Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 137: Crown Prince’s Early Fall

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Chapter 137: Crown Prince’s Early Fall

No one would believe unless they saw it with their own eyes. A person actually dared stand in the royal palace and threaten the emperor.

But the unexpected thing was, the emperor with a right to be furious, he actually didn’t say a word, despite a very red swollen face, and veins bulging on his forehead.


A cold snort instantly came from the depths of the royal palace: “Flying Immortal’s leader……can actually be so lawless? The old and useless ‘Lonely City One Sword, Beyond Heaven Flying Immortal’ has long been admired. Now seeing a person from Flying Immortal, I’m itching to see some skill. Maybe you can give a demonstration?”

The chilly woman coldly snorted: “A demonstration? You don’t deserve one! I’ve never given demonstrations, only killed!”

“So arrogant!” An angry old voice transferred from the depths of the royal palace.

Soon after, a gust of wind suddenly blew into the room, directly towards the woman standing there.

The wind was invisible, but this gust of wind gave off a sensation——it was like a sharp sword!

It spread an incredibly powerful murderous intent!

Ice-cold, and fierce!

“With such little ability, you have the nerve to give a display?” The woman coldly spoke, and then casually waved a hand.

The room immediately went cold. It was like an icy wind blew past, resuming everything to normal.

But a stuffy groan suddenly came from the inner palace depths. It was obviously the sound of pain being suppressed, but the sound still transferred over.

“There’s a lesson, dare step out of place again, and I’ll instantly kill you!” As she coldly spoke, the woman’s eyes flickered with extremely ice-cold rays of light.

Finished speaking, she looked over at the pale emperor, and couldn’t help but coldly snort: “Your greatest fortune is being Chen Xingxue’s father! Otherwise, I would have killed a degenerate like you long ago!”

“Auntie……” Chen Xingxue somewhat resentfully walked over, and pulled the woman’s shaking arm.

“Okay okay, what’s the point in protecting such low scum?” The woman glanced a little furiously at Chen Xingxue, and then she said: “Let’s go!”

She glanced to the emperor, and plainly said: “Remember, from today on, Miao Yiniang is the disciple of me, Chen Ao’bing. If you dare have any motives against her, I will certainly kill you! As someone named Xia, you should know. If I want to kill you, then there is no one in this world who can save you!”

She didn’t looked at the emperor again after she finished speaking. She pulled on Chen Xingxue, and her figure flashed, instantly disappearing from the room.

Soon after, a cold snort suddenly came from the sky outside: “Scum like you is fit to marry my disciple?”

“Auntie don’t……” The panicked voice of Chen Xingxue soon followed.

“This person is scum. You still don’t know? That thing half a year ago was due to him plotting against you! Before my Intent of Heaven, his malice towards you shows like a lamp in the dead of night! He’s less than the pigs and dogs, a beast plotting against his own sister. Why are you protecting him?” The clear cold voice spread farther and father, practically reaching the entire royal city.

It shocked countless people!


A miserable scream abruptly came from outside at this time.

The emperor turned pale with fright, because the miserable scream came from the crown prince Xia Ying.


The emperor pushed open the door and rushed out. The scene ahead made his eye sockets want to break open. He roared to the heavens.

The crown prince Xia Ying was a mess. His eyes were turned into two bloody holes, with blood bubbling down.


A figure suddenly appeared beside the emperor. It was the old eunuch.

The old eunuch’s eyes were violently shaking. The words that were at the edge of his mouth were forcefully swallowed back.

He originally wanted to say: He suffered a heavy injury, and needed at least three years of seclusion to recover. But looking at the scene, he didn’t dare say anything. Because he feared the emperor would collapse as soon as he spoke.

A large amount of palace guards rushed over at this time.

Upon seeing this, the old eunuch thundered loudly: “Everyone withdraw!”

The crown prince’s two eyes were destroyed. This matter……absolutely couldn’t spread right now.

Xia Ying was in so much pain that he was about to faint, and he was constantly wailing.

The emperor swayed back and forth, almost fainting himself. He looked ghastly. And his mind was practically a blank space!

At this moment, he was truly aware. He now knew what the strongest sect signified to the secular world!

The people in the secular world completely fear secular world royal authority. In the eyes of royalty, they are no different than ants!

To be extinguished, a thought was enough.

“I……hate!” The emperor gnashed his teeth, and spoke these two words. Then, a mouthful of blood sprayed out.


The crown prince of the grand Da Xia empire was completely blinded.

The royal family sealed off everything at the first instant, but where was there a wall that gossip cannot pass through?

With all the things combined……the sudden ice-cold voice of the woman, the crown prince’s following scream, his majesty the emperor howling into the sky, and the eunuch’s command to ‘withdraw’…….people could guess for the most part.

Not to mention the people who witnessed the crown prince with two bloody eye-sockets, and it wasn’t just one or two witnesses.

A command soon followed after, but before this, some information already spread.

The royal palace interior was within other people’s eye line after all.

Because of this, the news rapidly spread through a small majority of people in Yellow Flame City. Only this small majority all upheld a bottom line. That was: Don’t let this news spread to the people.

Actually, this was also the emperor’s bottom line!

The crown prince had an extremely high reputation among the common people. How could they comprehend the struggles at the upper levels? Therefore, not only would the crown prince’s reputation suffer a heavy blow once the news spread, but the royal family reputation would also suffer a heavy blow!

A nation’s crown prince was blinded by someone within the royal palace, wasn’t it terrible?

If the royal palace wasn’t safe, then where was it safe in Da Xia?

Although there weren’t many people qualified to know the news, and their statuses could be considered the highest in all of Da Xia, but each person harbored their own thoughts.

A blind crown prince, even though he had a high reputation among the people, and no matter how capable, he absolutely cannot become a ruler!

So, the crown prince……must be changed!

And so, switch to who?

No matter if it was Marshal Fang Mingtong’s household or Grand Secretary Xu Zhongliang’s household, everyone received mysterious visitors that wore out the threshold.

Beneath the peace and security of Yellow Flame City, an undercurrent was bubbling up.

Xu Fufu once again came to Chu Mo’s household after all was said and done.

The two brothers were both silent.

Xu Fufu finally said after a long time: “That day……”

Chu Mo waved his hand: “You have been my brother for so many years. We don’t need to speak about the past.”

Xu Fufu said: “Mistakes are mistakes. This is the truth my grandfather taught me. The anger with you that day, it was really my fault. I thought about it later on. The main reason lies in my ability to resist pressure……and not your power.”

“The matter is already past, and big sister Yiniang is already safe. Don’t mention this matter again.” Chu Mo laughed.

Xu Fufu looked at Chu Mo, and then slightly raised an eyebrow: “You haven’t come outside the last two days?”

Chu Mo nodded.

Xu Fufu said a little startled: “Don’t tell me, the rumor spreading outside, you don’t know a thing! Our intelligence gathering ability isn’t that strong, but it’s already been put into motion!”

“Are you talking about the crown prince?” Chu Mo laughed: “I knew before you.”