Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 132: Turbulent Times

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Chapter 132: Turbulent Times

This news not only shocked Da Xia’s crown prince at the Eastern Palace.

The Vermilion Bird Association branch located within the Azure Dragon continent also received an enormous shock.

Actually, this branch of the Vermilion Bird Association already experienced a piece of violent shocking news earlier.

A gold rank elder, a silver rank deacon, and two bronze stewards that were about to promote to silver rank at any time, this four man team could easily massacre a city!

But they were completely annihilated, cut down within Da Xia’s Yellow Flame City.

Don’t mention the branch within the Azure Dragon continent, even the Vermilion Bird Association headquarters suffered an enormous shock.

Especially those two bronze rank stewards. One was one of the Misty Palace’s twelve disciples, and the other was the son of an elder in a medium size sect in the Vermilion Bird continent.

The death of the former was irrelevant. After all, her portion of the heritage was already taken by the Vermilion Bird Association. But the latter’s death made the higher level crowd of the Vermilion Bird Association branch have quite the headache.

Because everyone knew, that medium size sect elder not only was extremely powerful, but he extremely loved his son!

He belonged to one of those types: A father that kills a whole family for the death of his son.

How could a person like this let things go when his son dies? Even if there is someone responsible for every grievance, the Vermilion Bird Association branch will have a headache for a while at least.

The thing they couldn’t accept the most was the loss of the gold rank elder.

An imposing gold rank elder, a rank six cultivator……unhindered in the secular world, he was actually lost in Yellow Flame City?

Don’t say this was an Azure Dragon Court person’s doing?

The Vermilion Bird Association members knew that they extended their reach a little far with this one, and were fishing a little out of bounds. The Azure Dragon Court’s dissatisfaction was expected.

Especially when this involved a portion of the Misty Palace heritage!

Who doesn’t know the priceless value!

Because of this, the Azure Dragon Court really had a reason to act against those people.

Therefore, the Vermilion Bird Association at first casted their suspicious looks toward the Azure Dragon Court.

But they also knew that the Azure Dragon Court members would never acknowledge it, even if it really was them.

The Vermilion Bird Association also couldn’t find any evidence.

As far as Da Xia’s royal family, the Vermilion Bird Association originally didn’t even place them in their eyes.

According to the higher ups of the Vermilion Bird Association, they were right in not seeking trouble for Da Xia’s royal family. Unless Da Xia’s royalty ate the heart of a bear and guts of a leopard, they would never dare provoke the Vermilion Bird Association.

So the Vermilion Bird Association branch completely ignored Da Xia’s royal family.

In their opinion, they only needed to find Miao Yiniang. Then all of their current troubles would be easily solved.

But this action must be carefully and cautiously done. They just lost a gold rank elder after all, and they couldn’t imagine losing another.

But without waiting for Vermilion Bird Association branch take a plan of action, another shocking piece of news came forth.

This news caught the entire Vermilion Bird Association off guard, and also made them extremely furious!

The royal family of Da Xia, the one they never placed in their eyes, and the Misty Palace remnant that should be hiding scared and desperate in a dark corner, they actually had the nerve to ally together.

They used the Misty Palace heritage to establish a new Misty Palace!

Although it was a royal academy in title, they dared used a mocking name like the Misty Palace Royal Academy.

Who couldn’t see that this was the rebirth of the Misty Palace?

This action ruthlessly struck the ears of all the Vermilion Bird continent sects!

It was also a slap to the Vermilion Bird Association’s face.

This was open provocation!

Furthermore, it was a recklessly wild provocation!

Was this little bitch crazy?

Who gave her so much courage?

Could it be that she isn’t afraid of the sects that extinguished the Misty Palace? The ones that immediately started to hunt her down?

What made the Vermilion Bird Association even more indignant was Da Xia’s royal family!

A small……secular world royal authority that they never placed in their eyes, actually dared shelter the Misty Palace remnants?

This was madness!

Weren’t they afraid of all the sects combining and confronting them?

Don’t say the hand cannot extend so far, and that the authority was outside the continent, separated by the a long and difficult journey.

This kind of thinking was called naive!

Several sects from the Vermilion Bird continent might not directly do anything to Da Xia. Da Xia’s royal family has powerful sects supporting them after all.

However, they can support Da Xia’s rival nations!

Such as Da Qi!

They can’t help with open arms, but doesn’t money always work?

So the Vermilion Bird Association couldn’t understand at all. Where did the Misty Palace remnant and Da Xia’s royal family find the courage to oppose almost all the sects in the Vermilion Bird continent?

Was it because of the Azure Dragon Court?

Several Vermilion Bird Association higher ups that were located in the Azure Dragon continent all held this kind of suspicion, and were incomparably angered at the same time.

No matter how angry, this matter was already finished, and became fact.

The Vermilion Bird Association must face this matter, and give a direct counterattack!

Otherwise, the Vermilion Bird Association reputation would suffer a heavy loss.

Because of this, several of the the Vermilion Bird Association branch higher-ups came to a conclusion. They would take two matters and combine them into one.

They would send a diplomatic group to Da Xia. They would initiate talks with the Azure Dragon Court and Da Xia’s royal family!

The first condition doesn’t need to be mentioned, but this nuisance Misty Palace Royal Academy……must certainly disappear from the world!

At the same time, this news quickly returned to the Vermilion Bird continent.

The sects that participated in the siege on the Misty Palace, once they heard the news, they all immediately went mad!

The sent out the most outstanding sect disciples right away, combined them with the other sects, and formed an expedition group. They planned to strangle the Misty Palace Royal Academy while still in the cradle.

Their goal was exactly the same as the Vermilion Bird Association.

No matter what, they couldn’t let the Misty Palace reappear in any shape or form.

However, not everyone thought this way.

For instance, the misty palace disciples that fled back then; however, they were only twelve!

By contrast, this news was like a storm inside Da Xia, instantly sweeping each corner of the land!

The passion of the people soared to a level that not even the instigator Chu Mo dared believe.

But he quickly understood the reason.

The sects were always grand and magnificent. When did they ever touch the people?

Although it carried the Royal Academy name, but who couldn’t see it? This Misty Palace Royal Academy was actually a path to a sect.

A sect established in the secular world!

In truth there were several high level scriptures and exercises, as well as all kinds of high level heritages.

The great majority of warriors in this world would have a tough time just touching a trace of these things!

Now……they had a chance to study these priceless exercises!

Try asking, who wouldn’t want to come to this kind of place?

No matter if noble or poor, everyone went mad right away.

Practically all the self-claimed talented noble children in Yellow Flame City were racking their brains trying to get in. Because of this, in a short period of time, everyone showed up at the households of Chu Mo, Xu Fufu, and even Miao Yiniang’s Gluttonous Ogre!

Countless people stopped in for a visit, thinking to find a place inside the Misty Palace Royal Academy.

Faced with this situation, Chu Mo, Xu Fufu, and Miao Yiniang could only hide away, afraid to return home.

Because there would always be a relation that wouldn’t let you refuse.

The palace sent out a decree in the end.

They fiercely denounced this kind of chaos, ordering those noble houses to regulate themselves, and not dare cause any more harassment. Otherwise, their household’s ability to enter the academy would be cancelled. Those talents somewhat controlled themselves.

However, a second decree soon after made Miao Yiniang dumbstruck, and it made Chu Mo infuriated!