Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 138: I am Chu Mo

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Chapter 138: I am Chu Mo

Xu Fufu curled his lips, looked with disbelief at Chu Mo, and then scoffed: “Little black brother, confidence is a good thing, but too much confidence easily becomes a joke. The intelligence network is managed by your family’s Chu Yan, but all of the information first gathers to me!”

Chu Mo looked at Xu Fufu: “I have additional information channels.”

Xu Fufu didn’t look convinced: “Did someone inside the royal palace give you information? How is it possible?”

Chu Mo wryly smiled. He recollected the woman who suddenly appeared before his eyes that day.

He didn’t know that woman at all, but he recognized Chen Xingxue at her side. Therefore, he could guess the woman’s background in the first moment.

A Flying Immortal member!

A member of the legendary hidden sect that never entered the secular world, just like that, all of the sudden…….appeared before him, but it wasn’t especially unexpected to Chu Mo.

“You are Chu Mo?” The woman was very young. At the very least, she looked very young.

She appeared in her twenties. Her skin had a snow white glow, and she was very beautiful. Only her appearance was ice-cold, like someone owed her a lot of money, making Chu Mo a little uncomfortable.

“Yes, I am Chu Mo.” Chu Mo nodded.

“Two things, first, Chen Xingxue is my niece. You saved her that day, so I must show thanks.” As she spoke, the woman pulled out a pill bottle, and she placed it before Chu Mo: “The pills in here can make you climb the heavens in one step! You can directly enter the golden stone realm! This should be enough to repay your kindness to Xingxue!”

Chu Mo was a little stunned. From the side, Chen Xingxue was also a little stunned.

Coming back to his senses, Chu Mo expressionlessly looked at the ice-cold woman: “When I saved her that day, I didn’t know her status at all. Don’t mention the status of a Flying Immortal disciple, I didn’t even know she was a royal family princess. Therefore, I never expected anything in return.”

“Don’t display your virtues and arrogance before me. I can see everything clearly in your heart.” The ice-cold woman somewhat disdainfully looked at Chu Mo, and simply said: “It doesn’t suit you, don’t go asking for more, people shouldn’t be too greedy. I wish to speak a few words with you because you rescued Xingxue.”

Chu Mo was angered to the extreme, yet he smiled, waved his hand, and said: “You are too noble and magnificent. A boy like me cannot climb so high, please hurry, go where you need to go. I’m sorry I can’t see you further!”

“Right, you can take your godly pills that can make a person climb the heavens……take it and leave. I don’t need it.” Chu Mo plainly said.

“Still have a temper? If you don’t want it, then just say you don’t want it. Do you think I really want to give it to you?” The ice-cold woman waved a hand, and the pill bottle on the table disappeared. With an icy glare, she attentively watched Chu Mo: “Thanks are over. Now I want to talk about the second matter.”

Chu Mo looked at the ice-cold woman, and slightly wrinkled his brow: “Please don’t use this manner of tone to speak to me. You might feel like I am an ant, with no qualifications to speak with you, but you must remember, I don’t owe you anything!”

The icy woman was slightly stunned. She had probably never been spoken to this way. That ice-cold face was slightly dull for a moment. Then she arched an eyebrow, and coldly said: “You want me to tenderly speak with you? You’re right. You really don’t have the qualifications.”

Chu Mo became even more disgusted with the woman, and directly said: “Fine fine, I already know what you want to say. You want me to stay away from Chen Xingxue right? A toad shouldn’t attempt to eat a swan, am I right? I promise you, I will stay far away from her. Quickly disappear from my eyes. You aren’t welcome here.”

Chen Xingxue held a difficult expression, and she was trying to find an opportunity to insert herself into the conversation. After hearing these words, her graceful face immediately became pale. She bit her lower lip, and her eyes became covered with a layer of mist, showing her heavy heart.

The ice-cold woman satisfactorily nodded. In her eyes, Chu Mo was an ant.

Should she care about an ant’s emotions?

“Another thing, after this talk I will leave right away. Don’t believe that I enjoy dealing with you here.” The ice-cold woman looked at Chu Mo: “It doesn’t matter if it is Chen Xingxue or Miao Yiniang. The difference between you and them is the gap between heaven and earth! You not only have to stay away from Chen Xingxue, but Miao Yiniang is also the same! I understand that you and Miao Yiniang had a certain crossing, but that is the past! The secular world Miao Yiniang could be your friend, but the Flying Immortal Miao Yiniang isn’t suited to speak with you. Do you understand?”

Chu Mo’s heart suddenly burned with surging fury. His thoughts returned to the experience at Immortal Sky.

And so, Chu Mo began to smile, seeming like he was very happy.

The depressed Chen Xingxue couldn’t help but look confused at Chu Mo. She didn’t know why he was smiling.

The chilly woman looked at Chu Mo, and expressionlessly spoke: “Is this funny?”

“Scram!” The smiling Chu Mo suddenly roared.

Chen Xingxue was so scared that she started to tremble. Even the ice-cold woman Chen Ao’bing was stunned a moment, and she somewhat perplexingly looked at Chu Mo.

“Do you not understand words? Or, are you and I two different races?” An extremely chilly light flashed across Chu Mo’s eyes. He icily focused on the heartless Chen Ao’bing: “I told you to scram. Did you not hear? Do I need to repeat myself?

“You……are scolding me?” Chen Ao’bing was truly a little stupefied. She stared dumbstruck at Chu Mo.

Has anyone ever dared treat her this way?

She didn’t even place Da Xia’s emperor in her eyes at all, saying she would kill him to his face.

And now a teenager actually dared use this attitude with her……no, he was scolding her!

“Have you never been scolded?” Chu Mo icily looked at Chen Ao’Bing: “Is there any relation between you and I? Who do you think you are? A god looking down from on high? Don’t mention Chen Xingxue. Treat me as if I never rescued her, and never even met her.”

“But how is my relationship with Miao Yiniang any of your business? What exactly are you thinking? You grab a bottle of junk pills and dare show off before me? Are you blind or stupid? Haven’t you seen Miao Yiniang’s realm? Are you retarded? Did you ever think about how Miao Yiniang entered the golden stone realm? If Misty Palace had such pills, would she have waited so many years to use it?” With cold clear eyes, Chu Mo angrily stared at Chen Ao’bing.

“You……” Chen Ao’bing naturally knew Miao Yiniang’s realm, but she never thought her realm had anything to do with the secular world teenager Chu Mo.

In her thinking, Miao Yiniang’s current realm was due to golden stone pills leftover from the Misty Palace heritage. There wasn’t a second explanation apart from this.

Very few people knew Flying Immortal was actually a master pill cultivation sect. Because of this, Chen Ao’bing couldn’t believe that a secular world teenager like Chu Mo could refine any pills. Were the specifics of pill and drug refinement unclear to someone like her?

“Who are you? Are you so arrogant because you are a Flying Immortal member? Or is it because of your intent of heaven realm power? I really don’t know if you are ignorant or arrogant.” Chu Mo coldly looked at Chen Ao’bing: “Have you broken through the innate? Wait until you break through the innate, and then you can talk about secular world people as ants!”

[TL: The realms after golden stone (6th realm) are understanding intent (7th realm) -> comprehending intent (8th realm) -> intent of heaven (9th realm). The innate is the realm at which a person smashes through the void and can enter the Spirit World.]

“And who are you?” Chen Ao’bing stared shocked at Chu Mo. Someone able to speak like this……was absolutely not a person of the secular world: “How do you know I am at the Intent of Heaven realm?”

But Chu Mo only icily stared at Chen Ao’bing, and spoke with a self-deprecating smile: “I am Chu Mo! The secular world teenager you completely don’t place in your eyes! Nothing more.”