Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 142: Mister Tan Tai

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Chapter 142: Mister Tan Tai

The emperor reached out, and he softly pushed on a lower area of the stone door.

Chu Mo felt a slight vibration below his feet. Soon after, there was a deep and low rumble, and the thick heavy stone door started to slowly open.

Chu Mo was a little stunned. An understanding intent expert was a little weak in comparison to the rank nine intent of heaven cultivator from flying immortal, but in the secular world……they were already existences without equal. Why would they need to hide in such a place?

The emperor seemed to sense Chu Mo’se uncertainty. He took the initiative and said: “The crown prince wasn’t the only injury. Senior Tan Tai has been in seclusion this whole time. This has been the place of refuge for successive generations of Da Xia Royalty.

Chu Mo suddenly realized.

As a royal family refuge, this place made complete sense.

After all, because successive generations of emperors used all kinds of pills, their life span was very long. However, there were very few emperors with powerful combat abilities. In the entire history of Da Xia, the number of emperors with rank five power to kill a thousand men could be counted on one hand.

A nation’s ruler was not a general on the battlefield after all.

Three passages appeared ahead after the stone door opened. The emperor brought Chu Mo to the left passage, and they continued on inside. Another stone door blocked the way after walking for a moment, and there were another two paths after the door opened.

The two continued on deeper and deeper in this fashion. Chu Mo felt like he would soon leave Yellow Flame City after about ten doors……the emperor at last said to Chu Mo when they reached another stone door: “Arrived!”

Then he yelled: “Mister Tan Tai, I have brought Chu Mo for you.”

The emperor’s manner of speaking was extremely respectful. It gave Chu Mo the feeling of a disciple towards his master.

An old hoarse voice came from inside: “Come right in.”

Chu Mo peered inside. The interior decorations were extremely simple, not feeling at all like a royal family aura. An old figure with a head full of silver hair sat cross-legged on a soft cushion.

The figure slowly turned after the two entered, revealing a craggy old face. His complexion was a little gloomy, and he looked senile, like an ordinary old man next door.

Only the pair of eyes maintained incredible sharpness. The old man looked at Chu Mo, and gave him a slight smile: “May I trouble noble son Chu.”

Chu Mo nodded, and gently said: “This junior humbly greets Mister Tan Tai!”

The old man moved his arm, as if thinking to say something, but he couldn’t help but spit up a mouthful of blood. Soon after, his body swayed two times, and his complexion became even more gloomy.

The emperor quickly walked over and supported the old man, saying: “Mister’s injuries are serious. Don’t speak too much, Chu Mo is no outsider.”

Chu Mo thought: ‘Jade, let me see this person’s condition.’

Soon after, specific information about the old man appeared within Chu Mo’s mind.

“Rank seven, understanding intent realm. Physique quality rank three. Seriously injured, meridians have suffered damage. Medicine to cure ailment……”

‘Physique quality rank three? Why rank three?’

Chu Mo was a little uncertain, because he remembered, most cultivators that reach the Yuan closure realm have a physique that reaches the third rank. This old man was already a seventh rank understanding intent realm cultivator, but his physique was unexpectedly at the third rank.

Chu Mo finally understood all of a sudden. It seemed for the great majority of people in this world, even if they cultivated to a high level, their physique quality was very difficult to promote to the same realm.

Chu Mo finally understood the importance of tempering the body. He understood the preciousness of the Yuan beast blood baths that his master gave him.

When looking at it this way, Big Fool’s (Gao Yingjun’s) ninth rank physique was a world rarity!

“Yes……master said that he never saw a person with an innate level physique, and he only ever saw a few people with a ninth rank physique.”

Chu Mo recalled the words of the Demon Lord. He didn’t care too much at the time, but now it suddenly made sense.

What the Demon Lord told him was knowledge from the Immortal World!

Ninth rank physiques weren’t plentiful even in the Immortal World.

When looking at it this way, Big Fool could become a powerful cultivator if he entered the Immortal World.

Chu Mo’s eyes twinkled, and he thought: ‘Looks like I need to prepare a cultivation plan for him.’

“Chu Mo, how is it?” He couldn’t help but ask. Seeing Chu Mo stare at Mister Tan Tai for a long time without speaking, the emperor just couldn’t take it anymore.

Chu Mo came back to his senses, then said in a low voice: “Mister Tan Tai’s injuries are very serious.”

The emperor nodded with a heavy expression, thinking wasn’t it was far more than serious? It was extremely grave! Chen Ao’bing was simply too savage. She said that she gave a lesson, but in reality, she nearly killed him.

Mister Tan Tai was only able to sit there because the royal family stored up top grade Yuan medicine over the years. The emperor didn’t care about the cost, and used these medicines for him, temporarily sustaining his life.

Otherwise Mister Tan Tai, the understanding intent expert, would have probably been destroyed that night!

Mister Tan Tai wasn’t the only hidden ace of the royal family, but according to the emperor, losing Mister Tan Tai was the same as losing almost half of his experts. It would be a huge loss to Da Xia!

As a result, the emperor always maintained a certain confidence towards the sects in the past, and he always maintained a great relationship with Mister Tan Tai.

No matter which aspect, the royal family could not afford to lose a seventh rank cultivator.

Mister Tan Tai appeared much more relaxed than the emperor. He managed to smile and say to Chu Mo: “It doesn’t matter. I know full well the extent of my injuries. Life and death is up to fate.”

The emperor’s brow furrowed, and he expectantly looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo contemplated a short period of time, and then he said: “This matter……requires my master’s personal action.”

The emperor’s eyes lit up right away. He said to Chu Mo: “I will personally prepare whatever you need!”

The eyes of Mister Tan Tai also showed a trace of hope. He said in a deep voice: “I once heard that young friend Chu’s master is a mysterious person. This time……I must inconvenience him.”

Chu Mo said: “My master is elusive, and he has practically no communications with anyone. It’s very hard for me to meet him.”

Mister Tan Tai nodded: “Mysterious people have such a disposition.”

Chu Mo said: “The way it is, I can first prepare a prescription. The emperor can prepare the ingredients according to the prescription. I have some of the ingredients, but some……I don’t have the ability to find.”

The emperor nodded. He knew that Chu Mo prepared medicine for Xia Jing, so he must have some herbs on hand. He said to this: “You only need to prepare the necessary things. As long as it can be found, I will find it.”

The emperor looked back at Mister Tan Tai as he spoke: “Please keep persevering Mister. I will work with all my strength!”

Mister Tan Tai nodded: “No problem. I can delay for a moment, there should be no harm.” He then looked back at Chu Mo: “Sorry to trouble you young friend.”

Chu Mo smiled: “Mister keeps watch over the royal palace, and provides all of Da Xia with peace and safety. This youth admires you very much. So please don’t worry Mister Tan Tai, this youth from the younger generation will work with all his power!”

Mister Tan Tai appeared extremely touched. He took the initiative and said: “I heard that my young friend wishes to establish an academy? If your master can cure my injuries, then I will help you out young friend.”

Chu Mo’s eyes became bright. This old man was very honorable!

“Many thanks Mister Tan Tai!” Chu Mo bowed to the old man.