Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 145: Trust

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Chapter 145: Trust

All of the people in the hall started to quietly murmur.

“What? I never thought, this honored guest of elder Wang Dafa, he’s actually the rejected disciple of Immortal Sky? This is really interesting. Elder Wang has been in business for a lifetime, looks like I’ve seen him make a mistake.”

“I can’t say for sure if his cultivation is bad, but he has a skill in medicine.”

“Yes ah, elder Wang can’t be blamed. This youth cured the inhuman Xia Jing. Maybe our elder Wang also……”

“Ha ha ha ha.” Low bursts of laughter sounded through the banquet hall.

Wang Dafa’s realm wasn’t especially high, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t hear the mocking voices within the hall. His face became pale with rage.

No matter how it was said, Wang Dafa was an Azure Dragon Court gold rank elder. He gave enormous contributions to the entire Azure Dragon Court.

Wang Dafa very rarely came in contact with other Azure Dragon Court members. He knew that other people didn’t have a high evaluation of him, but he never thought a group from the silver and bronze rank would dare mock him this way.

This could only mean one thing. On an ordinary day at the Azure Dragon Court headquarters, practically no one……had any respect for Wang Dafa!

Behind elder Fu Long, that young man immediately stood up and slapped the table. He raged: “The nerve! A trivial Immortal Sky reject actually dares be so arrogant. I’ve seen you’ve lived enough!”

Chu Mo drooped his eyelids, and glanced at elder Fu Long. He dully said: “Not entering Immortal Sky was actually my good fortune. Otherwise, I would be in the same sect as this irrational thing, and very much loathe it.”

“I’ll kill you!” The young man soared over, and furiously stared Chu Mo down. At the same time, a powerful aura erupted from him.

It was like bloody smelling wind blew past the banquet hall. An extremely intense bloody aura pressured towards Chu Mo.

Iron blood realm!

This youth in his twenties actually reach the fifth rank iron blood realm!

This realm was called the thousand man killer in the secular world!

This demonstrated the terror of the realm.

Chu Mo’s grandfather was much older, but he still hadn’t broken through to this realm. However, this person wasn’t even past his twenties, and he actually successfully broke into the fifth realm. He also seemed like someone who didn’t rely on pills to make a breakthrough. Because of this, he really did have the qualifications to be arrogant.

Wang Dafa’s body slightly trembled. He looked to Elder Fu Long and said: “Are you planning to wreck my house?”

Elder Fu Long lazily turned his head, finally looking at the young man: “Fine, don’t threaten to kill people here. Give elder Wang a little face.”

The young man finally pulled back his aura. He coldly stared at Chu Mo: “Seems you’re luck is good!” He sat down in a huff as he spoke.

Elder Fu Long looked towards Wang Dafa at this moment: “Elder Wang should be a little more careful. Don’t be cheated by the other party. This teenager has swindled several. Elder Wang has a big enterprise, and might not mind being cheated out of a little money. But it won’t be very pleasant if this kind of news spreads out.”

Wand Dafa coldly said: “I still have the ability to distinguish truth from lies. This doesn’t concern elder Fu Long.”

Fu Long dully said: “This has nothing to do with me; however, I’m not interested in sitting at the same table as an Immortal Sky reject. I won’t lose face for that person.”

Elder Fu Long stood up as he spoke, and unexpectedly walked over to the table behind.

This left elder Wang awkwardly standing there. He looked livid, as he watched elder Fu Long waltz over to the Immortal Sky disciple’s table.

The other Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders couldn’t help but be slightly stunned. They looked at the livid Wang Dafa, and then looked over at Fu Long on another table. After a short period of time, they all made the same move.

Zhao Qing took the lead, Guo Xing and Wan Zhi followed soon after, over towards the other table.

These people all had face. Fu Long already said it, this was an Immortal Sky reject. Wouldn’t they lose too much value by still sitting here?

The table was left with the two people Wang Dafa hadn’t yet introduced. They sat there, awkwardly, without moving.

These two were Azure Dragon Court gold rank elders that actually had a good personal relationship with Wang Dafa. They were also embarrassed by elder Fu Long’s words, but they couldn’t stand up and leave. Wang Dafa would probably erupt if that were to happen.

But right now, he was just short of exploding.

Wang Dafa turned around, faced Chu Mo, and deeply bowed: “Worthy brother Chu, I’m sorry. I never thought this would happen. I would have never sent the invitation if I knew earlier. I suppose you no longer have an appetite. Your big brother can only shamelessly ask that you return early. I will personally give you a visit, and make an apology!”

Chu Mo nodded. Confronted by Fu Long’s action, he had no more face leftover. The only feeling left was an extremely poor impression towards the whole Immortal Sky!

Originally he merely hated seventh elder Zhao Hongzhi, and then the later Immortal Sky disciple Zhao Fan. Now an unknown youth and elder Fu Long appeared. There was no favorable opinion left for the Immortal Sky in Chu Mo’s mind.

Just when Chu Mo thought to leave, elder Fu Long drooped his eyelids and dully said: “He can go, but the things stay.”

“Right, if you wish to live a little longer, hand over all the things that don’t belong to you. Otherwise, you won’t walk out the door today.” The young man sneered from elder Fu Long’s side.

The entire banquet hall’s atmosphere became tense right away. Everyone looked at Chu Mo. Their glowing eyes were full of greed!

Wang Dafa knew exactly what these people were thinking, but he never thought that they would cause trouble here. This was the same as including Wang Dafa in the mix.

No matter how much Chu Mo trusted him, he would certainly think: ‘You trapped me Wang Dafa!’

The biggest taboo for a business man was cheating people!

Who will do trade with you if there is no trust?

Because of this, Wang Dafa’s complexion became extremely cold. He furiously looked at elder Fu Long: “Noble son Chu is my guest! You all dare disrespect him today? Do you really believe my gold rank elder status is a joke?”

The words of Wang Dafa resounded. The originally silent banquet hall became even more quiet. You could hear a needle drop.

Everyone looked at Wang Dafa shocked, their expressions full of disbelief. They couldn’t believe that ‘one of their own’ would actually protect an outsider like this.

Haaa ha ha!

The crowd of people immediately started to jeer.

Someone sneered: “Wang Dafa, it’s a pity this level of performance won’t be seen by the world. You really are putting on a facade! You dare say, when you sent out the invitation, you didn’t know what we would do? Now you’re trying your hardest to play innocent, heh, you’re worthy of the title businessman. Your mind……is truly top quality. You’re still not trying to offend someone, even at this very moment.”

The person speaking didn’t have a low realm. His voice moved swiftly, making it hard to guess where the voice came from.

Wang Da’s expression became livid. He was just about to say something.

Chu Mo patted Wang Dafa’s shoulder, and he spoke with a gentle smile: “Older brother, there’s nothing to say. I trust you!”