Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 150: Fu Long

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Chapter 150: Fu Long

Five hundred kilometers ah!

This distance wasn’t anything to the group of famous cultivators. The secular world even had cultivators who could travel a five hundred kilometers by day and four hundred kilometers by night.

But the problem was, the young Chu Mo shouldn’t be counted among those secular world cultivators!

Moreover, after a while……they couldn’t even see Chu Mo’s shadow!

That was to say, this group went on a long range hunt for over a five hundred kilometers, so the teenager must have run even further.

How was this possible?

“Did we pursue the wrong path?” The young man from Immortal Sky had the power of a fifth rank peak iron blood realm, but sweat could be seen on his forehead after running such a long distance. He breathed somewhat heavily as he looked over to elder Fu Long.

“Not possible.” Elder Fu Long’s expression was gloomy. A shadow flashed across his pupils, and he coldly said: “This path has traces of that little animal everywhere. It can’t be wrong!”

“Yes ah, this little thing is simply too greasy!” Said elder Zhao Qing from the Heavenly Sword sect. He gnashed his teeth and said: “I really don’t know what footwork skill he cultivated? I’m not too familiar with the Misty Palace. Do any of you know? Why do I feel……his footwork skill is more amazing than all the ones we’ve studied?”

“Is it just amazing? It’s several times more than amazing!” Guo Xing from the Golden Knife sect said. He looked to Fu Long: “Elder Fu Long, the peak level footwork skill at Immortal Sky……it’s not this amazing right? We can’t even see the little brat’s shadow.”

Fu Long’s expression wasn’t too pleasant, yet he still nodded: “To reach this degree would be extremely difficult, even when the Immortal Sky’s top level footwork skill is cultivated by the greatest talent.”

Wan Zhi from the Raging Inferno sect glanced at Fu Long. He couldn’t help but say: “Such a boy…….is he really an Immortal Sky reject? Are the disciple standards of Immortal Sky so strict?”

Fu Long’s expression became even more unsightly. He stiffly said: “Perhaps he had a fortunate encounter.”

Zhao Qing said: “The Vermilion Bird Association, those bastards, they’re also relentlessly chasing. This little animal deserves to die. He’s truly acting recklessly! Wait until I grab him. I will teach him a lesson. I’ll let him know what is amazing!”

“Stop talking trash, chase!” A strong aura suddenly erupted from Elder Fu Long. The degree increased nearly twice as much. Moreover, he rose high into the sky, and flew off into the distance.

“Understanding intent realm!” Zhao Qing was slightly shocked. He then bitterly smiled: “He’s worthy of being an advanced gold rank elder. This realm is truly not the same.”

Guo Xing watched elder Fu Long from behind. He mumbled: “Without reaching the understanding intent realm, thinking to fly through the sky is simply a lunatic’s dream!”

Wan Zhi watched the figure of Fu Long go farther and farther away: “I’m really jealous. Immortal Sky is worthy of being called the Azure Dragon continent’s number one sect. They’re truly talented. Entering the understanding intent realm from the golden stone realm is a true difficulty.”

This group of Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders, they were almost all at the sixth rank golden stone realm. The positions in their respective sects weren’t low, but they weren’t the highest either. Almost all of the understanding intent realm elders were in closed door training. They were attacking towards the higher realms.

Probably only the top level Immortal Sky sect was able to have understanding intent realm cultivators out walking the world.

The fifth rank iron blood cultivator from Immortal Sky listened to the gold rank elders with admiration. He couldn’t help but look arrogant. He secretly thought: ‘My Immortal Sky……how could it stop at the Azure Dragon continent’s number one sect? We want to be the number one sect on all four continents! What Lonely City One Sword, Beyond Heaven Flying Immortal? What hermits? They will all be placed below our feet!’

As for elder Fu Long, would he merely stop at double the speed after soaring into the sky? He quickly outdistanced the others.


An impure breath sprayed out of elder Fu Long’s mouth.

An extremely frigid light appeared within his eyes.

He had different goals for Chu Mo than the others!

The other people mainly wanted Chu Mo’s Misty Palace heritage. They really didn’t care whether or not Chu Mo lived or died.

He’s just a secular world youth, that’s it. He merely found a rare opportunity, and he obtained the Misty Palace heritage. In the eyes of all these people, he was a three year old child walking through downtown while carrying a golden brick. He was simply seeking death!

People couldn’t help but think about stealing, even those people who didn’t know anything about the Misty Palace heritage.

After all, they only needed to pay a small price, and they could obtain an enormous profit that was hard to imagine.

They all understood, even if they weren’t businessmen. This transaction was too good to let go!

Although, several people were suspicious. Why did Miao Yiniang, the original holder of the heritage, disappear without a trace? Did Chu Mo really carry the heritage? However, they watched the Misty Palace Royal Academy’s construction spread like wildfire, and they also found out that Chu Mo was the academy leader. This information made them want to grab Chu Mo. They were determined to get the Misty Palace heritage.

This was the common thought among the thousand or so cultivators in pursuit.

But Fu Long was not the same!

He wanted to kill Chu Mo!

He and Zhao Hongzhi were like brothers. The two not only studied under the same master, but they were also neighbors before entering Immortal Sky!

They were men from the same town!

Fu Long and Zhao Hongzhi were born in the same small town. The Immortal Sky’s first elder saw both of their natural talents, and he brought them straight back to Immortal Sky.

The two were close as brothers after all these years.

No one else knew about Zhao Hongzhi stealing the wind dragon egg, but Fu Long knew!

They were originally both supposed to go, but Fu Long was delayed because something came up. Zhao Hongzhi decided to act alone.

Zhao Hongzhi nearly had an accident, and Fu Long felt responsible for a long time. He was always seeking an opportunity to repay Zhao Hongzhi.

Fu Long heard about Chu Mo attempting to enter Immortal Sky, as well as the disgrace that Chu Mo suffered. It was quite the uproar at the time. However, this was nothing to the Immortal Sky members. There was quickly nothing to talk about.

But Fu Long knew, Zhao Hongzhi was always upset about this matter. He even specifically sought out Fu Long, and he asked Fu Long if he was at fault.

“That teenager had extremely ordinary qualifications. If I showed favoritism……and let a piece of trash enter, then I would have no way to explain! It wasn’t just me who saw. His qualifications were not different than a regular commoner.”

“I was afraid about my past being revealed, but the problem was……I absolutely couldn’t take him!”

“Brother Fu, I’m really very conflicted. In fact……I really wanted to kill him, and I wanted to kill his grandfather. That way, no one will ever know what happened back then! But I cannot act!”