Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 143: Dinner Invitation

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Chapter 143: Dinner Invitation

The emperor sighed to himself: ‘This crafty little thing. He’s pulled almost all of the Yellow Flame City experts to his side. Looks like the Misty Palace Royal Academy……still belongs to them!’

However, the emperor fully understood after experiencing so many things.

The emperor was entirely responsible for the whole affair!

If he wasn’t persuaded by the crown prince, then the marriage decree wouldn’t have happened. Chen Xingxue wouldn’t have thought to help Miao Yiniang enter Flying Immortal. Without this thought, he never would have aggravated that terrifying woman, and the crown prince wouldn’t have been blinded. Mister Tan Tai wouldn’t have been seriously injured.

Although he was furious at his daughter for turning against the family, the emperor understood her need to repay Chu Mo. She couldn’t be blamed.

And so, the root of the matter stems from his decree.

Soon after, Chu Mo and the emperor departed from Mister Tan Tai, leaving this area, and returning to the royal palace.

Chu Mo took his leave after giving the emperor a list of drug ingredients.

Right when he returned home, a servant passed him an invitation card, and the servant said that someone searched for him while he was out.

Chu Mo opened up the invitation and looked at its contents. He was a little stunned.

The invitation actually came from Wang Dafa.

It was an invitation for a feast tonight at Wang Dafa’s mansion.

As far as the purpose of the feast, and the people in attendance, there wasn’t a single word of indication!

Chu Mo’s thoughts were a little uncertain. As a gold rank elder of the Azure Dragon Court, Wang Dafa doesn’t do anything randomly.

His migraines should be healed, unless he didn’t trust the medicine, and secretly used some to be tested. If that’s the case, then don’t expect Chu Mo to give him a second batch!

The invitation cared didn’t state the theme of the feast……

Chu Mo was thinking as he stared at the invitation card, and suddenly, he seemed to come up with something.

He gave an order soon after: “Prepare me a set of clothes for the feast. I want to go tonight.”

The setting sun was covered in endless mist, and the sunset glow reflected off the sky.

Chu Mo’s carriage arrived at the “King Mansion” gate in the evening.

Someone welcomed Chu Mo inside, and led him towards the banquet hall.

Chu Mo curiously asked: “How’s the host?”

The person welcoming Chu Mo was a young male servant, appearing to be eighteen or nineteen. He faced Chu Mo and gave a smile: “Don’t be strange noble son Chu. My master is currently keeping the guests company. He told me to give noble son Chu a special explanation. He doesn’t have any way to personally welcome noble son Chu right now.”

“Oh, are there many people at the banquet tonight?” Chu Mo asked.

The young servant looked left and right, then quietly said: “There’s actually quite a few, but the large majority are extremely low-key.”

The tip of Chu Mo’s brow slightly raised. He seemed to understand about tonight’s banquet. The people present were likely from the Azure Dragon Court!

The Azure Dragon Court possessed enormous influential power on the Azure Dragon Continent, and they also had enough clout to overlook the secular world royal power. However, they were extremely low-key. Just because they were able to overlook secular world royal power, it didn’t mean that they would really do so.

Because even though they possessed power that soared above the royal authority, in the end……they still wanted to exist within the secular world. There were too many places that royal authority could be used.

Because of this, the two sides maintained a silent agreement.

Chu Mo didn’t ask anything else, and he followed the young servant into the banquet hall.

Chu Mo felt the atmosphere of the banquet hall slow down as soon as he entered. Several people stopped in the middle of their conversations, and they simultaneously looked at the door.

There weren’t too many people within the banquet hall, but there were at least between thirty and fifty.

Several people brimmed with curiosity as they looked at Chu Mo. They seemed to be saying: ‘He is Chu Mo?’

At the same time, Chu Mo felt several examining eyes. Those looks……didn’t seem to be friendly.

Chu Mo looked over at the several people staring. They weren’t old, and they all seemed to be about the same age as himself. They all looked fourteen or fifteen. But their manner was noble, as well as appearing arrogant. Their clothes didn’t appear to be anything special upon first glance, but after carefully inspecting, they used sophisticated materials, showing that they were crafted by masters.

A clear laughter came from among the crowd at this time: “:Little brother Chu Mo has come? Ha ha, this older brother hasn’t welcomed you yet, please see forgiveness worthy little brother!”

Wang Dafa stood up, started walking towards Chu Mo, and said: “This is Chu Mo, the grandson of old General Fan. Don’t look down on him. He’s quite amazing. He cured the migraines that I had for several years. Have you all heard about prince Xia Jing? That guy lacked any humanity, and sought all kinds of doctors, but no one could cure him. Our noble son Chu acted, and directly cured his illness.”

Wang Dafa walked over to Chu Mo as he spoke: “Please forgive me for not explaining things earlier with you. Actually everyone here today is a high level member of the Azure Dragon Court. This old brother was afraid. If this news was leaked, it might have been unfavorable to you little brother. I didn’t notify you beforehand because of this.”

Chu Mo slightly smiled, then faced the crowd and nodded.

Wang Dafa led Chu Mo by the arm, and said: “Come come come, to the head seat. This older brother will introduce you to several big characters!”

Chu Mo thought: ‘Wang Dafa, you are already a gold rank elder, possessing an extremely high position in the Azure Dragon Court. Apart from the Azure Dragon Court ruler, who could be called a big character by you?’

Several people in the banquet hall appeared shocked after seeing Wand Dafa’s attitude.

Wang Dafa was an Azure Dragon Court gold rank elder. He was in an extremely high position within the whole Azure Dragon Court. The large majority of people present were silver rank deacons, and several were bronze rank stewards. They were all Azure Dragon Court core members, but their status couldn’t be compared with Wang Dafa.

Because of this, after seeing Wang Dafa’s attitude towards Chu Mo, the vast majority of people withdrew their earlier contempt towards Chu Mo.

They started to seriously size up this youth.

Wand Dafa brought Chu Mo over to a table. He smiled and said: “I must seriously give you all an introduction. This is Chu Mo. His medical skill is brilliant. He cured my migraines.”

He looked at Chu Mo as he spoke, and then introduced the people one by one: “This person is Zhao Qing, an Azure Dragon Court gold rank elder. He is also an elder of the Azure Dragon continent’s well-known Heavenly Sword sect!”

Chu Mo looked at the thin old cultivator, slightly smiled, and bowed with cupped hands. Yet he thought: ‘Heavenly Sword sect? Don’t tell me that this is the master of Leng Qiuming, the person I met on the grasslands?’

Chu Mo clearly remembered toying with Leng Qiuming and the others after obtaining Murdering Heaven. He never heard any news about them afterwards. In the depths of his heart, Chu Mo didn’t have much of an impression towards Leng Qiuming.

Zhao Qing looked at Chu Mo, and he plainly nodded. He sighed, but didn’t follow up with anything else. He was quite reserved.

Wang Dafa didn’t seem bothered. He expected their attitudes to be a little cold towards Chu Mo.

The main reason he invited Chu Mo today was because of the Misty Palace Royal Academy. It already attracted a great degree of interest from the Azure Dragon Court!