Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 126: Killing Golden Stone

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Chapter 126: Killing Golden Stone

It didn’t need to be said, this old cultivator was extremely powerful, and he had abundant combat experience. Facing two opponents at the same realm, under a clear disadvantage, he was still able to put out this level of counterattack.


Miao Yiniang’s blade pierced the old man’s shoulder without any hesitation, causing blood to spurt.

The old cultivator merely grunted. The flesh of a golden stone realm cultivator was extremely powerful, and revealed its greatest strong point at this time.

The blade injured the old cultivator’s shoulder, but even with Miao Yiniang’s golden stone realm power, it had a tough time piercing in when it struck the shoulder blade.

A golden stone realm’s flesh was like stone, and skeleton was like gold!

Meanwhile, the old man’s thunderous palm already struck towards Chu Yan’s front.

This palm was like a mountain pressing down!

An irresistible force!

Although he suffered under the effects of the shoulder injury, this palm still came with formidable force that was enough to crush stone.

Killing a person……would naturally be no problem.

Partly because of the pain, and partly because of the fury, the old man’s expression became extremely grim and twisted.

It was extremely terrifying!

That murderous aura……was overwhelming!

Chu Yan thought to avoid at this time, but it was already a little late!

She experienced all kinds of training since childhood, but she really didn’t have much true combat experience. Especially facing this unimaginable golden stone realm cultivator, causing a huge deficit in the end.

Chu Yan’s thoughts were somewhat sad within the flash of light: ‘I’m sorry noble son. I won’t be able to be honest with you about the men I assassinated.’

At this point in time, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Chu Yan. It was like a large mountain completely blocking the little Chu Yan.



A muffled bang echoed.

The large mountain shook, yet still stood there!

Chu Yan watched Chu Mo’s body shake before her, then she yelped. There was a bone cracking sound, but her front was still blocked!

That figure was incredibly tall.

Tears began to flow down Chu Yan’s face. This figure was eternally engraved into her heart. It would never change in this life.


Chu Mo sprayed out a mouthful of blood. He was pale, and he said to old man who looked stunned: “This is a golden stone cultivator’s power? How strong!”

The opponents palm not only made Chu Mo’s organs suffer heavy damage, but it also made Chu Mo’s incredibly solid arm fracture on the spot!

If it wasn’t for the full body of tempered bones, the opponents palm with such an enormous gap in power……it wouldn’t have just fractured the arm.

The arm might not have remained on Chu Mo’s shoulder!

Therefore, the old man was completely shocked.

He was completely awed!

His entire being was stupefied!

The old man’s eyes filled with disbelief, and he foolishly looked at the youth ahead. His mouth slightly opened: “Are you a monster? How can you block my palm?”

Miao Yiniang saw Chu Mo block the palm in place of Chu Yan, and suffer heavy injuries. She then went completely insane!

The old man stared distracted, but the wild Miao Yiniang didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

The blade stuck into the old man’s shoulder couldn’t pierce through his solid golden stone realm bones.

But soon after……she sent another blade chopping at the old man’s neck!

And at this time, it was right when Chu Mo blocked the definite killing blow, but still didn’t die…….the instant the old man was still staring blankly.


The blade in Miao Yiniang’s hand screeched like a dragon’s cry.

The old man slightly came back to his senses at this time. His pupils instantly filled with a terrified light.

His lips slightly opened, as if wanting to say something.


It was too late!

A resplendent blade light shone behind the old man.

It dazzled the eyes!

Even if it was golden stone realm flesh, it couldn’t stop the full powered indignant blade from a cultivator at the same realm.


The old man’s head went flying. Powerful spurts of blood surged out of the empty cavity like a blood-colored fountain, shooting high up into the sky. It directly sprayed into the sky above, and gave off an incredibly magnificent feeling!

The old man’s body still stood there, reluctant to fall. After a good moment, it finally plopped to the ground.

Chu Mo swayed towards Miao Yiniang and smiled: “Big sister……you are still amazing!”

Chu Mo’s body went weak as he spoke, and had to be supported by Chu Yan. Her face was stained in tears since she felt responsible, and she said to Chu Mo: “Noble son, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I was no good!”

Chu Mo somewhat feebly smiled: “You both call me noble son, how could I not protect you?”

Miao Yiniang rushed to Chu Mo’s side. She looked at him with deep concern: “Are you okay? Are there any problems?”

Chu Mo said with a little difficulty: “No problem. I just suffered a small internal injury. You should first go over and check on your senior sister disciple……”

Miao Yiniang stubbornly shook her head like a little girl. Her eyes became red and full of mist. She reached out, gently caressed Chu Mo’s pale face, and then mumbled: “What do I need to check on her for? She is how she is. In my heart, ten thousand of her aren’t worth one of you young master.”

“Such an adult shouldn’t be so childish.” Chu Mo weakly said: “She is our enemy……quickly go!”

Miao Yiniang finally came to her senses. She turned, and then glanced at Sun Yifei. Sun Yifei was still holding on to the corpse of Hua Nan. A trace of disdain flashed across Miao Yiniang’s face: “She……already can’t be considered our enemy.”

Sun Yifei, who was continuously holding the corpse of Hua Nan, suddenly looked up at this moment. Her pair of originally beautiful eyes didn’t have the slightest bit of spirit left inside. She looked at Miao Yiniang, looked at the seriously injured Chu Mo, and then said with an envious tone: “Miao Yiniang, your luck is much greater than mine.”

Miao Yiniang looked up. Her beautiful oval face was full of pride: “Of course!”

“Ha ha…….” Sun Yifei gently smiled all of the sudden. Her lonesome face actually became somewhat playful: “You haven’t changed. You appeared a little rude and unreasonable in this short time, but inside your bones…….there is still softness as before. Moreover, you still have a proud and kind heart.”

Miao Yiniang blankly stopped. Even if she extremely hated the elder sister that betrayed her, these words from Sun Yifei almost made her shed tears. Only a sister that grew up with her in the same sect could understand her this well.

Who doesn’t learn to conceal after growing up? Who writes their sentiments on the face?

Sun Yifei said in a light tone: “Cherish that time without worry or anxiety. The greatest annoyance at that time was when we could finally grow up. Ha ha, that time was so innocent. Who could know the agony after growing up?”

Sun Yifei looked up as she spoke, faced Miao Yiniang, and lightly said: “Little sister disciple, I’m sorry.”

Tears formed in the corner of Miao Yiniang’s eyes. A complicated color flashed across her face. She hesitated a moment, and then said: “Let it be. You betrayed the master’s sect, and sold me out. However, I killed your beloved. You should probably hate me more.”

Sun Yifei shook her head, tenderly looked at Hua Nan in her embrace, and said: “Without the cause, would this result have occurred? I don’t have the qualifications to hate you. Still, thank you. Little sister disciple, you let me obtain freedom.”——