Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 141: Emperor’s Request

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Chapter 141: Emperor’s Request

Chu Mo speechlessly cast a glance at the emperor. His mouth twitched, and he said: “Chen Xingxue.”

“Troublemaker!” The emperor knew Chu Mo was being sarcastic. He couldn’t help but sigh: “Da Xia has existed for over a thousand years, all the way until my generation. The sects are overpowering. This point I know clearly, and my ancestors were well aware a long time ago. Therefore, we’ve always maintained close ties with the sects, but we have also always been secretly alert.”

“But I never thought the sect members would be absolutely unrestrained!” A trace of fury swept past the emperor’s eyes. There was also faint remorse at the same time. He didn’t know that unrestrained sect member also met with Chu Mo. He especially didn’t know that the reckless and unrestrained woman was cursed away by Chu Mo.

Chu Mo maintained silence when faced with the emperor’s grumbles. He had absolutely no interest in participating in the royal family affairs.

“I also know that Xia Xiong sought you out.” The emperor suddenly spoke.

Chu Mo was a little shocked, but he soon smiled: “The emperor is wise!”

“What wisdom? Wise enough for my son’s cleverness?” The emperor gave a self-deprecating smile. Then he immediately said: “Actually, I always knew Xia Xiong was smarter than Xia Ying!”

Chu Mo nodded.

The emperor stopped walking, and he looked at Chu Mo: “But I……don’t want him to be the crown prince!”

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched: “I am young and don’t understand anything. Should your majesty be talking about this with me?”

“Then who should I talk with?” A loneliness flashed across the emperor’s eyes. He quietly said: “Should I talk to Grand Secretary Xu? Or maybe Marshal Fang? Or maybe……the ministers of the court?”

“Whoever your majesty selects as the crown prince, that is a private matter of the royal family……” Chu Mo said.

“You’re wrong. This is no private matter. It involves all of Da Xia!” The emperor interrupted Chu Mo, and spoke with a sigh.

“This tone……isn’t it the way the court ministers talk?” Chu Mo uncertainly glanced at the emperor.

The emperor couldn’t help but laugh in spite of himself: “You little devil…….still say you don’t understand anything because of your age? You’re right. Establishing the crown prince does seem to be a private affair of the royal family, but the court ministers aren’t wrong either. The selection really does involve the future of Da Xia. Xia Xiong is intelligent and wise enough. He is also low-key and patient. After all these years, I’ve never gotten the feeling that he had any intentions towards the position. He has always been hiding behind Xia Ying. There are very few people who even know of his intelligence. Even fewer know that Xia Ying’s high reputation among the people is mostly do to Xia Xiong’s contributions.”

Chu Mo maintained silence. But he was actually thinking: ‘Since this is the case, why doesn’t your majesty want him as crown prince? Don’t tell me Xia Ying can continue being the crown prince?’

This was a possibility, but it was very small. Even though the emperor felt this way, it didn’t mean that everyone below would agree to let a crippled person become their ruler. This was a big bad omen in itself!

“But, he lacks the presence of a ruler.” The emperor didn’t wait for Chu Mo to ask, taking the initiative to explain: “Xia Ying has this quality, but Xia Xiong……perhaps he had it originally, but now it’s already gone.”

Chu Mo was silent. The emperor actually spoke the truth. Xia Xiong actually did hide behind Xia Ying for a little too long.

“Back when I was crown prince. Xia Jing……he always hid behind me, and he helped me manage all kinds of thorny situations. He gave me lots of advice, and he frequently warned me about things that I never even thought about.” The emperor seemed to be reminiscing. Then he softly said: “And so, several people said that we were inseparable brothers, which was a rare sight among royalty. People now say that Xia Ying and Xia Xiong are exactly like Xia Jing and me.”

The emperor revealed a complicated expression: “Actually, my luck was merely……greater than Xia Ying’s! I never encountered this kind of situation when I was crown prince.”

Chu Mo looked at the emperor. Chu Mo could see from the emperor’s expression that was mixed with sorrow and rage, the emperor hated that Flying Immortal woman to the core of his bones. At the same time, he was extremely heartbroken over Xia Ying’s misfortune!

It could be said that the emperor was oppressive to Xia Ying before his misfortune. But that was just a father’s warning to his son. The emperor never once thought about changing the seat of crown prince!

Xia Xiong ah……was too smart for his own good!

Chu Mo thought: ‘If Xia Xiong didn’t act so urgently, or if he honestly showed consideration towards Xia Ying, then……the outcome would likely be different.’

The emperor sighed, then spoke: “Chu Mo, I know you have an incredibly powerful master supporting you. I also know you have unlimited potential. I……want you to help with something.”

“Your majesty doesn’t need to be so polite. Please clearly state the problem.” Chu Mo said.

“Good, I want to ask you, if you can become a legendary innate realm cultivator one day, please make Da Xia prosper.” The emperor spoke, and then suddenly stooped to give Chu Mo a bow.

Chu Mo was scared a step back. He hurriedly returned a bow: “Your majesty, a boy like me doesn’t deserve such respect. When that day really comes, I will certainly shelter Da Xia. After all, this is my motherland. However, doesn’t your majesty already know? Once a person reaches the innate realm, they must break through the void, and then leave this world.”

The emperor nodded: “I know, but an innate almighty can do several things right before leaving.” The emperor’s eyes flashed with ice-cold murderous intent. He didn’t continue speaking, but Chu Mo understood.

It seemed like Xia Ying’s misfortune changed his majesty’s thoughts. The emperor completely hated these mighty sects to the core.

Chu Mo was silent a moment, and then he said: “This matter……there will truly be a day, I’m convinced that I will have a way to resolve it.”

The emperor nodded, and then laughed: “Then I will take that as a promise! You can rest at ease. All of the things involving you and your people, I won’t interfere from today on!”

The emperor never mentioned the matter involving Miao Yiniang, but these words were almost the same as a ruler apologising to Chu Mo!

Chu Mo looked at the emperor, nodded, and then said: “Let’s go see that senior.”

The emperor’s expression became a little serious. He quietly said: “Senior Tan Tai’s wound…… is a little serious. If you can cure it, no matter what medicine is needed, I……will pay any price!

Chu Mo nodded: “Don’t worry your majesty.”

Soon after, they continued walking down a long path. And then, an enormous stone door blocked the way.