Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 148: Restless Night

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Chapter 148: Restless Night

The first time Wang Dafa met Chu Mo was at the Windcloud auction house. Chu Mo was an unfamiliar youth at that time.

The ability to disguise himself was excellent. If Wang Dafa didn’t combine all kinds of information, and determined it was Chu Mo, then he would have never believed the youth had anything to do with Chu Mo.

Chu Mo wasn’t old……you could even say he was too young. In fact he was still a youth, but Wang Dafa didn’t underestimate Chu Mo in the slightest.

This was an incomparably bold, careful, and prideful youth!

No matter who it was, so long as they looked down upon him, they would certainly have a bitter pill to swallow.

“Therefore, he definitely isn’t doing something stupid! Don’t tell me……his master appeared?” A ferocious light shined in Wang Dafa’s eyes!

At the same time, he thought of Chu Mo’s words: If the Azure Dragon Court can be destroyed someday, I hope older brother will help me.

“This is truly a rhythm in defiance of the natural order!” Wang Dafa couldn’t help but suck in a cool breath.

His heart that was already silent for many years, for some unknown reason, it started to suddenly thump. His blood suddenly started to have a boiling sensation after being steady for many years!

“If you really can do it……truly poke a hole in the heavens, then this old brother will help you make a spectacular scene. What’s the harm?” Wang Dafa squinted. He stood up and walked into a dark room. He wanted to put some things into motion at this time.

Since he wanted to help Chu Mo poke a hole in the heavens, there was no reason to let Chu Mo carry all the burden.

“I must follow and do something!” Wang Dafa mumbled, and his figure sunk into an underground tunnel.

Truly powerful businessmen have the courage to fight in the crucial moment!


Chu Mo didn’t seem to walk fast, but his pace actually wasn’t slow either. He already strolled to the city gate.

The city gate had been closed for a long time by now, and the guards at the gate watched Chu Mo approach. A yell suddenly came from far away: “The gate is already closed, return. Come back tomorrow morning if you want to leave the city!”

The city guards didn’t recognize Chu Mo, but there was always someone wanting to leave the city in the middle of the night. Because of the this, the city guards didn’t care too much about Chu Mo.

Chu Mo laughed, then casually raised up a medallion: “I am General Fan Wudi’s grandson. I must leave the city on a trip, please do me a favor.”

“Chu Mo? You are noble son Chu?” One of the city guards walked over to Chu Mo’s side. He carefully sized up Chu Mo. Then he took the medallion and seriously inspected it.

Although the area was very peaceful now, opening the city gate was no small matter. As soon as a problem occured, even the General of the city guard would suffer blame, let alone some ordinary guards.

The guard looked several times at the medallion, and he was immediately shocked. He respectfully handed the medallion back to Chu Mo, and then he said: “I am in charge here, please see forgiveness noble son Chu!”

The guard suddenly turned to a comrade at his side: “Open the small door. Let noble son Chu out!”

This person should be the small team’s captain. After giving the command, several guards immediately opened up the city gate’s small door, letting Chu Mo depart.

It was called a small door, but in reality, it was over ten feet high. There was a heavy noise when opening up the door. The door was incredibly thick because it acted as an entrance to the city, and it wouldn’t break open even when using a battering ram.

Chu Mo thanked the several guards, and he directly left the city.

The small door was immediately closed. Some of the guards curiously asked: “Captain, even if he is General Fan’s grandson…….isn’t letting him out against the rules?”

The guard who received Chu Mo said in a low voice: “What do you know? The medallion he carried belonged to Marshal Fang!”

“Heavens……he actually has Marshal Fang’s medallion!”

“People with a high background aren’t the same……”

“We would be happy to be a deputy General’s pawn in this life……”

The group of city gate guards began discussing there. Working in this cold early spring night was certainly exhausting. It was very hard to find a topic that was good enough to talk about all night.

The group of people that followed Chu Mo in the night could hear everything clearly.

One of them sneered: “He had to use contacts to leave the city. He can’t even climb the walls. He’s just one person. I don’t think he has any tricks. Chase him!”

“These city walls are high, but they are nothing to us. We can come and go freely. Only someone from the secular world like him would think to use relationships to leave the city. I don’t know why he left the city, but we can’t allow him to flee!”

“Would he stroll out like this if he wanted to flee?”

“Idiot, he wants to confuse us. He will flee like mad as soon as he leaves the city!”

“Oh, is that possible?”

“How do we know without looking?”

A group of powerful sect members started to swoop out like falcons chasing a rabbit. Several climbed the high walls of Yellow Flame City and rushed outside.

After they left, they discovered Chu Mo disappeared without a trace.

One of them couldn’t help but curse: “What a cunning little thing. What ambush? What tricks? There’s not even a dog fart. He clearly wants to flee!”


“If the group of us can’t even catch one little thing, then we might as well die!”

The group of people faced outside the city and sped away.

The very first group of people to appear were almost all from the Azure Dragon Court. They were the greatest power near the city. The entire Azure Dragon continent was their domain. Ordinary people had absolutely no qualifications to compete with them here.

But in reality, was this really the case?

Not necessarily.

The group from the Azure Dragon Court disappeared to make chase. They weren’t gone for long before a group of over a hundred figures started to pass over the ancient Yellow Flame City walls, disappearing into the vast darkness.

This group was from the Vermilion Bird continent!

Their movements were even faster than the Vermilion Bird Association’s!

These……were the ones who came for selfish reasons.

Each Vermilion Bird continent member wanted to grab Chu Mo first, so they could obtain the heritage for their sect. Because of this, they acted as soon as they heard the news, and this group from the Vermilion Bird continent was even faster acting than the Vermilion Bird Association.

Soon after, tens of people from the Vermilion Bird Association climbed over the walls, and they rushed outwards from the city.

Then several hundreds of figures emerged. This group was from the various sects on the Azure Dragon continent.

This was the biggest difference between the Azure Dragon Court and the Vermilion Bird Association!

The Azure Dragon Court members had extremely close relations with their supporting sects, but the first thing they considered, was the benefit to the Azure Dragon Court. Then they thought about benefiting their sect. When the Azure Dragon Court was first founded, this was the rule that was established.

The main reason was because of the Azure Dragon Court ruler. He was a hermit!

However, the Vermilion Bird Association president came from a sect!

Over a thousand people left from the eastern Yellow Flame City Gate. This continued all the way until the sunrise in the east smashed open the darkness shrouding the city.

Even the emperor was a little stunned when he received the news.

All kinds of activities were happening in Yellow Flame City recently. The emperor was naturally aware, being the most powerful secular world authority.

However, both sides kept a silent agreement of ‘mind your own business.’ Because of this, the emperor silently watched.

But he couldn’t sit still after finding out Chu Mo used Fang Mingtong’s medallion to leave the city. He sent out people to call over Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang.