Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 152: You’ve Been Cheated

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Chapter 152: You’ve Been Cheated

“Last words? Me?” Chu Mo pointed at his own nose: “You’re certain it’s my last words?”

“Ha ha ha ha, if not you, then don’t tell me it’s mine?” Fu Long couldn’t help but laugh. He also couldn’t help but glance around at the same time. He sensed the surroundings, and then he finally relaxed.

He coldly eyed Chu Mo: “Little thing, to tell the truth, you really surprise me. Already at such a plight, at the end of the road……and you can actually be so calm. Perhaps if I gave you time to mature, entering the understanding intent realm would be no problem for you!”

“I’ll accept your wish.” Chu Mo laughed quite happily through his teeth. Wasn’t receiving the enemy’s praise a type of success?

“Wish my ass!” Fu Long could no longer hold back. The grand understanding intent cultivator burst open into curses. He glared at Chu Mo: “Little thing, do you really think that you can leave here alive?”

Chu Mo looked surprised at Fu Long. The corner of his mouth twitched, and he calmly said: “I somewhat don’t understand.You all have fought so hard to chase me. Isn’t your goal the Misty Palace heritage? You should all go find Miao Yiniang. What good is seeking me? I am Miao Yiniang’s friend, and I initiated the Misty Palace Royal Academy. However, I don’t carry the heritage. What are you chasing me for?”

“Little thing, do you think we are all idiots? Do you think we are retards? Would we chase you if you didn’t carry the heritage?” Fu Long coldly watched Chu Mo.

Chu Mo shrugged his shoulders: “Fine, given that the heritage is here, then you should only want the heritage. That’s it. I have done you no wrong, so why kill me?”

Fu Long darkly sneered: “Your words would have a slight effect if anyone else said them. You’re right, you’ve done us no wrong. We should only want the heritage, that’s it. There’s really no reason to kill you.”

“Right, that’s the way it is!” Chu Mo said.

“Then what are you running for?” Fu Long asked.

“I only wanted to take a stroll outside the city. You have all be chasing after my life, so of course I ran!” Cu Mo rolled his eyes in return.

Fu Long curled his lips: “Who are you deceiving? You dissapeared right after leaving the city!”

“Right, I was scared by all of you. Extremely terrified.” Chu Mo touched his chest and said: “Since you’ve already caught me, I will give you the heritage. You don’t have to kill me right?”

Fu Long said to Chu Mo: “There was really no reason to kill you originally. You’re just a secular world brat. Killing you is the same as crushing a bug, there’s no difference. But now you must die!”

“Why?” Chu Mo looked at Fu Long: “I haven’t provoked you? You were the one with a bad attitude towards me last night. I even wanted to join the Immortal Sky, but you all didn’t want me. You even humiliated me. I have plenty of reason to hate the Immortal Sky. What reason do you have to hate me?”

Chu Mo was indeed baffled, but he sensed this had something to do with seventh elder Zhao Hongzhi. However, there was still something that Chu Mo didn’t understand. He remembered his master giving Zhao Hongzhi a warning. As soon as something bad happened to Chu Mo, he certainly wouldn’t let Zhao Hongzhi go.

But why did Fu Long look like he must kill Chu Mo?

“The blame lies with you trying to join the Immortal Sky. A secular world teenager shouldn’t have any delusions of scaling the heavens. Can people like you enter sects?” Fu Long coldly spoke.

“Just because of this?” The corners of Chu Mo’s mouth twitched. He said to Fu Long: “You want to kill me because I tried entering a sect? Even if it is unreasonable…….didn’t you do the exact same?”

“You know too many secrets.” Fu Long calmly looked at Chu Mo: “Not only must you die, but your grandfather can’t live either. Soon I will find him and personally take his head.”

A fierce ice-cold light shined in Chu Mo’s eyes. The smile on his face vanished, and he coldly said: “Did Zhao Hongzhi speak with you?”

“Not bad.” Fu Long calmly spoke: “You’ll be a ghost that understands!”

“Ha……hah hah.” Chu Mo couldn’t help but coldly laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” Fu Long was a little baffled. He really hated the teenager’s calm manner.

He was clearly trapped, yet he continued to play it cool. He was truly calm and not acting. He really didn’t fear anything.

This really made Fu Long upset.

Except for a few abnormal people, the act of killing was already unpleasant to most. And so, killing a fearless person was even more disgusting.

At least, Elder Fu Long was upset to a certain degree.

Chu Mo looked over at Fu Long. He held a completely idiotic expression as he said: “I’m really curious. What exactly did Zhao Hongzhi tell you? What made you have the courage to run over here and wish to kill me? Do the two of you have a good relationship?”

Fu Long coldly laughed: “We are brothers, completely inseparable! What do you know little thing? I would sacrifice myself for my brother. You know absolutely nothing about such things!”

“Right, I don’t understand. I only wish to know. Are you certain that you and Zhao Hongzhi are close?”

“Of course! We grew up together. We were both brought into the Immortal Sky by master. We cultivated together all along the way. How can a little baby brat like you understand?” Fu Long proudly spoke.

“Ai, I get it. Although I don’t like you, you really are a good man, but it’s a pity. The friend you made is really no good. If I wished to kill you today, then elder Fu Long, you would only be a foolish ghost!” Chu Mo said.

“You……kill me?” Fu Long couldn’t believe as he looked at Chu Mo: “Little man, are you playing a joke with me?

Fu Long couldn’t help but laugh as he spoke. Soon after, his expression changed, and he icily said: “Your time of death has arrived, and you’re still trying to sow dissent. You little demon, I don’t feel like wasting words with you. Hand over the Misty Palace heritage. I’ll make your pain quick!”

The understanding intent realm aura erupted out from Fu Long, like he was trying to pressure Chu Mo.

Upon first meeting, Fu Long felt that the teenager’s realm already exceeded the Yuan Closure. He should have entered the fourth rank iron bone realm!

Such a teenager, you couldn’t say he was mediocre trash even if you were blind. But Zhao Hongzhi had absolutely no reason to cheat him. After all, it wasn’t just Zhao Hongzhi who saw Chu Mo’s natural talent at that time.

But rather several people saw!

If Chu Mo was really a talent, then how could so many people not see?

But no matter what secret feeling he held, it was already unimportant.

He couldn’t let this teenager continue living no matter what. He must die today.

The imposing power of the understanding intent realm can easily pressure an iron bone realm teenager. Fu Long didn’t even exhaust his full power because of this.

But continuing on, he encountered something that he didn’t understand.

The teenager was pressured so much that he should be kneeling, but he actually still stood there intact. Chu Mo was laughing and watching him.

“Elder Fu Long, you’ve been cheated, really.” Chu Mo laughed as he spoke. His tone was extremely sincere: “Zhao Hongzhi already came to assassinate my grandfather and me. He’s really afraid of everyone finding out that he stole the wind dragon egg. Therefore, after he drove me out of the Immortal Sky, he tested to see if I knew about those events. He came to Yellow Flame City in the first moment, and he tried to kill my grandfather. He didn’t tell you about this right?”