Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 147: Leaving the City

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Chapter 147: Leaving the City

Wang Dafa had grown hostile, and Chu Mo departed. The banquet at the ‘King Mansion’ ended in failure, and the people parted on bad terms. Who knows how many people secretly protested to the Azure Dragon Court ruler about Wang Dafa.

Even if Wang Dafa knew, he wouldn’t care too much. He couldn’t stop thinking about what Chu Mo said: If the Azure Dragon Court can be destroyed someday, I hope older brother will help me……

Destruction of the Azure Dragon Court?

How could it be possible?

Very few people knew, but the Azure Dragon Court ruler was actually a powerful hermit!

Obscure hermit, distinguished hermit!

A phrase that was recognized by all the strong people on the four continents.

Obscure hermit meant that practically all hermits are extremely mysterious. Very few people know their history and details. Distinguished hermit meant that all hermits have powerful abilities. Once they act, it is earth shattering!

Because of this, the word hermit signified a top level cultivator on the four continents!

Chu Mo’s master was most likely a hermit, but the Azure Dragon Court also had a hermit in the background!

“Therefore……worthy brother Chu, I’m really not looking lightly upon you. Destroying the Azure Dragon Court is a hundred times harder than destroying ten Da Xias!” Wang Dafa mumbled. He couldn’t help but look up and sigh.



Chu Mo walked unhurried, like he was taking a stroll.

He didn’t return home, but rather headed towards Gluttonous Ogre. This already became one of Chu Mo’s habits, even though Miao Yiniang already departed. Chu Mo was still used to going there whenever something happened.

Chu Mo first saw Chu Yan when he arrived at Gluttonous Ogre, and he explained things to her. He wrote a letter soon after. He then made her send someone to the palace and deliver it to the emperor.

Chu Mo then asked for Chu Yan to tell Xu Fufu about the most recent events. He explained that they needed to be low-key for the time being, and not cause any chaos.

Chu Yan wrinkled her brow. Her eyes showed with worry, and she couldn’t help but hesitantly ask Chu Mo: “Noble son, why do I sense you’re……”

“Making funeral arrangements?” Chu Mo smiled as he spoke to the hesitant Chu Yan.

“Don’t make irresponsible remarks noble son.” Chu Yan angrily spoke.

Chu Mo laughed: “There’s no problem. I have something to do, and I must leave for a couple of days. You also need to be careful over the next few days.”

“Noble son, there’s really nothing wrong? According to what I know, there’s a large amount of sect members appearing in Yellow Flame City. Not only are there Vermilion Bird continent members, but there are also several from the Azure Dragon continent. There’s also been spies from other nations sneaking in.” Chu Yan worriedly looked at Chu Mo: “Everything looks the same as always on the surface, flourishing with activity. But in reality, the storm is brewing. Isn’t it true……they are all coming right before the Misty Palace Royal Academy is established?”

Chu Mo nodded: “Don’t worry. You don’t need to be anxious about these things. You also mustn’t act rashly! The information you’ve obtained, it should already explain how powerful our organization is becoming! You must continue to work hard!”

Chu Yan nibbled her lower lip, and she softly said: “Noble son, you must be safe. I can’t live alone if noble son encounters some kind of danger!’

“Don’t say these things. I really don’t have any problems, but on the off chance that something bad happens, you must continue to live well. And you must get revenge for me!” Chu Mo smiled as he spoke.

The worry in Chu Yan’s eyes didn’t reduce in the slightest. A woman’s intuition is extremely sensitive. Chu Yan could tell that Chu Mo was hiding something from her. But Chu Mo didn’t want to say, and she didn’t have a way to make him.

“Right noble son, our organization has never had a name. Do you want to give it one?” Chu Yan said all of the sudden.

Chu Mo scratched his head: “I’m not very good at naming things. Let me think about it……”

Chu Mo sat down and pondered as he spoke. He thought: ‘The countless sects on the four continents are like a large net, spreading out over the earth and sky, making us unable to move a single step.’

He had an intense conviction in his thoughts. He must break open the net!

Cut it open with one blade……

Straight into the highest heavens!

Chu Mo slightly hesitated a moment, then suddenly said: “Call it Murdering Heaven!”

“Murdering Heaven?” Chu Yan wrinkled her brow, and then mumbled: “Such a heavy murderous spirit, but……it’s also very domineering! Good, we will call it Murdering Heaven!”

Chu Mo then told Chu Yan that he was going to leave Gluttonous Ogre. He was going on a stroll outside of the city.

A large amount of people were secretly listening to him, but Chu Mo seemed like he was completely unaware. He looked relaxed, and his expression was like going on a hike.

It was already very late at night, and the early spring in April.

The weather already started to warm up, but the night winds were still a little cold. Therefore, practically no one else was out on the streets at night.

“That boy is actually going outside the city alone? Does he resent death not coming fast enough?”

“Could there be an ambush outside the city?”

“Bullshit an ambush! He’s just a secular world brat that’s it. Even if he used all his efforts to collect top grade sect medicine, the most he could be is at the third rank Yuan closure realm. The nation of Da Xia is considered a high level secular world nation on the Azure Dragon continent, but the strongest person in the palace is probably a seventh rank understanding intent realm cultivator. Such an expert is a little troublesome, but would he suddenly run out and help this brat?

“Right, even if the expert agreed to act, the emperor wouldn’t agree! Which one of the secular world dynasties dares to openly challenge us? Not to mention, the emperors all need a feeling of safety. They would never allow something to threaten their safety.”

Several people were secretly talking in the night. They couldn’t guess why Chu Mo was doing this.

But they only saw him as a secular world teenager, that’s it. What tricks could be up his sleeve?

Wang Dafa naturally had his own intelligence sources. He heard that Chu Mo left Gluttonous Ogre, and Chu Mo was now heading outside the city all alone. His first reaction was to send people to block Chu Mo.

The Azure Dragon Court members might have some apprehension within the city. Once outside the city……there really wasn’t any hesitation.

Moreover, was it just the Azure Dragon Court keeping an eye on Chu Mo?

The Vermilion Bird Association members were most certainly in the shadows, glaring at Chu Mo like a tiger watching its prey!

When the sect members from the Vermilion continent smelled the scent of Azure Dragon continent sects…….they had no reason to let Chu Mo leave the city alone.

Chu Mo was simply a big chunk of sweet dessert. Anyone who saw him……wanted to ruthlessly take a bite.

However, Wang Dafa calmed down soon after.

He recalled the words and deeds of Chu Mo since their first meeting.

After a while, Wang Dafa wrinkled his brow, and and then slowly smoothed it back out.

His revealed a dull smile.

“Atta boy!”