Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 140: Xia Xiong’s Thinking

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Chapter 140: Xia Xiong’s Thinking

Xia Xiong’s reason for coming was very simple. It was to show good intentions, and to give an apology.

“Several things of the past are from my scheming. In fact, it has little to with with the crown prince.” Xia Xiong calmly admitted several things that were plotted against Chu Mo over the last year.

Chu Mo silently watched Xia Xiong. He actually didn’t want to look at the second prince at all. Because he felt there was nothing good to say with Xia Xiong. The grudges between both sides weren’t deep like the ocean, but it wasn’t something that could be resolved in one or two days.

The scheme half a year ago was Xia Jing’s doing, but from that point onward, ever since Chu Mo came back, the princes had acted against him several times, trying to take his life. Even someone with a good temper would be infuriated. Don’t even mention how Chu Mo’s temper wasn’t all that good.

“I have come this time, mainly to give noble son Chu an apology. The past events were really my fault. My presence here is a symbol. I wish to make amends with noble son Chu.” Xia Xiong pulled out a bank note as he spoke, and he placed it on the table.

Chu Mo swept a glance, then plainly said: “Ten million silver liang, your majesty is truly generous.”

“I know, this isn’t enough at all to show my apology to noble son Chu. This……is only a small token. As far as later on……I believe noble son Chu will see even more of my sincerity.” Xia Xiong said to Chu Mo.

Chu Mo thought a moment, and then said: “Since the beginning, I never aimed at your royal family.”

Xia Xiong nodded: “Yes, it was always us attacking noble son Chu.”

“And now with what’s happened to your elder brother, will you become the crown prince?” Chu Mo bluntly asked.

Xia Xiong didn’t deny, and he smiled at Chu Mo: “What does noble son Chu think?”

“This is your royal family’s business. This has nothing to do with a teenager like me.” Chu Mo looked at Xia Xiong, and then he said: “I already clearly see why you came. I won’t do anything to affect the seat of the crown prince. I don’t have that kind of influential power.”

“Noble son Chu is modest, you do.” Xia Xiong wryly smiled. Chu Mo was just a teenager, and yet he was already a crafty schemer. Not only was he in the Grand Secretary’s good graces, but even the military Marshal insisted on recruiting Chu Mo under his banner.

And don’t even mention the emperor, he always favored Chu Mo!

Although the marriage grant of Miao Yiniang was a twist, the attitude towards Chu Mo never changed.

It wouldn’t be impossible for him to influence the court politics of Da Xia.

Chu Mo looked at Xia Xiong: “Even if I have the influence, I wouldn’t act. I already said, this is the royal family’s business. I won’t go spoiling your matters. But I hope you keep your promise. Do not come provoking me later!”

Xia Xiong came here today, to actually hear these words from Chu Mo. He didn’t actually believe his visit today, and the shockingly large bank note, would actually cause the other party to turn spears into jade and silk. Xia Xiong would be even more untrusting if that were the case.

So long as Chu Mo didn’t interfere, then, Xia Xiong was more than capable of struggling for the crown prince’s seat.

This absolutely brilliant prince could no longer stand idle after all these years. He must step out from behind the curtain, and enter on to the stage.

After Xia Xiong departed, Chu Mo went alone to his room, and he meditated for a long time.

In the end, the teenager revealed a trace of a smile, and he mumbled: “I have no interest in your competitions. There are only three things that I wish to do now! First, help master gather the medicine ingredients, and help him return earlier, so his wife can be rescued from the ocean of misery. Second, continually improve myself. I must struggle and use the shortest time possible to reach the innate realm. Then I will smash through the void and enter the Spirit World. Xiaoyu, you must wait for me. Third, during this process, I must help grandfather improve ranks. I must help the old man live well in his later years after I leave.”

Therefore, although there were many things going on during this chaotic time, Chu Mo didn’t get involved. Chu Mo only needed to constantly work hard, and realize each one of his goals. That was enough.

The founding site of the Misty Palace Royal Academy was already chosen a long time ago. It was in the Yellow Flame City center, just west of the royal city. The site spread over several acres. It was originally an enormous royal family garden. The location was only separated from the royal city by a high wall!

The emperor selected the location at a great pain. He originally didn’t want to part with the garden, but he chose this place to carry out the large scale construction of the Misty Palace Royal Academy in the end.

He pushed forward the progress using the nation’s power, which was at an astonishing degree.

By using not even a month’s time, the Misty Palace Royal academy was already completely constructed!

Apart from taking a Yuan beast blood bath every ten days, practically all of Chu Mo’s other time was spent at the Misty Palace Royal Academy. He was personally giving direction on a few matters.

Although Miao Yiniang left, the academy embodied all the desires of Miao Yiniang!

Chu Mo didn’t want Miao Yiniang to lose hope. No matter what, the words Misty Palace would be restored in the world……and the words would ring clear!

Chu Yan started personally to manage the intelligence organization’s ability.

According to the secret reports, several people of unknown origin started to appear in Yellow Flame City recently. The intelligence officers were able to combine information from their clothes and accents to reach a decision. These people were likely from the Vermilion Bird continent.

This information gave Chu Mo a slight headache.

He could approximately guess the status of these people, as well as their goals. Miao Yiniang already left, but this group of people rushed here for the heritage. Once the Misty Palace Royal Academy started, there was no way to keep the news of the heritage a secret.

Therefore, taking out the entire group of people wasn’t so simple.

“If I knew early that Miao Yiniang could have entered the Flying Immortal, then I wouldn’t have had to make a bullshit academy.” Chu Mo couldn’t help but mumble. But considering that restoring Misty Palace was Miao Yiniang’s greatest desire……there was nothing he could grumble about.

Chu Mo took the time to visit the Prince Mansion and meet with Mister Wei Chi there. He then entered the royal palace afterwards, and met with the old eunuch.

No one knew that Chu Mo talked with them, but ultimately, Mister Wei Chi and the old eunuch would become the Misty Palace Royal Academy associate deans.

When Chu Mo entered the Royal Palace, and just finished talking with the old eunuch, the emperor unexpectedly appeared.

The somewhat haggard emperor cheerfully spoke with Chu Mo: “There is a particular person in the palace……that wants to meet you.”

Chu Mo felt a little odd. He looked at the emperor, and then looked at the old eunuch.

The old eunuch said in a low voice: “It’s an almighty understanding intent realm cultivator that has entered the intent refinement stage. When……the crown prince was injured, this senior also suffered an injury. I hope noble son Chu can take a look.”

An understanding intent realm almighty!

Chu Mo slightly squinted his eyes, and he thought: “If I can bring this level of person into the Misty Palace Royal Academy, then wouldn’t it be even more stable?

Chu Mo nodded soon after: “Good, take me to look at this senior.”

The emperor finally revealed a trace of happiness, and he personally led Chu Mo into an underground path.

The emperor seemed to casually ask without thinking: “Chu Mo, who do you think……is most suited to be crown prince?”