Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 139: Grandmaster

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Chapter 139: Grandmaster

“That’s not possible!” Chen Ao’bing’s seemingly expressionless ice-cold face couldn’t help but reveal a trace of anger. She heatedly said: “You think I’ve never seen secular world people? I just destroyed your dog crown prince’s eyes within the royal palace. And I ruthlessly taught your dog emperor a lesson. They are people of the secular world!”

“I am also.” Chu Mo was a little stunned inside, but his face remained calm as he attentively watched Chen Ao’bing: “But you cannot provoke me.”

If he said these words upon first meeting, Chen Ao’bing would certainly scoff, and be in complete disdain. But these words coming out of Chu Mo now, they yet made Chen Ao’bing have a terrified sensation.

Like he wasn’t bragging at all, but rather expounding the facts!

But……how was this possible?

Chen Ao’bing was baffled, and she couldn’t help but cast a glance at Chen Xingxue. At the same time, there was a little regret inside. She was a little careless, and didn’t investigate Chu Mo’s background in the slightest.

Chen Xingxue nibbled her lower lip, and she said with hesitation: “Noble son Chu……is very amazing. The pills Yiniang used must have been made by noble son Chu. He, he also cured my uncle Xia Jing’s illness……the one I told you about.”

Chen Xingxue’s face turned a little red, and she spoke softly.

“What?” Chen Ao’bing was truly a little surprised. She looked at that dark face of Chu Mo. Her heart couldn’t help but churn, and she thought: ‘If Xingxue is telling the truth, then the support behind that teenager……I’m afraid it should be no inferior to myself……no, after hearing his words, it seems to be an existence that can completely crush me! Could they be…….innate?’

Chen Ao’bing scared herself back as step from this guess. The more power increases, the greater the awe towards the higher realm. Only those who are close can truly understand how amazing the people at a higher realm were!

No wonder my words caused such a large response from this teenager……Chen Ao’bing deeply looked at Chu Mo. Although she knew that she could have offended the teenager with a terrifying background, but she, Chen Ao’bing, absolutely couldn’t open her mouth and apologise.

Because of this, Chen Ao’bing pulled on Chen Xingxue. Their figures flashed, and they disappeared from Chu Mo’s room.

As soon as they left, Chu Mo slammed back into a chair, and then he started gasping for air. That ice-cold woman genuinely gave him incredible pressure!

If it wasn’t for the jade at his chest, transmitting a portion of energy to support him, he wouldn’t have had the ability to scold that arrogant unreasonable woman, even though he had the courage!

A rank nine……intent of heaven realm grandmaster!

Chu Mo had never seen such a powerful person, well of course, except for the Demon Lord. But the Demon Lord was his master, and he wouldn’t put such imposing pressure towards Chu Mo.

“This woman like ice…….is truly terrifying.” Chu Mo couldn’t help but mumble. Don’t look at how incredibly tough he was when facing Chen Ao’bing. In the depths of his heart, it was yet very clear. If that woman really acted against him, he wouldn’t have had any ability to resist.

The jade he carried was magical, and Murdering Heaven was indeed sharp…….able to cut through any weapon in the world, but he himself……wasn’t that strong in the end.

His attitude was tough, indeed having an unyielding and spirited dignity. But he was still aware of his limits.

Therefore not even the powerful Chen Ao’bing sensed, from beginning to end, how Chu Mo controlled the entire scene.

Now Chu Mo recollected the events of that day, and he couldn’t help but have a little fear.

That woman dared to injure the crown prince, and even cursed the emperor. There didn’t seem to be anything that she couldn’t do.

Xu Fufu looked shocked at Chu Mo: “You’re saying, there is a sect even greater than the Immortal Sky in this world? Then, a cultivator from that sect appeared before you, and you cursed her out?”

Chu Mo nodded: “That was really the outcome.”

“Little black brother, you are amazing! I’m convinced.” After Xu Fufu heard Chu Mo narrate about that icy woman, he was scared into a cold sweat.

He knew that Chu Mo wouldn’t deceive him, and when Chu Mo said these things, it completely matched up with the rumors, convincing Xu Fufu even more.

Chu Mo shook his head and smiled: “What about me is amazing? I relied on two points. The first was saving Chen Xingxue’s life. The woman is incredibly tough, but she isn’t the kind of vile person that kills the innocent. The second was my master made her a little afraid. As for me……she can kill me with a thought.”

“Now matter what is said, you scared away a worldwide top level cultivator. You should be proud” Xu Fufu enviously spoke.

“The crown prince is crippled.” Xu Fufu then said to Chu Mo: “Several people have been secretly visiting my grandfather recently. The doorstep is going to collapse soon.”

“This has nothing to do with me. Don’t go mixing in.” Chu Mo looked at Xufufu, and then he said: “I should leave soon.”

“Enter the military?” Xu Fufu asked.

Chu Mo nodded: “Exactly.”

“With the emperor being like this……you still want to enter the military?” The marriage granting of Miao Yiniang to the crown prince had already passed, but Xu Fufu’s resentment towards the emperor hadn’t passed in the slightest.

Chu Mo laughed: “This has nothing to do with the emperor!”

Xu Fufu didn’t know. Chu Mo wanted to enter the military so that he serve the nation. Another aspect, was the bloody spirit aura!

[TL: The bloody spirit aura comes from the traces of blood that enters the jade space when he kills, creating the small blood-colored mark on the green stone in the jade space. Chapter 53 is a good reference.]

These two goals weren’t in conflict.

The best place to obtain a large amount of bloody spirit aura, was on the battlefield!

The more enemies that he killed on the battlefield, the greater the bloody spirit aura would become. As far as Da Xia, the more enemies Chu Mo killed, the more his people could live in safety.

Xu Fufu looked at Chu Mo: “Good, I will support you in any case. Don’t worry, I can take care of things in Yellow Flame City. I will make certain your house looks good.”

Chu Mo looked at Xu Fufu, and he pulled a pill bottle from his chest: “You should know about Yiniang, one-armed uncle, as well as Chu Yan. This is the last remaining bottle of pills. It can make you increase to the golden stone realm! Xia Jing purchased the materials. The amount of resources used is hard to even imagine. Therefore, the materials might not appear again for several more years. To get this kind of medicine in the secular world again, in a short period of time, is an impossibility.”

“This……” Xu Fufu looked at Chu Mo. He didn’t want to be so polite to Chu Mo, but this thing…….was too precious!

“Take it. You are my best brother. There’s no reason to refuse.” Chu Mo said.

“Good, I won’t be so polite.” Xu Fu took the pill bottle, carefully placed it inside his robes, and then took his leave.

With Xu Fufu’s current realm, he probably only needed two months time, and then he could fully digest the pill’s energy. To fully possess the golden stone realm’s combat power, it was entirely possible within a few years! He only needed a large amount of battle experience to hone his skills.

But as for Xu Fufu, stepping into the unimaginable golden stone realm was already a gift from heaven!

No, not a gift from heaven, but rather a gift from a brother.

Right after Xu Fufu departed, the second prince Xia Xiong made a low-key visit.

This slightly cold early spring was extremely chaotic.

[TL: Chu Mo indeed said it was the last batch when he gave golden-stone pills to one-armed uncle in chapter 119. I don’t know if one-armed uncle actually did refuse in the end, or if Chu Mo made another set of pills without the author telling us.]