Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 149: Five Hundred Kilometer Pursuit

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Chapter 149: Five Hundred Kilometer Pursuit

Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang both slept peacefully the night before. This actually wasn’t strange at all. Their thoughts were focused on the matters of the nation. They both cared very much about Chu Mo, but they couldn’t send people out to watch the actions of Chu Mo every day.

So when they were both called by the emperor before dawn, the two were somewhat confused.

However, they both appeared shocked after the emperor explained last night’s events.

“Your majesty, you’re saying Chu Mo used the medallion I gave him to open up the city gate? Then over a thousand sect members chased in that direction?” Fang Mingtong’s complexion became grave. The sixth rank, peak iron blood realm Marshal instinctively felt something wrong.

“My useless grandson seemed to hear about Chu Mo’s news. It seems things aren’t safe recently. There aren’t any problems, but he shouldn’t casually go outside……” Xu Zhongliang wrinkled his brow, and he softly spoke.

The emperor nodded: “I knew a little bit beforehand because of the Misty Palace Royal Academy.”

“The heritage?” Fang Mingtong asked.

The emperor nodded: “Misty Palace used to be the number one sect on the Vermilion Bird continent. Its heritage is obviously extraordinary. There are countless people who want to obtain it.”

“Ai, it shouldn’t have been brought out!” Xu Zhongliang sighed.

The emperor bitterly smiled: “The heritage was already revealed! That’s the reason Chu Mo wanted to found the academy. I approved Chu Mo’s idea since it was already revealed, might as well completely reveal the heritage. Actually, so long as the present crisis can be endured, the future should be much easier to handle!”

Xu Zhongliang shook his head: “Impossible! Your majesty isn’t a member of the cultivating world, and doesn’t understand sect matters; however, you also know a sect’s power. Over a thousand men are chasing that single child……how can he endure?”

Fang Mingtong sat there in silence for a moment. His eyes suddenly lit up, and he mumbled: “No……not right……”

“Old Fang, what’s not right?” The emperor was worried, even the ruler and his ministers could do nothing. He addressed Fang Mingtong the way he used to as the crown prince.

Fang Mingtong’s thoughts weren’t here, and he didn’t seem to hear anything strange at all. His pupils still flickered with light, and he mumbled: “That boy’s realm isn’t especially high, but it isn’t low! If he wishes to secretly leave the city, then it shouldn’t be a problem!”

The emperor thought of the letter that Chu Mo sent last night, and he nodded: “He sent people to give me a letter last night. There wasn’t anything strange in the letter. He merely told me to gather medicine, then he said to wait a month. The medicine refinement can start when the materials are gathered……that is to say, the boy already decided to leave the city last night? Moreover……he wasn’t in a hurry?”

“That must be the case!” Fang Mingtong slapped his thigh. He said to the emperor: “Think about it your majesty. Chu Mo used my medallion to leave the city last night, and he casually used the gate to leave the city. Isn’t this him sending us a message? He is telling us that he left the city.”

Xu Zhongliang said: “Yes, if he really didn’t wish for us to know, then it would be incredibly hard to find out based on our people.”

The emperor nodded and said: “You all……speak the truth! Our men discovered the tracks because the pursuing cultivators were in such large number, and they did so without any scruples. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy to track the people leaving the city.”

The emperor’s expression became somewhat somber after he spoke. He thought of the crown prince’s encounter. He gritted his teeth and said: “These detestable sect members, I want to establish the Misty Palace Royal Academy even faster now. The people inside can quickly mature, even if I have to pay a large price. I will do it! One day, I won’t be like I am now! I won’t be held back by this group of people!”

Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang both looked at each other, then seriously nodded at the same time. Fang Mingtong said in a low voice: “Right, this matter is even more important than a war with Da Qi!”

Xu Zhongliang said: “After we return, we will immediately push this matter forward. We will fight to establish the academy sooner!”

The emperor relaxed a breath: “Chu Mo holds all of the heritages. This matter ultimately relies on him. I hope……he must endure through this calamity.” The emperor bitterly smiled as he spoke: “I never thought, my Da Xia’s future lies in the hands of a teenager.”

Fang Mingtong quietly said: ‘This boy has a good master. I hope his master…….can appear this time!”


Chu Mo started his footwork skill as soon as he left the city, belting along the road.

His footwork skill far exceeded that of any other in the world. Because of this, a rank six golden stone realm cultivator would have a very tough time overtaking him, even though he was only at the fourth rank iron bone realm.

As such, the fact of him wanting to flee cemented even more.

If looking from on high in the sky, then the distance between Chu Mo and the group was about fifty kilometers apart. He was like a treasured horse at full gallop. The distance from Yellow Flame City……also grew more and more!

There were over a thousand cultivators from the Azure Dragon continent and the Vermilion Bird continent at his back. They were dispersed into units, and they fought with all their might to chase after Chu Mo.

But the distance between the two became greater and greater.

The people chasing gradually became separated.

But neither side showed any intention of stopping from the beginning to the end. It was like a competition.

“How can this little bastard run so fast?”

“I heard that in Misty Palace, there was a footwork skill that only head disciples could cultivate. It was like a wind once set into motion, floating indefinitely. This little thing most likely cultivated that footwork skill!”

“If I cultivated this skill, then I could certainly use it even better.”

“Yes ah, if I encounter such a high grade footwork skill, I will cultivate it! Even if I have to abandon my old one and start all over!”

“Speak less nonsense. Overtake him and everything will be ours! Not just the footwork skill!”

The first tier of people quickly arose!

This group was from the Azure Dragon Court and the Vermilion Bird Association. There were also a few other sect leaders.

They didn’t take notice when encountering each other. This wasn’t the time to fight.

Wait until they caught up to Chu Mo and took the heritage. That was the time to act against each other.

These people believed that Chu Mo couldn’t run too far. The most was a couple hundred kilometers.

He was only a teenager after all, even if he cultivated a strong footwork skill. How high could his realm be? The fourth rank iron bone……was already the utmost limit!

They didn’t even believe that Chu Mo could cultivate to the fourth realm, especially the people from the Vermilion Bird Association.

They lost a gold rank elder in Yellow Flame City, but they never believed his death had anything to do with Chu Mo.

In their opinion, the death was most likely due to the expert located in Da Xia’s palace.

The reason for acting wasn’t hard to guess. A foreign golden stone realm cultivator suddenly appeared in the nation’s capital, and he started to act against a General’s grandson. The General’s grandson was also quite famous. Attracting the palace expert wasn’t odd.

After all, the gold rank elder didn’t show his status to the royal palace expert. Even if the elder did reveal his status, the Vermilion Bird Association could do nothing if the palace expert feigned ignorance!

The first fault lies with them after all.

They extended their reach too far!

But no one ever thought, this pursuit…….was five hundred kilometers!