Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 154: Sweeping Sword

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Chapter 154: Sweeping Sword

Fu Long looked up and glanced at the Demon Lord. He spoke with a hoarse voice: “Kill me.”

The Demon Lord silently looked at elder Fu Long. He dully said: “You aren’t worthy.”

“Ha ha……” Elder Fu Long sadly laughed: “It seems with my strength, I am still just a worm before you, not fit to be crushed by your hand.”

Chu Mo looked to elder Fu Long: “You don’t wish to find your brother and seek evidence? Perhaps I’m deceiving you.”

“There’s no evidence to find.” Elder Fu Long dejectedly spoke: “I would have never thought about it if you didn’t speak. And now that I’ve listened to you, I’ve thought everything over once more. I’ve decided that your words are false.”

“That’s all the more reason to find him! Go question him!” Chu Mo rolled his eyes: “What good is death? Are you going close your eyes, and and not do anything?”

The light in elder Fu Long’s eyes grew dim: “I don’t wish to act in that way.”

“How can you be such a coward!” Chu Mo raged: “You’re not taking any responsibility!”

“Because, I’ve always considered him my brother. I can die for my brother, but I don’t wish to be deceived by him. So long as I don’t meet him, I will feel that the two of you are possibly deceiving me.” A slight smile showed on the grave face of elder Fu Long. He then deeply looked at Chu Mo: “Having such a master is your good fortune. I believe that you can go in my place one day, and ask Hongzhi why he deceived me……”

Fu Long only spoke the half the word ‘me.’ His two eyes suddenly bulged out of their sockets, and rigidly held open. Not a trace of unwavering could be seen in his eyes. There was only……the ashes of death.

Nothing was sadder than a withered heart!

The corners of elder Fu Long’s mouth flowed with blood, and he thumped to the ground in front of Chu Mo.

He unexpectedly killed himself!

Chu Mo appeared dumbstruck. He didn’t think this would be the outcome.

After meeting him the first time last night, and all the way through this five hundred kilometer chase, elder Fu Long always appeared like he wanted to kill Chu Mo. Chu Mo couldn’t understand why he would end his own life.

After Chu Mo found out the reason why elder Fu Long wanted to kill him, Chu Mo wanted to make the two brothers fight to the death.

Because neither of them were good men!

In the end……this understanding intent realm expert actually ended his own life!

He had so much courage and uprightness? And the greatest of characters?

Compared to Chu Mo’s shock, the Demon Lord was completely unshaken. He calmly said: “He was unexpectedly an upright man.”

“He died in such a way……” Chu Mo distractedly spoke.

“What were you expecting? An understanding intent realm expert is nothing in my eyes, but he is a top tier expert in this world. How could he easily become your servant?” The Demon Lord stared at Chu Mo: “Don’t scheme this way in the future!”

Chu Mo’s plotting had been seen right through. There was nothing to feel awkward about. The person who saw through him was his own master, and not some outsider.

“Do you still not understand why he wished to die?” The Demon Lord asked Chu Mo all of the sudden.

Chu Mo nodded: “Yes, granted that his closest brother sold him out, elder Fu Long’s heart was fatally wounded. But that doesn’t mean he should have committed suicide? At most he should have just flown far away, and never faced his brother again!”

“You speak lightly, but you should remember that seventh elder. Would he let Fu Long go?” The Demon Lord calmly said: “You’re still young. Although you’re clever, you still lack understanding about human nature. This man’s character was upright. And moreover…… he held brotherhood in the highest regard.”

“He wasn’t a match for seventh elder, and he knew too many of seventh elder’s secrets. Also, with his temperament, as soon as he met seventh elder, there was no way he could pretend nothing happened. The brothers would truly act against each other at that time.” The Demon Lord said to Chu Mo: “If Fu Long didn’t die, and instead flew far away, then that seventh elder would certainly become suspicious. He would certainly try to seek out and kill Fu Long, and then everything would be brought back to the beginning. He would still die!”

“What did ending his life accomplish? He ended up helping a bastard?” This was still hard for Chu Mo to understand.

“Will you let seventh elder live peacefully?” The Demon Lord asked Chu Mo.

“Of course not!” Chu Mo said with an iron conviction: “Not in the past, not now, and even more so in the future! How could I let scum like him go? Although I don’t like elder Fu Long in the slightest, it could be said, I really feel his death wasn’t deserving!”

The Demon Lord looked at Elder Fu Long, who died while holding a grievance. He dully said: “Some people have such a temperament, just like this elder Fu Long. They would rather die……than clash swords with their closest friend.”

Chu Mo glanced at Fu Long, sighed, and then said: “Yes, if Xu 2fu ever sells me out in such a way, I’m afraid…… I might have the same thought as Fu Long.”

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “That is to say, no matter when or where, you must be careful when making friends.”

Chu Mo grinned wide: “I believe in my brother! 2fu and I have been true brothers since we were young.”

The Demon Lord pointed at elder Fu Long: “He was the same.”

“Can you not attack me in this way?” Chu Mo rolled his eyes and said.

“I only wish to sober you up a little. Brothers do require trust, but that doesn’t mean your guard should be completely down.” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “Perhaps, my point of view is a little extreme, but this relates to my past.”

“I know you mean best for me.” Chu Mo lightly sighed, then he looked up to the Demon Lord: “I’ll bury him, right master?”

“Ah? I think you should send his corpse to seventh elder.” The Demon Lord plainly said.

“That scumbag is selfish to the bone. He wouldn’t bat an eye, even if we sent him the dead corpse of Elder Fu Long. He would even suspect that elder Fu Long sold betrayed him at death’s door. And wonder if Fu Long was forced to die……” Chu Mo sighed as he spoke.

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo, and then he plainly said: “You have thought it through; however, you must consider. This person’s death now rests on your shoulders.”

“Would I care about that? In any case……I must begin slaughtering from this point on. I don’t care about one more death on my shoulders.” Chu Mo sucked in a deep breath, and then softly spoke.

“Don’t blame me when you become the entire world’s enemy.” The Demon Lord quietly said.

“I never took the initiative to provoke anyone! I’ve always been honest. They don’t wish to let me go. Since this is the case, what’s the harm in become the entire world’s enemy?” Chu Mo calmly spoke: “The world of cultivation is brutal. Naturally I must raise the blade. I will sweep a sword through the heavens, but I do so with a clear conscious!”

The Demon Lord deeply looked over Chu Mo. A trace of approval was in his eyes.

Chu Mo slightly shook his head. They dug a deep pit in an extremely concealed location to the side, and they buried Fu Long’s corpse inside.

Chu Mo didn’t even touch the ring of elder Fu Long, which was clearly a storage device.

Because Chu Mo felt, such an unyielding and resolute man should be given the most basic respects. Although he was a little foolish, his death was unworthy.

The pit was dug very deep, and it was thoroughly concealed. After putting up some camouflage, he was convinced that no one would find it.

Chu Mo and the Demon Lord left this place soon after.

They went to a place about five kilometers away, where there was an enormous valley.

Chu Mo stood atop the peak, and he looked out far away. The first batch of pursuers were already chasing over. He gently sighed and took out Murdering Heaven, He slowly sat down, and then rested the blade on his knee. His pure eyes were both very calm.

The Demon Lord already quietly disappeared——