Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 131: Deadly Trap

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Chapter 131: Deadly Trap

Half a month later, a shocking piece of news came from Yellow Flame City.

“Miao Yiniang, the disciple of the Misty Palace, the former top sect of the Vermilion Bird continent, has combined with Da Xia’s royal family in Yellow Flame City. She established a top grade school named the Misty Palace Royal Academy.”

“Da Xia’s royal highness the emperor was made the academy’s first dean!”

“The academy’s goal is to train even more talent for Da Xia.

“The academy has top grade high level scriptures, exercises, and several classic records only available in the best sects. These things will be completely free to the outstanding talents of Da Xia!”

“So as long as you have talent, ability, determination, and patriotism, then……you will have the qualifications to become a Misty Palace Royal Academy disciple! You can become a true emperor’s disciple! It doesn’t matter if you are born into a noble family or a poor household, both will be treated the equally!”

This news was like rolling thunder, exploding out with a loud sound in the early spring of Da Xia.



A crisp sound came from the study of the crown prince at the Eastern Palace.

An antique porcelain from a former dynasty shattered on the ground.

Crown prince Xia Ying held a ferocious and warped expression. He cursed: “Little animal Chu Mo, calmly daring to bully me like this!”

Xia Xiong, who always shadowed the crown prince, didn’t look happy either. He sat there, both eyes despondent, softly saying: “His move was quite beautiful, easily moving his status to such a height. That’s not even the most important part. After the academy was established, the students of the sect were called the emperor’s disciples, but in reality, they are personally raised by Miao Yiniang and Chu Mo. Who they will be closer to is plain as day.”

“He deserves death. How can such a little animal be so frustrating? Don’t tell me father can’t see his wild ambitions? Actually ignoring him over and over again.” Xia Ying was spoke outraged: “We must think of a way to put down this little animal!”

Xia Xiong shook his head, saying: “It’s difficult. This little thing has a mysterious and powerful master supporting him. Once we move against him, his master certainly won’t sit and watch.”

“Don’t tell me that we’re going to sit back and watch the little animal we can’t deal with grow up?” Xia Ying grimly spoke.

“Of course we can’t.” Xia Ying mumbled: “We should think of a way to place our people inside. We might not be able to reach the higher levels of the academy, but at least……we can breach the middle layer. Later on we can conspire, and think of a way to bring this academy into our hands.”

Xia Ying’s pupils flickered with a bitter light: “I never thought Miao Yiniang was actually a disciple from a formerly famous Vermilion Bird continent sect. It would be good to think of a way to win her over.”

Xia Xiong slightly wrinkled his brow. He suddenly smiled: “Brother, I have a plan.”

“Speak.” Looking at Xia Xiong, Xia Ying finally calmed his rage down a little at this time.

Xia Xiong said: “Father holds the position of dean. Obviously he doesn’t entirely trust them. Only a fool couldn’t see the future prospects of a power like this. Since this is the case, how about we send father some reassurance?”

“How do we send it? Xia Ying asked.

Xia Xiong laughed: “Miao Yiniang…….is absolutely stunning. Several people say she is Yellow Flame City’s most beautiful woman! Originally, she didn’t have the qualifications to be related to the royal family. She’s beautiful, but only a restaurant owner. But now……things aren’t the same.”

Xia Xiong’s eyes slightly squinted: “Not only is Miao Yiniang a former core disciple of the Vermilion Bird continent’s once greatest sect, but……she is also the highest level person in the Misty Palace Royal Academy! Ha ha, father is the dean, yet she is the master!”

“You mean……have father make her a concubine?” Xia Ying squinted and asked.

Xia Xiong shook his head: “Father is already growing old, and there are countless beauties in the palace. Is he lacking beauty? Which one have you seen father adore? Also, if father takes her as a concubine, he will receive the criticism of the people. Father will certainly refuse if we make this suggestion, and he will angrily scold our ill-intentions.”

“Then what do you mean?” Xia Ying looked confused.

“My meaning brother…….is marry this woman!” Xia xiong darkly laughed: “Brother is the crown prince, marrying a lackluster large sect disciple is fundamentally lifting her up. Furthermore, this will make father even more relaxed! Moreover, the most important thing is this. Brother can use this to make an impression on father. That is to say……wishing to pacify relations with Chu Mo! Like this, father has absolutely no reason to refuse!”

A light of temptation flashed across Xia Ying’s eyes. Miao Yiniang’s title of most beautiful woman wasn’t granted by just anyone. The whole of Yellow Flame City publicly acknowledged this!”

Just as Xia Xiong said, Miao Yiniang’s current status is completely different than before. Now marrying her wasn’t a loss.

“Your suggestion isn’t bad, but won’t father suspect we want to control the academy?” Xia Ying spoke while slightly wrinkling his brow.

“Brother, you are over worrying. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten? Father……is the academy dean!” Xia Xiong smiled.

“Saying it like this……this matter……is feasible?”

“Of course it’s feasible!” Xia Xiong smiled: “Not only can we control a large portion of the academy, but we can also give that little thing a heavy blow! I hear he and Miao Yiniang are like brother and sister. But women ah……no matter how much they like their little brother, after getting married, they will be closer to the husband.”

“Ha ha ha ha, I really want to know, what expression will that little animal have after he finds out?” Xia Ying’s rage turned to joy, revealing a smile.

“Brother, actually……” Xia Xiong looked at Xia Ying, and slightly hesitated.

“Come out and say it. We are brothers, do you need to hide?” Xia Ying was in a good mood, smiling as he spoke.

Xia Xiong nodded and said: “Actually, if there’s an opportunity, I suggest you ease relations with that little thing.”

Xia Ying’s complexion sank, indignantly saying: “Not possible! He beheaded Zhao Yi right before my face. He also made third brother exiled to the far north, to that land of bitter cold. He can’t come back for ten years. I could never make peace with him! Never mention this again!”

Xia Xiong still had half a sentence stuck in his throat, but didn’t utter it. He actually wanted to tell the crown prince, father seemed to love Chu Mo!

He also has the support of the military Marshal and the Grand Secretary.

This youth’s connections are strong enough to scare people!

No matter the emperor or these two civil and military chiefs. These three people can control countless lives with a casual thought. It simply makes no sense that they all favor a teenager.

Even if he were the emperor’s bastard son……it still wouldn’t be possible!

Not even his own son gets this kind of treatment, let alone a bastard.

So, there must be something strange!

Although Xia Xiong couldn’t guess the reason right now, his intuition was telling him something. This whole situation certainly wasn’t simple. If done wrong, this situation could escalate up to the national level.

It’s a pity that Xia Ying didn’t give him a chance to continue speaking. Xia Xiong just spoke one sentence, and Xia Ying became enraged right away.

Xia Xiong secretly sighed to himself. He could only temporarily set this thought aside.