Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 128: Misty Palace Royal Academy

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Chapter 128: Misty Palace Royal Academy

“People are born in suffering. What fear is there in death? Miss Sun, rest in peace. Hua Nan, although I cut off your arm, and you died at my sister’s hand, but that was you bringing trouble on yourself. All things only have one final result. The hate is gone in death. I hope you can find escape in another world.”

Chu Mo stood and spoke before a new grave.

Miao Yiniang stood with red eyes next to Chu Mo. She softly said: “Elder sister, although I don’t approve of your choice, I understand. If the one I love died, I certainly couldn’t live alone. I want to tell you, since you didn’t sell off the true Misty Palace heritage, then, you didn’t betray the elders. You sold me out, but I’ve already forgiven you. Rest in peace.”

The event was already three days ago. Miao Yiniang and Chu Mo buried Hua Nan on a mountain nine miles outside of Yellow Flame City. It faced a large surging river, creating a nice fengshui.

The Vermilion Bird Association ate a huge loss this time. A gold rank elder was actually sacrificed in the secular world. This kind of news would probably rattle the Vermilion Bird Association upper layers.

However, the Azure Dragon Court’s reaction was quick. Wang Dafa was truly a man of his world. After the events were revealed, the Azure Dragon Court directly reacted the next day. They found the remaining Vermilion Bird Association Members in Yellow Flame City, gave them a scolding, made them carry a letter, and then scram out of Yellow Flame City.

This was the news that Wang Dafa secretly gave Chu Mo. Chu Mo already did some investigation of his own, and saw Wang Dafa wasn’t cheating him.

The Vermilion Bird Association members in Yellow Flame City really did vanish without a trace.

However, Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang both knew quite well, after suffering such a large loss, the Vermilion Bird Association certainly wouldn’t leave the matter be. They were only lying low in wait. Their revenge would certainly come sooner or later.

“Chu Mo looked to Miao Yiniang, and simply said: “Sister, I have an idea.”

“Yes?” Miao Yiniang’s eyes focused on Chu Mo.

“Chu Mo said: “Right now, your identity is most likely no longer a secret in the Vermilion Bird Association.”

“Yes ah. Since they sent a gold rank elder, this couldn’t be unknown to the higher level members.” Miao Yiniang sighed: “Apart from completely disappearing from Yellow Flame City right now, there is no way my identity will stay hidden for long.”

“They sent four people this time, and they have all died. Therefore, they temporarily don’t know that you and Chu Yan broke into the golden stone realm.” Chu Mo’s pupils flickered, and he whispered: “First let them suspect. On my end, I will create an identity for them!”

“An identity?” Miao Yiniang’s elegant eyebrows knitted together, and she looked confused at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo nodded: “If you have a royal or military identity, and add on the Azure Dragon Court’s suppression, then the Vermilion Bird Association will have to carefully think about causing you trouble. Regardless of overtly or covertly, there needs to be discretion.”

“Miao Yiniang somewhat hesitantly said: “How could a royal or military status be that easy? Isn’t it impossible?”

“Chu Mo said: “You need to look at yourself big sister.”

“Look at myself?” Miao Yiniang looked baffled at Chu Mo. She very quietly said: “Young master, do you mean that I’ve become a grown woman?”

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched: “What are you thinking? How could I suggest that kind of thing?”

“That is?” Miao Yiniang winked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo said: “Big sister already has two pieces of the Misty Palace heritage. Wouldn’t you say that this much is already enough to establish a small sect?”

Miao Yiniang nodded, then said: “Right, this heritage contains a myriad of things. There are all sorts of exercises. There is more than enough to establish a small sect. Even if there is just one piece of the heritage, that would be enough to establish a small sect.”

Chu Mo laughed: “We should use the royal family title, and establish a small sect.”

“Ah? Within the secular world?”

“Right, inside the secular world! Who said sects must be established deep in the mountains or in an old forest?”

“We would rely on the royal family?”

“We won’t rely on them. We are just spreading a name. At that time we will borrow the title.”

“Is that okay? The royal family isn’t stupid?”

“Of course the royal family isn’t stupid. The talented people that our small sect produces can work together with the royal family! We don’t need to use any of their resources. We only need to borrow their title. This type of transaction comes without any loss to the royal family!” Chu Mo smiled at Miao Yiniang: “Moreover, our small sect will be named the Misty Palace!”

“This this this……this would be okay?” Miao Yiniang somewhat hesitantly spoke, but her eyes clearly showed that she was moved.

As a Misty Palace disciple, her lifetime’s greatest ambition was to openly restore the sect.

Miao Yiniang never even thought about opening up a sect in the secular world, especially clear and out in the open.

And now at Chu Mo’s suggestion, her first response was: “Isn’t this too crazy?”

After all, she never heard of a sect establishing itself in the secular world. Sects were high high above, and looked down on the masses below. In the common person’s impression, all of the sects, no matter the size, should be hidden away in the great mountains and rivers that ordinary people cannot approach.

But after thinking it over, Miao Yiniang felt that Chu Mo’s words were quite logical.

“Yes ah……no one has ever made a rule. Sects don’t have to be established in the deepest mountains, oldest forests, or places completely removed from the world. The Misty Palace is already no more. It was thoroughly extinguished! To establish the Misty Palace at this time, there must be a surprise move.” Miao Yiniang mumbled. She felt the Chu Mo’s suggestion was more and more feasible.

Chu Mo smiled and said: “Once this news spreads, there will certainly be a tempest. There will likely be extremely polarized views that emerge.”

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo, and her eyes filled with adoration.

Chu Mo said: “Those sects will certainly mock us openly, and they will madly criticize. They will say that we’ve lowered the status of sects in the eyes of the people! But the people of the secular world who’ve had no way to approach sects, they will certainly be excited!”

Miao Yiniang silently nodded: “That is certain, but I think I can endure the pressure from sects.”

Chu Mo laughed and shook his head: “This isn’t a problem that we can let persist, so we must think of another method. Why does everyone chose muscle when thinking of a solution?”

Miao Yiniang speechlessly looked at Chu Mo. She thought: ‘Didn’t you suggest building the small sect?’

Chu Mo said: “We can add a title to the small sect name. For instance, we can call it Da Xia’s Misty Palace Royal Academy!”

Miao Yiniang sluggishly looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo said with an indifferent expression: “We will publicize it as a newly established sect! Having top grade exercises and scriptures, and two masters that can move unhindered through the secular world! He he……also all kinds of resources……can be exchanged for contributions! When it’s done like this, we certainly won’t lack in disciples. What do you think? With the two pronged approach of sect and royal family, do you think no one would come?”

Chu Mo looked at Miao Yiniang: “At that time, your status would be the president of Da Xia’s Misty Palace Royal Academy! Actually, you will be like the Misty Palace founder! The Vermilion Bird Association has enough gall to cover the heavens, and wouldn’t place a secular world royal family in their eyes. However, the Vermilion Bird continent sons of bitches may not have the courage to run wild within the Azure Dragon continent!”