Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 130: The Strong Use Force to Break the Rules

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Chapter 130: The Strong Use Force to Break the Rules

“Dean? Isn’t that a little strange?” With the emperor’s wisdom and foresight, he could naturally understand Chu Mo’s meaning in an instant.

The royal family wanted to control the power, but they weren’t suited to personally send someone and manage the academy. If they send the crown prince or second prince, then Chu Mo would certainly disapprove immediately, and he would never agree.

Like that, if successive rulers could all hold the title of dean for a real sect power……at least in name only, then the power would belong to the royal family.

With practically all the disciples of the academy being children of Da Xia, if the royal family still can’t hold control……then it could only be said their ability was too weak, and no one else could be blamed.

If an academy can’t be controlled, then how could they rule a large country?

The emperor paced back and forth through the study, seeming to be in deep thought. Soon after, he went over to Chu Mo’s side and said: “Then……what angle will you play here?”

Chu Mo smiled and said: “I am your majesty’s subject. I will immediately report to the military. This matter will have nothing to do with me.”

“No, no good.” The emperor’s brow wrinkled as he spoke: “You spoke about Miao Yiniang, but I don’t trust her. You must be involved!”

“Ah?” Chu Mo couldn’t help but be stunned, and grimaced at the emperor: “I am just a child……you want me to be involved?”

The emperor stared for a moment Chu Mo: “You have the nerve to say you’re a child? Which family has a child like you?”

Chu Mo scratched his head and spoke: “What about me?”

“Whoever takes you for a child is a fool!” The emperor could hardly maintain his ruler’s dignity and aura. This youth was really too evil.

The emperor wasn’t without doubt about those events on the grasslands. He wondered if those truly amazing events were actually done by Chu Mo. If Chu Mo truly was an imposter, then Da Xia would lose a lot of face.

As a result, when the investigation went deeper, the royal family’s intelligence network found out even more astonishing news.

Chu Mo didn’t have many achievements on the grasslands, but each one cut like a precise knife into the most fatal spot.

The course of events with Elder Hao Yue were even more legendary.

Elder Hao Yue was at his most dominant position at that time, and was actually successfully flipped over by Chu Mo…….after the emperor heard this course of events, he could only be speechless. He sighed because Chu Mo’s luck was really too strong!

One of the key figures now held quite the reputation on the grasslands. He was practically without equal, a giant running like a river through the Wang Court’s military. It was reported that after those events, he became Chu Mo’s close follower!

After hearing the intelligence personnel’s description of the giant, the emperor became extremely covetous. A practically impenetrable giant like that could push back an army with thousands of horses. If he came to Da Xia and joined the military, then he would certainly be an unequaled valiant military leader.

Now princess Nuo Yi practically controlled the state of affairs in the grasslands. And it’s reported that in her room, there hangs a painting.

The intelligence personnel of Da Xia exhausted up a large amount of energy and resources. They were finally able to find an abandoned outline of the painting, and it now hung in the emperor’s study.

The person in the painting was clearly Chu Mo!

The emperor naturally couldn’t tell Chu Mo these things. But in the depths of his heart, he liked this young evil talent to the extreme.

The emperor already thought it through, so long as this youth doesn’t commit an atrocious act like treason, a king by a different name……will sooner or later be Chu Mo!

[TL: A king by a different name is a reference from the spring and autumn period in China. The ruling Zhou dynasty had to rely on ‘kings’ to rule over territories in a feudal system. Many of these ‘kings’ were related to the Zhou family, but some were outside the family line, hence the ‘king by a different name.’]

And apart from an era of developing kingdoms, thinking to make a king by a different name…….was simply beyond imagination!

Chu Mo looked at the emperor: “Your majesty……what is your answer?”

The emperor gathered up a smiling expression, seriously looked at Chu Mo, and said: “I trust you.”

Chu Mo nodded.

The emperor continued: “I also trust myself.”

Chu Mo nodded once again

The emperor deeply looked at Chu Mo: “But if the crown prince succeeds the throne……”

Chu Mo understood the emperor’s intention, and he had no choice but to say: “If the crown prince doesn’t take the initiative to trouble me, I certainly won’t take the initiative against him.”

“What if he comes seeking you trouble?” The emperor asked.

Chu Mo thought a moment, then said: “Your majesty, once the Misty Palace Royal Academy is founded, it belongs to all of Da Xia.”

The emperor was stunned. According to him, Da Xia was the royal family, and the royal family represented Da Xia!

But other people’s interpretation might not be the same!

Da Xia was a Da Xia of countless citizens!

“Therefore?” The emperor looked at Chu Mo.

“Therefore, the dean is simply the academy’s spiritual leader. I can guarantee the emperor this, the academy will never do anything to disservice Da Xia.” Chu Mo said.

The eyes of the emperor flickered. He looked at Chu Mo, was silent for a long time, and then sighed: “Don’t tell me, is there no possibility of reconciliation between you and the crown prince? As far as I’m aware, there is no true profound hatred between you two.”

Chu Mo gave a helpless smile: “Your majesty doesn’t need to tell me this.”

The emperor nodded: “I……understand! I will live for many more decades, so there will be no more problems. Therefore, the relationship between you and the crown prince still has time to repair. You say this is good, then I approve.”

Chu Mo bowed down: “This boy……gives many thanks to his majesty!”

The possessor of a Hero’s Medal doesn’t need to bow down to the ruler. This was the respect that the royal family gave to the greatest heroes of Da Xia.

“And also……” The emperor looked at Chu Mo: “This academy, yes, sect, you must hold an important position inside it. Let me think a moment. What position suits you……sect……sect……there is always someone inside the sect who protects the laws. Yes, you will be the Misty Palace enforcer!”

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched. To tell the truth, he had a complete lack of interest in authority, but he understood the emperor’s intent. By comparison with Miao Yiniang, the emperor certainly trusted Chu Mo more.

Moreover, because Chu Mo was yoked to his grandfather, the emperor believed he had a greater control.

Chu Mo clearly understood the reasoning, so he didn’t refuse the emperor’s arrangement. This not only made the emperor rest at ease, but Miao Yiniang could rest at ease also.

Chu Mo took a deep long breath after leaving the royal palace. Anyway, this matter could be considered done.

As far as the grudge with the crown prince, he believed there was a way to settle it. The grudge really can’t be solved……so he had to switch the crown prince.

Chu Mo felt a little disbelief with this thought first sprouted forth. He thought to himself: ‘Since when did I no longer place royal authority in my eyes?’

Because of this, Chu Mo truly understood the fundamental reason why sects loft high above.

At a certain level of power, all the constraints and rules……they really become a decoration.

Following the rules was giving face. But if you didn’t follow the rules, no one could do anything about it!

“The strong use force to break the rules.” Chu Mo mumbled: “No wonder the most nasty former rulers……were those great experts.”

[TL: The full phrase is something like ‘The strong use force to break the rules, and scholars use the pen.’ The author only referenced the first half.]

Chu Mo told Miao Yiniang more or less everything after seeing her. At the end, the said to Miao Yiniang: “The emperor needed to rest at ease. Therefore, I couldn’t consult with big sister, and acted without permission. The position of dean has been given to the royal family.”

Miao Yiniang Captivatingly smiled: “Isn’t this already the best result? Otherwise, how could the emperor allow such a power to be established right below his eyelids?”

Miao Yiniang gazed at Chu Mo with starry eyes as she spoke: “Young master, thank you!”