Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 144: No Good

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Chapter 144: No Good

The Azure Dragon Court was naturally very clear about the reactions and movements of the Vermilion Bird Association.

Twelve disciples fled carrying the entire heritage when the Misty Palace was destroyed. The Azure Dragon Court was well aware of the situation.

Because of this, the higher-ups of the Azure Dragon Court quickly came to a decision: No matter what, we must take the Misty Palace heritage portion within Yellow Flame City……before the Vermilion Bird Association rushes in!

The organizational structure of the Azure Dragon Court was extremely complicated. Several members came from the Azure Dragon continent sects. Which one of them wouldn’t want the heritage of the Vermilion Bird continent’s number one sect?

The reason they reacted a little slow, was because the Azure Dragon Court members needed to decide on the heritage distribution. There was endless ruckus. Everyone wanted a little bit more, and no one was willing to compromise.

Because of this, the Azure Dragon Court members wrangled for a long time. They finally came to a distribution method that everyone could accept in the end. As a result, the Azure Dragon Court directly sent a large amount of higher-ups and elites to Yellow Flame City.

The people present today from the bronze and silver ranks, they were all big figures from the Azure Dragon Court with true power. Several of the younger ones had very strong power supporting them.

It could be said, the group of Azure Dragon Court members present here, they weren’t sent to snipe out the Vermilion Bird Association. They came for the Misty Palace heritage!

The relationship between Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang wasn’t hard to investigate by using the Azure Dragon Court intelligence gathering power. The other recent events within Yellow Flame City weren’t hard to investigate either.

Because of this, the higher figures within the Azure Dragon Court gave Wang Dafa pressure. They made him invite Chu Mo. The best outcome would be for Chu Mo to nicely give up the Misty Palace heritage.

That was the best situation for everyone.

If Chu Mo didn’t obey, then…… they didn’t mind taking Chu Mo captive until he agreed!

Because of this, Wang Dafa didn’t try and persuade these people. He secretly sent the Azure Dragon Court ruler a letter, but the court ruler’s reply left Wang Dafa discouraged.

The court ruler favored these people!

The hermit was terrifying, but the Azure Dragon Court was untouchable!

[TL: The ‘hermit’ is a reference to Chu Mo’s master.]

The Azure Dragon Court was supported by all the top level sects of the Azure Dragon Continent. Their network was terrifying to imagine, and they weren’t unfamiliar with hermits.

Because of this, the entire Azure Dragon Court, apart from Wang Dafa, didn’t place Chu Mo in their eyes.

Wang Dafa didn’t originally didn’t agree to invite Chu Mo, but he couldn’t oppose the will of the masses. That was the reason why Wang Dafa used very formal writing on the invitation card. In the depths of his heart, he really didn’t want Chu Mo to come.

He never thought Chu Mo would still come.

Wang Dafa already lost hope, and he was somewhat touched. Chu Mo clearly took him for a friend. He came to the banquet to give Wang Dafa face.

Wang Dafa therefore thought: ‘I cannot let this group of people harm Chu Mo at my house today, no matter what.’ Therefore, even though he didn’t go out to greet Chu Mo, he made his trusted subordinate give Chu Mo an explanation, that he would assume such an attitude after Chu Mo entered.

This was to tell everyone, this Chu Mo was a personal friend of Wang Dafa!

Chu Mo naturally felt the subtle atmosphere.

Soon after, Wang Dafa introduced Chu Mo to the others at the table.

“This is Azure Dragon Court gold rank elder Guo Xing. He is also a Golden Knife sect elder.”

“This is Azure Dragon Court gold rank elder Wang Zhi. He is also a Raging Inferno sect elder.

“This person……is Azure Dragon Court advanced gold rank elder Fu Long. He is also……”

When the introductions got to the gold rank elder Fu Long, the fifty-plus year old man suddenly waved a hand, interrupting Wang Dafa’s words. He squinted, seeming to smile without smiling at Chu Mo: “You……are Chu Mo?”

Chu Mo wrinkled his brow, displeased inside. Even Heavenly Sword elder Zhao Qing was reserved, arrogant, and somewhat unreasonable, but at the very least, he didn’t say anything.

The Golden Knife elder Guo Xing and Raging Inferno elder Wan Zhi dully nodded towards Chu Mo. Their attitudes couldn’t be considered warm, but at least it was a greeting.

‘What’s the matter with this Fu Long? Did I offend him?’ Chu Mo thought, but he sensitively noticed something. Wang Dafa said that Fu Long was an advanced gold rank elder when he gave the introduction.

Sounded like……he was one level higher than a gold rank elder.

“Boy, he asked you something. Are you deaf?” An ice-cold youth’s voice sounded out from a table behind the old cultivator. The tone was extremely unwelcoming.

A cold light flashed across Chu Mo’s eyes, and he glanced over at the person.

The person was in his twenties. He had a handsome appearance, but he looked arrogant, with thin lips making him seem extremely nasty. He looked provokingly at Chu Mo.

Wang Dafa’s facial colour immediately became cold. He looked over there, and he dully said: “Noble son Chu is my guest.”

“Hey, elder Wang, you know best how much money a gold rank elder position costs. You had best stop putting on airs in my presence.” The young man dully said.

“You……” Wang Dafa’s eyes suddenly flashed with ice-cold rays of light. He naturally didn’t become a gold rank elder because of his connections, and it also wasn’t because of his strength or influence. He relied on smarts and extremely powerful business ability!

Wang Dafa supported more than half of the Azure Dragon Court’s various expenses all by himself. To say he was the Azure Dragon Court’s god of wealth would be an understatement.

Because of this, Wang Dafa held the nickname ‘Great Butler’ within the Azure Dragon Court’s interior.

This nickname was not a well-intentioned one. Several people believed that Wang Dafa’s realm was lacking. Letting him be a silver deacon was already high enough! He didn’t have the qualifications to be a gold rank elder. This wasn’t just the voice of a few within the Azure Dragon Court. Luckily the Azure Dragon Court ruler always supported Wang Dafa.

Fu Long sat there, and plainly said: “Does elder Wang have the knowledge of a child?”

Wang Dafa laughed with extreme fury, and he said: “Good, truly proven to be a grand Immortal Sky top grade sect disciple, I’ve been taught!”

[TL: Heavy sarcasm here from Mr. Wang]

A ray of light flashed across Chu Mo’s pupils. He understood.

Immortal Sky!

This Fu Long and the young man both came from Immortal Sky!

Chu Mo requested to enter Immortal Sky last year. The insults he suffered and forced departure were no secret in Immortal Sky. Countless people witnessed the scene after all.

Because of this, it wasn’t odd for Fu Long and the young man to know.

However, Chu Mo didn’t understand. Why did they aim at him? Could Fu Long be an old friend of the seventh elder?

“Chu Mo, I heard you tried to enter Immortal Sky, but your qualifications weren’t enough. And you were driven out.” Fu Long sat there. He dully spoke to Chu Mo: “I never thought, you made a complete change in the blink of an eye…….becoming some godly doctor of this generation. Heh heh, it’s truly a little interesting.”

Chu Mo looked at Fu Long, and his tone became flat: “Yes ah, but what does this have to do with you elder Fu Long?”