Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 129: You Will be President

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Chapter 129: You Will be President

“I understand what you mean. We’ll borrow the royal family title to establish a sect that belongs to us. Then, we will recruit disciples from the secular world, and train up our force. Correct?” Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo. Her pupils flickered, and she softly said: “It seems a little crazy at first glance, and a little unimaginable. But after carefully thinking it over, if the royal family agrees, then the plan could really succeed.”

“Unless you have anything else to add, I will go take care of the royal family side!” Chu Mo said.

Miao Yiniang sighed: “What opinions could I have? If it’s possible, then I must do it! Only as it is, won’t there be some bad effects towards you? After all, when we set up our organization, didn’t everything have to be done in secret, yet now……”

Chu Mo smiled and shook his head: “Those are two different things, completely different. How could it have any effect on me? If I had to guess, I would assume that I must report to the military front lines soon. So, I want these things to be completely taken care of before I leave.”

Miao Yiniang’s vision became extremely gentle, and focused on Chu Mo for a long time. She quietly said at last: “What elder sister Yifei said was right. I really am much luckier than her.”

The two left this place soon after. Miao Yiniang returned to Gluttonous Ogre, and Chu Mo went straight towards the emperor’s palace.

After passing through the guards, the emperor didn’t avoid meeting, and he actually made the guards bring Chu Mo straight into the royal study.

This kind of treatment was seriously considered extremely favored.

The emperor didn’t make Chu Mo wait too long, and he quickly arrived in the study, making Chu Mo feel welcomed upon first seeing him.

“How is your arm? Your complexion doesn’t look too well. Did you go through some disaster recently?

Chu Mo laughed: “It’s nothing. I had a scuffle and was carelessly injured. I’ll be better in a few days.”

“If only it was nothing.” The emperor spoke, sat down, and then asked Chu Mo: “Why have you sought me?”

“It’s like this……” Chu Mo chose his words, and told the emperor about his idea.

The emperor didn’t refuse in the first moment, but rather wrinkled his brow, and quietly sat there.

Chu Mo didn’t rush. He calmly stood there, and waited for the emperor’s answer.

After a long time, the emperor looked up, and asked Chu Mo: “You said Miao Yiniang was a disciple of the top grade Misty Palace sect from the Vermilion Bird continent?”

Chu Mo nodded: “Yes.”

“Back then, several powers united from the Vermilion Bird continent, and they completely wiped out the Misty Palace. Twelve of the disciples were able to flee. Each one carried a heritage, and they went into exile……” The emperor wrinkled his brow. He reached out and softly knocked on the table in front of himself, then mumbled: “In other words, doesn’t she have countless enemies?”

“Right.” Chu Mo openly looked at the emperor: “Her enemies are all in the Vermilion Bird continent.”

“I know.” The emperor looked at Chu Mo: “I’m thinking……there are several advantages and disadvantages here. Young boy, you have given me a difficult problem!”

Chu Mo chuckled, and said: “Emperor, it looks like the royal family will have to bear the burden of protecting Miao Yiniang, but in reality, the royal family doesn’t have to really pay anything.”

“How do you say?” The emperor looked at Chu Mo.

“This is actually a good thing for the royal family and even all of Dia Xia.” Chu Mo didn’t explain anything, but looked at the emperor and said: “I don’t need to speak about the benefits, I believe your majesty already knows them quite well. The Vermilion Bird Association……is an organization from the Vermilion Bird continent, but I’m guessing your majesty is uncomfortable with them stretching their hand to our Azure Dragon continent, and even ignoring the royal authority of the secular world. Isn’t that right?”

The emperor looked at Chu Mo, and plainly said: “Uncomfortable……but what can be done?”

Chu Mo smiled: “Don’t tell me emperor, you wish these kinds of events……to continue into the future?”

The emperor coldly snorted, yet didn’t say anything.

Chu Mo said: “The sects have always been high above, and never placed the secular world people in their eyes. Even several of the sect members don’t place royal authority in their eyes. This situation, needs to change sooner or later!”

A trace of flight flashed across the emperor’s pupils, and he stared at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo’s voice was slightly cold: “These people in the sects, after all is said and done, they aren’t immortals! They need all kinds of resources just the same. They need to eat, drink, sleep, and piss. But yet they place their status even higher. On what basis do they have to be so arrogant?”

Chu Mo said with cold clear eyes: “Isn’t it because these sects have far greater power than the secular world? They control the high level scriptures and exercises that the secular world can rarely touch. They control all kinds of pill prescriptions…….and prohibit these things from entering the secular world at all costs. Even if a prince studies in the sect, he can’t pass anything on to others!”

The emperor nodded, then said: “Right, do you have a way to crack this?”

Chu Mo said: “Miao Yiniang carries one sixth of the Misty Palace heritage! This heritage includes high level scriptures and exercises. There are also all kinds of pill prescriptions. With these things, there will absolutely be outstanding disciples once a sect is established!”

The emperor looked at Chu Mo: “What about if a spy comes to steal?”

Chu Mo laughed: “These things can’t be completely avoided. Whoever wants to steal, will study like the rest. We don’t have all the methods of the large sects after all. However, we can’t do nothing out of fear. Also, won’t there be selection when it comes to passing on exercises? Would we casually teach the best exercises to anyone who comes along? First, you need to look at the innate gifts. Second, they must go through all kinds of tests.”

The emperor nodded: “According to what you say, this……seems doable.”

“Of course it’s doable!” Chu Mo smiled: “We have this world’s top grade scriptures and exercises. We also have the determination and capability to establish a sect. The most important thing is, our sect will sit right in the secular world. When it comes to recruiting disciples……it will be several times easier than even the large sects!”

The emperor sucked in a deep breath. He pushed both hands on the table, slowly stood up, and said to Chu Mo: “Later on, the most talented of these disciples……they will certainly help the royal family. Am I right?”

Chu Mo nodded: “Since we are borrowing the royal family’s light, and receiving their protection, then it is only natural to pay something back in return.”

“No, not just return payments. What I want……is for this sect to be completely controlled by the royal family! You, can you do that?” The emperor gazed with a cauterizing light at Chu Mo.

He was like an ever dormant beast finally revealing its teeth.

The sect would certainly turn into a terrifying power if it truly matured. Moreover, it would have much more influence in the secular world than the other sects.

As far as a country ruler goes, nothing could make them rest easier than controlling such a formidable force.

In addition, any power that rested in another’s hand was a huge threat to the emperor!

Like a sword suspended above the emperor’s head, it could come chopping down at any moment.

How could they sleep easy?

Normally speaking, an emperor would automatically refuse upon hearing Chu Mo’s suggestion. That would be the common response. However, he didn’t act that way. The emperor saw the huge benefits!

Wordly royal authority was high up in the eyes of the people. It was sacred and not to be violated. But royal authority was immediately cut short when faced against the top large sects. Who would keep the status quo if it could be changed?

Chu Mo looked at the emperor, slightly smiled, and said: “How about your majesty becomes the academy dean? Later on, the successive rulers of Da Xia will all be Misty Palace Royal Academy deans! The first thing each student that enters will receive is a Da Xia royal family education. What do you feel about this?”