Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 153: Heart Like Ashes

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Chapter 153: Heart Like Ashes

“You speak nonsense!” Fu Long exploded on the spot. He denounced: “You speak lies without batting an eye at such a young age. No wonder Zhao Hongzhi said that he could never take you as a disciple. With your character, wouldn’t you still be terrible after entering Immortal Sky, and letting you study all of the advanced skills?”

“Ha ha, Zhao Hongzhi has good character? Didn’t he steal the wind dragon egg?” Chu Mo sneered at elder Fu Long: “You don’t believe my words, but didn’t you see how injured Zhao Hongzhi was with your own eyes?”

“How could a secular world mortal like you injure him? Clearly his heart is entangled in knots. He’s afraid of his past deeds being found out, but he also doesn’t want to kill his benefactor. An understanding intent cultivator can cause himself internal injuries when faced with such a matter. This is normal. I’m a seventh rank understanding intent realm. I clearly know more than you!” Elder Fu Long snapped.

“Not only are you blind, you’re also foolish! Can you really not pay attention?” Chu Mo looked flabbergasted at elder Flu Long: “How did you live to be so old? You being able to cultivate to the understanding intent realm is really a miracle. I can’t injure the understanding intent realm expert Zhao Hongzhi. Carefully think about it. I know your IQ deserves sympathy, but I believe you can figure it out……”

“Figure what out?” Fu Long was incredibly furious inside, but he couldn’t stop making connections from Chu Mo’s words.

Zhao Hongzhi really didn’t appear in good condition when Fu Long saw him. But the two were close like brothers over the years. Fu Long never thought that Zhao Hongzhi would scheme against him.

“There exists a pill that can temporarily suppress physical injuries, not leaving any clues.” Chu Mo looked at elder Fu Long: “This kind of pill naturally doesn’t exist in the secular world. Most small sects wouldn’t even have it. However, a top ranked sect like the Immortal Sky shouldn’t be lacking right?”

Fu Long’s pupils flickered with rays of light, but he started to become silent.

“Think about it. If I was an ordinary talent, then how could I cultivate to the iron bone realm in less than a year?” Chu Mo somewhat pitifully looked at Elder Fu Long: “You should be able to see my current realm. It’s at the fourth rank iron bone realm right? At my age, wouldn’t I be considered a genius in the Immortal Sky?”

Elder Fu Long still maintained his silence. He didn’t retort Chu Mo’s words.

Chu Mo smiled: “This clearly illustrates my talent. I’m not ordinary at all. Your best brother Zhao Hongzhi has been spreading lies to you. I don’t know why the others didn’t say anything to you. Also, even though I’m talented, I could never cultivate to this realm within a year, not without a good master. What do you think?”

“……” Elder Fu Long maintained his silence, but he couldn’t help raising his head and speechlessly looking at Chu Mo.

He now suddenly had a feeling. This teenagers words……were very likely true!

Otherwise, how could he be so calm? Chu Mo was facing his pressure, but why was he still so relaxed?

He left the city in the dead of night, and then he fled like mad. Everyone that wanted to kill him was drawn far away from Yellow Flame City, to a place five hundred kilometers away. Was he really fleeing for his life? Or did he deliberately draw these people here?

He originally didn’t believe that Chu Mo had any tricks to play. But elder Fu Long couldn’t stop his heart from trembling now.

He looked once again at the handsome and calm teenager’s face. He suddenly felt like shivering all over.

“Yes, looks like you’ve thought it through.” Chu Mo calmly said: “I don’t know why Zhao Hongzhi deceived you, but I can tell you the truth. When Zhao Hongzhi wanted to kill my grandfather, I asked my master to help me. My grandfather avoided danger because of this. My master didn’t think it worth killing a little man like Zhao Hongzhi, and so, he kicked Zhao Hongzhi flying away. My master also gave him a warning at the time. If anything happened to me, then he wouldn’t let Zhao Hongzhi go.”

Fu Long said to Chu Mo: “Since it’s this way, if I kill you, then won’t he live better off?”

Chu Mo smiled and shook his head: “Elder Fu Long, let’s make a bet. If you lose, then you have to be my servant from today on. You’re only worth being a servant with such an IQ. If you win, then, you can take my life at any time.”

“What gamble?” Elder Fu Long coldly watched Chu Mo.

Chu Mo said: “Go back to the Immortal Sky right now. If you can find Zhao Hongzhi, then I will have lost!”

“Just this simple?” Elder Fu Long almost didn’t dare believe Chu Mo.

“Just this simple!” Chu Mo calmly looked at elder Fu Long: “So long as Zhao Hongzhi hears about the events in Yellow Flame City, he will hide away in the first moment. If he doesn’t, then I have lost!”

Chu Mo thought a moment as he spoke, and then he said: “Of course, there is another way. You don’t have to bet with me. Pretend you already died, that you died right here. Zhao Hongzhi won’t even have suspicions, because he knows my master is much more powerful! He can easily crush you like a bug! Then send someone that you trust to the Immortal Sky. See if he is still there. If he’s there, then see what his reaction is when he hears you died.”

“What does he gain by harming me?” Fu Long coldly spoke.

Chu Mo spread out his two hands: “You can’t ask me this. I’m an outsider. How can I know your private matters? My guess is, his greatest goal is still taking out my grandfather and me. Ha ha, he will hide for a time, and then he will wait for the waves to settle. If my master stops in for a visit, then I’m afraid he will have all kinds of excuses lined up. He will say that there is a great rift between you two. He will say your actions were purely to cheat him, and so on……”

“Clever words……” Elder Fu Long lowly boomed, then he sneered: “Your words would be completely true if your master was here now. But the problem is, your master isn’t here at all! Therefore, little man…..put away all your tricks!”

Fu Long thought to act against Chu Mo. He didn’t want to listen anymore!

Chu Mo shook his head and sighed: “Look how pitiful you are. I really didn’t want to kill you. Really, you are only a deceived little worm. Killing you doesn’t make me happy in the slightest. Turn around and look.”

Elder Fu Long instantly turned around, just about to coldly smile: “Do you still have any words?”

However, that smile froze in the corners of his mouth. An incredibly shocked light suddenly appeared in his eyes.

A dark robed man quietly stood behind him. He was less than thirty feet away. Elder Fu Long would have no time to prepare if the man wanted to act.

Fu Long was dumbstruck. His beardless face became ghastly. His voice started to quiver: “Who are you?”

The Demon Lord didn’t even look at Fu Long. He only said to Chu Mo: “What’s the point in wasting so many words with this retard?”

Chu Mo scratched his head: “My heart couldn’t bear to see him cheated this way……”

“Do you want to see the brothers act against each other? That’s bad taste!” The Demon Lord sneered and cut off Chu Mo’s words. He directly uncovered Chu Mo’s intentions, right in front of Fu Long.

“Ai master, why did you have to tell?” Chu Mo awkwardly glanced at Fu Long: “Fine, that’s what I was thinking! The brothers would turn against each other, but Zhao Hongzhi doesn’t see elder Fu Long as a brother!”

“You keep saying that you’re brothers. I really wanted to see how you reacted. The person you call a brother wanted to send you to your death.” Chu Mo calmly watched Fu Long.

Fu Long almost entirely believed Chu Mo’s words at this time.

This teenager was really no match for Fu Long, but he didn’t even have the courage to touch the teenager’s master!

Fu Long could sense it. The opponent could kill him countless times with just a single thought!

Fu Long’s heart turned to ash in but a moment.