Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 135: Slightest Hope

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Chapter 135: Slightest Hope

“……” Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang somewhat confusingly raised their heads, taken aback by Chen Xingxue.

They never imagined. This shy frail little girl appeared pure, innocent, and somewhat foolish to the point of looking stupid.

In reality, not only was she not stupid, but her IQ was quite high!

They originally believed there was only one reason Chen Xingxue paid them a visit, and that was to give an apology on behalf of the emperor. However, this girl who didn’t seem like a princess in the least bit, and was completely like a girl next door, she actually possessed such astonishingly powerful backing.

Lonely City One Sword, Foreign Heaven Flying Immortal!

There weren’t many who knew of these four hidden sects. Some of the small and medium sect disciples had never even heard of them before. But anyone qualified to know knew these four sects was completely full of awe towards them. No one would miss out on the opportunity to make friends with the disciples of these four sects, not even Immortal Sky elders.

By a strange combination of circumstances, Chen Xingxue’s mother had relations with Da Xa’s emperor. After one night of happiness, there was Chen Xingxue. According to the Flying Immortal rules, disciples could not have any relations with secular world people. Therefore, Chen Xingxue’s mother directly returned to the sect while pregnant, and gave birth to Chen Xingxue within the sect.

This basically fit with what the emperor said in the past, but the emperor certainly couldn’t say how many moves he used when encountering Chen Xingxue’s mother……

If it wasn’t for the innocent Chen Xingxue speaking about this, than outsiders might never know the truth.

When it came to this kind of thing, given that Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang knew about it, they would never put the information to use.

But when faced with Chen Xingxue’s suggestion, Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang were both somewhat touched.

The royal family acted first, and already showed their mean and ferocious teeth. This matter already had no escape.

Actually, Miao Yiniang already resigned her cultivation path’s future. But if there was a chance to walk to a higher realm, who would really give up?

Especially with Miao Yiniang’s power. She already reached the golden stone realm. Although she relied on pills to rank up to this realm, she felt that there was still room to increase.

If she really entered Flying Immortal at this time, who would dare say that she would be stuck at the golden stone realm her whole life?

“How about it? Has big sister thought it over?” Chen Xingxue’s eyes twinkled, carrying a lot of hope. She looked at Miao Yiniang: “Big sister doesn’t need to worry about anything. Flying Immortal has only female disciples! There are no men! Otherwise if……”

Chen Xingxue carefully looked at Chu Mo. Her lips slightly moved, and that sentence never left her mouth.

Miao Yiniang said to Chu Mo: “Young master……help me make a decision. I……I somewhat don’t know what to do.”

Chu Mo said Miao Yiniang: “Actually big sister has already made a decision in her heart. Am I right?” Chu Mo looked towards Chen Xingxue: “Princess Xingxue, are you truly certain big sister can enter Flying Immortal? Princess, I want you to clearly understand what I mean. Things aren’t as simple as other people think.”

Chen Xingxue was silent a moment, then she looked to Miao Yiniang: “May I ask, what is big sister’s current realm?”

Miao Yiniang smiled: “Golden stone, from pills.”

Chen Xingxue was immediately stupefied. She had no combat ability, but that didn’t mean she lacked understanding of this world’s cultivation realms.

“Big sister is actually a golden stone realm expert?”

Miao Yiniang wryly smiled at Chen Xingxue: “Could it be little sister didn’t hear the last two words?”

Chen Xingxue nodded, then seriously spoke: “The greatest pill master in Flying Immortal, even he has a hard time creating such pills, pills that can make a person increase to the golden stone realm. It’s truly fortunate. Big sister can very easily enter Flying Immortal like this! You could succeed even without my recommendation.”

“There’s no more room to increase after using pills. Flying Immortal still wants these kinds of people?” Miao Yiniang almost didn’t dare believe Chen Xingxue. Maybe if she wasn’t from Flying Immortal, and maybe from a sect like Immortal Sky or the former Misty Palace, then easily entering would be much more believable.

But this was Flying Immortal!

This was truly the highest peak of existence in the world!

How could their standards of acceptance be the same as others?

Chen Xingxue looked serious: “Actually I am a pill refinement master, although I can’t refine that high level pills. But my understanding of medicine is still very clear. Pills can be taken to increase to the golden stone realm, and it severs the future path……This saying isn’t wrong, but there are exceptions.”

“Exceptions?” Miao Yiniang’s eyes lit up at Chen Xingxue.

Actually when she consumed the pills, and improved to the golden stone realm, she secretly held a feeling: It seemed her path……wasn’t completely broken off!

The shackles from the bone to intent refinement period were quite sturdy, but they weren’t without cracks!

This was completely different from the knowledge that Miao Yiniang always understood.

Now hearing Chen Xingxue’s words, the depths of her heart couldn’t help but burn with hope.

“Yes, there are exceptions.” Chen Xingxue nodded with certainty: “For instance, some people have very powerful aptitude and comprehension. Just because they take pills, it doesn’t mean they can’t break into the intent refinement period.”

“There is also another possibility, although the probability is extremely small, but it exists.” Chen Xingxue looked at Miao Yiniang: “That is, a pill refinement master can create a perfect pill with extreme luck! Although they lack the endless grinding and experience of normal cultivators, their future cultivation path won’t be influenced at all. Only, that possibility is too small. Perfect pills only exist in legends. So that possibility is the lowest.”

“Perfect pill……” Miao Yiniang didn’t understand much about pills, but she knew the young master’s pill refinement ability was quite magical! He even treated Xia Jing’s illness, which no one else could cure. Refining perfect pills may not be impossible!

Chen Xingxue said: “Suppose a person consumed a perfect golden stone pill. Then, they only need to take time to accumulate and condense, and make up for the lack of improving oneself through practice. They need to wait until the body tempers to a point where it can support the intent refinement period pressures, and then, they can naturally break into the intent refinement period.”

Chen Xingxue looked at Miao Yiniang with a slight smile: “Big sister is one of the twelve Misty Palace disciples, so she certainly doesn’t lack aptitude and comprehension. So don’t lose heart about imperfect pills. Flying Immortal has even more powerful scriptures and exercises. They should let big sister increase to a higher realm. Even if it’s not possible. Big sister is already at the golden stone realm. In Flying Immortal, you will be a top rank at your age!”

Miao Yiniang cast a glance at Chu Mo once again. Chu Mo nodded: “This is good!”

Miao Yiniang immediately expressed a glittering smile. She looked at Chen Xingxue, and softly said: “Xingxue, thank you!”

Chen Xingxue’s face turned red: “Big sister doesn’t need to be so polite. This is what I should do!”

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo, and secretly thought to herself: ‘My young master, I will certainly work hard! Even if there is only the slightest hope, I won’t give up on any chance to improve! One day, I will genuinely help you.’