Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 151: Too Calm

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Chapter 151: Too Calm

Fu Long very clearly remembered. When Zhao Hongzhi spoke, a complicated expression appeared on his face. His face was pale because of the pent up frustrations.

“Worthy brother Hongzhi, why do I sense something wrong with your health? Your Qi seems to be unstable?” Fu Long worriedly looked at Zhao Hongzhi.

Untable Qi was a joke to understanding intent realm experts.

But Fu Long knew, a person’s state of mind could have an extremely large effect. This was especially true at the understanding intent realm. Once the state of mind is influenced, it makes intentions unable to be realized. In this way, internal injuries aren’t able to be restrained.

Zhao Hongzhi’s present situation was clearly a case of this.

“Ai, recently because of this, I can’t sleep at night. One aspect is because I feel guilty. I’m sorry to my benefactor. Not only could I not accept his grandson into Immortal Sky, but I also have murderous intention towards him……I’m not human! Another aspect, is that I’m very worried. What if they become furious, and make my secret public……what do I do? Zhao Hongzhi unexpectedly spit out a mouthful of blood as he spoke.

Fu Long slapped his chest, and he made a pledge to Zhao Hongzhi. If there was a chance, then Fu Long would help kill Chu Mo and his grandfather.

“Aren’t they two secular world people? You don’t have the heart, so I will do it for you brother! Are we not brothers?” Fu Long patted Zhao Hongzhi on the shoulder, and let him take care of his health.

Zhao Hongzhi’s eyes revealed a color of appreciation and hesitation: “Is this……okay?”

“What’s not good? You ah, you are simply too honest and kind! You aren’t good in this way!” Fu Long remembered the shame on Zhao Hongzhi’s face back then.

Perhaps, Zhao Hongzhi felt that he made his brother into a bad person. Did he feel uncomfortable?

However, wasn’t this how brothers should act?

What was black and white?

What was truly right and wrong?

When it comes to brothers, these things were like floating clouds!

However, Fu Long was honestly too busy. He immediately had a new mission after promising Zhao Hongzhi. This delayed him for a very long time.

All the way up until the Misty Palace heritage appeared, and he arrived with a group of people at Yellow Flame City. He recalled Zhao Hongzhi mentioning that Chu Mo was from Yellow Flame City. He investigated, and he suddenly discovered the matter about the Misty Palace heritage. It was related to Chu Mo!

Because of this, Fu Long made a firm resolution: I must obtain Chu Mo’s Misty Palace heritage, and I must remove my brother’s troubles for good!

“After killing Chu Mo, I must find his grandfather. I’ll kill them both!” Fu Long squinted his eyes, and he searched far away. He didn’t believe a fourteen year old could run very far.

As expected, Fu Long saw Chu Mo just outside of 50km after flying for less than an hour. A little black dot was dashing like mad through a field.

“Whata boy! He’s actually able to run this fast. Looks like……the ability he cultivated is one unrivaled under the heavens. But, what does a little faster do? Isn’t it still the same as kneeling before me?”

Fu Long looked back behind himself. There were no traces of anyone within a hundred kilometers.

Fu Long revealed a disdainful smile: “Everyone thinks they are high above, and able to look down on the secular world. Each one isn’t even past the golden stone realm. Can they really look down on the secular world? If you really want to stand on the mountain top and look down on the world……then talk after reaching the understanding intent realm!”

Fu Long advanced towards Chu Mo as he spoke, and he enhanced the pace another level!

This time, he started burning the internal Yuan Qi to increase the capacity!

Chu Mo was just a rank three or four little brat. Even if Fu Long only had ten percent Yuan Qi left, he still had enough confidence to win!

Burning Yuan Qi can increase the power of exercises by more than six times, but the consumption amount was equally shocking.

Fu Long didn’t dare act this way normally.

But now……the little rank three or four brat, he already panicked and ran over 650 kilometers. How could he still be a threat?

Even if Fu Long only had ten or twenty percent Yuan Qi left, he was an understanding intent realm almighty!

Fu Long could casually make Chu Mo kneel when his realm was put on display!

The most important thing right now was time!

The Vermilion Bird Association may or may not have an understanding intent realm cultivator come over. Monopolizing the Misty Palace heritage wouldn’t be that easy once the opposite party reacted. Rushing and taking the heritage before everyone else came was the best way.

Fu Long fixed his eyes on the little black dot off in the distance, and he burned his internal Yuan Qi like mad. His degree of intensity continuously accelerated. The wind blowing past his face even caused a slight sting.

This sensation made Fu Long indescribably delighted.

This was his first time doing this!

He even felt like the ruler of the world in this moment!

The feeling of being able to seize life and death was wonderful!

“Once I grab this little thing’s top grade heritage, who knows how many top grade Yuan medicines I can exchange it for. I can refine pills, and my realm……can increase to even higher levels! Comprehending intent……intent of heaven……one day I can become the sect master!”

Fu Long’s eyes flickered with brilliant rays of light. Countless beautiful fantasies appeared.

He never sensed the figure above his head. Up in the higher skies, above a white cloud, there was a shadow figure quietly standing there. Cold and apathetic eyes stared down upon Fu Long.

Fifty kilometers…….twenty-five kilometers……fifteen kilometers……ten kilometers!

This continued all the way until the distance between the youth’s figure was a couple hundred meters. Fu Long finally couldn’t help but delight, he yelled: “Little thing, do you think you can really run away?”

The thin figure was running like mad. Once he heard the words, he paused his footsteps. He then stood there and turned around.

A young handsome face was revealed. His eyes lacked the slightest bit of fear. A small trace of a smile could even be seen.

You laughing ass!

Who knows why, but once Fu Long saw that young handsome face, a fire burned in his stomach.

He wanted to ruthlessly smack the teenager dozens of times. Fu Long wanted to smack his face until it looked like a hog, and then see whether or not he can still smile.

This was actually a little odd. Fu Long was an understanding intent realm almighty, and he would ordinarily never have such feelings, especially towards a person who did him no personal injustice.

Even Fu Long himself felt a little baffled.

But he immediately thought, the origin lies within the teenager. Chu Mo was simply too calm when facing such an expert!

Normally speaking, shouldn’t he be pissing his pants in terror? Shouldn’t he immediately cry and kneel for mercy?

Fu Long couldn’t help but remember last night’s banquet. This teenager was humiliated by the group of cultivators, but his expression was calm from the beginning to the end. He was completely unlike a teenager.

When facing such humiliation, even a sixty year old man would have difficulty remaining calm. Don’t even mention a hot-blooded impulsive teenager.

But actually, the teenager remained calm from the beginning to the end.

Even until now, in these desolate fields and mountains, more than five hundred kilometers from Yellow Flame City. A life and death crisis could occur at anytime……and he was still this calm.

Based on what?

Why did he have the courage to be this calm? He acted too well!

“Boy, do you have any last words?” Fu Long’s pupils flashed with murderous intent.