Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 136: Sentiments

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Chapter 136: Sentiments

Miao Yiniang left very abruptly.

She disappeared together with princess Chen Xingxue, who didn’t have much presence in the royal palace.

This event didn’t cause great waves in Yellow Flame City.

Gluttonous Ogre was already completely managed by Liu Mei’er. This business had been passed over a long time ago. In addition, Miao Yiniang always kept a low-profile, and very rarely appeared in public.

Even more so, princess Chen Xingxue practically never appeared in front of people, making her quite the oddity in the royal palace.

Because of this, when the two departed, it seemed the waves weren’t shocking.

But this caused a perilous situation to a few people!

Not many people knew about the marriage decree from the emperor, but crown prince Xia Ying and second prince Xia Xiong knew.

“Miao Yiniang actually dares fight the emperor’s decree! Is she tired of living?” Xia Ying was truly enraged this time. A ruler’s son and future king was actually ignored by a homeless sect disciple? That kind of feeling made him extremely furious!

Xia Xiong sighed, and said in a low voice: “Brother, we considered a thousand calculations, but we didn’t think about little sister.”

“What little sister? She counts for nothing!” Xia Ying gnashed his teeth: “This little sister with an outward turning elbow?”

[TL: An outward turning elbow means to favor outsiders instead of family.]

Xia Xiong bitterly smiled: “Don’t become so angry brother. This can be considered retribution. We once schemed against little sister, and now she has broken a matter that was completely settled.”

“Little bitch! I have no little sister!” Xia Ying ferociously spoke: “The source of this matter is Chu Mo, that little animal! No good, I have reached the breaking point. Xia Xiong, immediately think of a plan for me. I want this little animal Chu Mo……I want his bones turned to ashes, his corpse cut into ten thousand pieces!”

[TL: When Xia Ying says ‘I’ here, he uses the term ‘孤.’ It’s how a feudal prince refers to himself in the first person.]

Seeing the ferocious and twisted face of his elder brother, a trace of concern flashed across Xia Xiong’s eyes.

It had been a long time since Xia Ying referred to himself as a feudal prince before Xia Xiong.

Not so long ago, prince Xia Ying carried somewhat dark sentiments, but not too much. Generally speaking, he had the qualifications of a crown prince. Xia Xiong willingly gave up his chance to obtain everything, and supported his elder brother.

But ever since that incident last year, Xia Ying’s attitude seemed to have a tremendous change. His psychological state grew even darker. He began to bicker over every little thing, and he became vindictive.

As a person of power, he could use all kinds of tricks. He could secretly, ruthlessly, and even very maliciously……obtain his goals.

But at the same time, he must have a broad open mind!

In Xia Xiongs opinion, apart from detestable things like killing someone’s father or stealing their wife, the truly irreconcilable things, all other grudges can be forgiven. For people of power, this world has no such thing as eternal enemies, and it doesn’t have eternal friends. There is only eternal benefit.

Just like his father the emperor!

Did the emperor really like Chu Mo that much?

This was truly not certain!

Even if he liked, or even loved, there couldn’t possibly be anything more.

After all, there was a powerful master behind Chu Mo, and he might hate secular world authority. Any person of power would be wary towards a youth like him. Who would have complete trust?

This Misty Palace Royal Academy was a perfect example.

But Xia Ying couldn’t see any of this, and he didn’t want to see. His mind was completely full of hatred towards Chu Mo.

Like this……he could easily fall into danger!

Xia Xiong couldn’t help but sigh on the inside. Although he made several schemes to harm people, he always had a perspective. One must consider the circumstances.

The right words must be said at the right time.

And right now, excessively opposing Chu Mo was a very stupid move.

Xia Xiong even regretted suggesting Xia Ying marry Miao Yiniang. Otherwise, the crown prince wouldn’t go so far as to abhor Chu Mo.

“What, you don’t approve of my opinion?” Seeing Xia Xiong’s long silence, Xia Ying’s eyes turned a little red. A shady color flashed across his eyes, and he coldly stared at Xia Xiong.

Xia Xiong was slightly shocked, and he immediately said: “I approve. Of course I approve. Chu Mo……really must die!”

“You also believe this way? This little animal is true evil! He absolutely cannot remain!” Xia Ying was satisfied with his little brother’s attitude. He gritted his teeth and said: “The whereabouts of his master are unknown. I investigated. He hasn’t been in Yellow Flame City recently. How could such a cultivator reside in the secular world for so long? So long as we think of a surefire plan, one that is completely watertight……then, we will certainly succeed!”

Xia Xiong nodded and said: “The Misty Palace Royal Academy still needs to be founded. Miao Yiniang has already left, and so, those heritages are most likely being carried by Chu Mo. Since brother wants him dead, it would be better to ask father’s help.”

“Ask father’s help?” Uncertainty flashed across Xia Ying’s pupils.

Xia Xiong said: “Right, go talk openly with father. Say you cannot live under the same sky as Chu Mo. He is a thorn in your heart, embarrassing you several times. Now Chu Mo actually instigated Miao Yiniang’s escape from her future marriage, and he used princess Chen Xingxue’s debt……such an outlaw, doesn’t deserve to continue living.”

“These words……will work?” Xia Ying hesitantly looked at Xia Xiong.

Xia Xiong nodded: “They will certainly work. You are Da Xia’s crown prince after all. If you completely lack face……then it’s not just you! Doesn’t that reflect upon the emperor’s face as well? So long as you openly share your state of mind with father, and show you don’t covet the throne at all. I believe, father he……will understand.”

“Yes, what you say is logical. Father worries most about my schemes. I only need to close up all my schemes, and then beg to father, and say I’ve been repeatedly humiliated by Chu Mo. Now he actually cheated away my future wife……I believe, father should also be extremely furious!” Xia Ying’s eyes lit up the more he spoke, and became more excited.

Xia Xiong stood to the side, sighing to himself: ‘Brother, if this really succeeds……and father promises you to take out Chu Mo, then, your position will be completely secured!’

‘But if this doesn’t succeed, then I’m afraid your seat as crown prince is in jeopardy!’

‘In my opinion, the odds of this not succeeding are nine times out of ten!’

‘I’m sorry, it’s not that I wish to harm my brother, actually……the current you is no longer fit to rule!’

Xia Ying couldn’t see this at all. In his opinion, no matter what was said, the emperor was his father! What father doesn’t love his son? Only Xia Ying forgot one thing. The royal family……were they truly that affectionate?

If they were truly affectionate, would he scheme against his own little sister?

Xia Ying himself was heartless, yet he actually expected to find a heart in others.

Would he truly find it?

Xia Ying hurriedly left towards the royal palace. He wanted to go complain tearfully!

The emperor was also thundering at this time in the royal palace.

“Good Chen Xingxue……you actually have the face to return? You actually did such a thing as my daughter! You you you……truly anger me to death! You still take me for your father?” The emperor was furious like a dragon, and glowered at the delicate girl before himself.

A faint mist covered the delicate girl’s eyes, showing she felt wronged. This girl was precisely the Chen Xingxue who had completely disappeared.

An extremely good looking woman stood beside Chen Xingxue.

This woman looked like she was in her twenties. She was young and beautiful, with amazing skin. She had an oval shaped face, and her skin was tender like a freshly peeled egg.

When carefully paying observing, this woman looked a lot like Chen Xingxue.

When she heard the emperor curse at Chen Xingxue, the woman quietly opened her mouth: “I let my sister’s daughter return to give you recognition, not to let you curse her. You don’t have the qualifications to curse her! Incapable ruler, if you’re tired of living, I don’t mind killing a secular world emperor. I will take elder sister’s revenge.”