked at Guo Xing and Wan Zhi, who were standing at Zhao Qing’s side.

They didn’t know why, but when Chu Mo’s vision swept across Guo Xing and Wan Zhi, they both had a feeling of horror.