Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 125: Wrath of Battle

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Chapter 125: Wrath of Battle

Soon after, someone suddenly blasted open that thick and heavy iron door, and advanced towards the people below like a meteor.

Miao Yiniang brushed aside the incredibly thick and heavy iron door like it was nothing. It instantly stopped in mid-air, and miraculously stayed suspended there! Miao Yiniang’s face showed an ice-cold murderous intent. Her slender hand softly turned over, and her palm faced outward. She pushed……

The heavy iron door suspended in mid-air suddenly flew backwards at an unimaginable angle!

And the speed it flew far exceed the speed in which it came!


A figure was jumping down from above right at that moment, and was struck by the iron door that was flying backwards. They didn’t even have time to yell, and got instantly sent flying backwards!

“Ah!” A scream came from outside.

Soon after, frenzied voices followed like the sound of flying chickens and leaping dogs.

“Hua Nan, Hua Nan wake up. What happened to you? Don’t scare me!” A woman’s tearful voice followed after.

Chu Mo and the others all heard the voice’s owner. It was the person who fled that day, Sun Yifei!


A crisp noise echoed.

The sound of a slap made its way down to the three below.

“Bitch! Didn’t you say the strongest was an iron blood realm cultivator? Is this the counterattack of an iron blood realm cultivator?” A hoarse angry voice responded.

The sound of Sun Yifei weeping passed down.

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo and said: “Young master, don’t act today. Give me and little sister Yan a chance to practice!”

Miao Yiniang said to Chu Yan: “Big sister, the time for revenge has come!”

Chu Yan’s eyebrows raised: “We’ve already waited long enough!”

The two girls’ figures flashed, instantly disappearing from the cellar.



Enormously loud noises immediately came from outside.

Chu Mo followed closely behind, and thought: ‘This group of people was going to come sooner or later, but they have come at just this moment. Don’t tell me Wang Dafa sold me out?’

However, Chu Mo gave up on that idea soon after, because Wang Dafa couldn’t have sold him out this fast.

It seemed like the Azure Dragon Court wasn’t like he assumed before, just letting the Vermilion Bird Association run freely in Yellow Flame City. Wang Dafa gave Chu Mo a promise today. It was straight-forward, and not with conditions. The Azure Dragon Court really didn’t like the Vermilion Bird Association acting recklessly in Yellow Flame City.

It was like fishing territories. Outsiders weren’t welcome.

Chu Mo shot out like an arrow as he was thinking, yet he saw the courtyard was already caught up in a fierce battle.

The two women had both broken into the golden stone realm. They both had a full body of power with no place to vent, and now seeing their enemies, their eyes turned red. This was especially the case for Miao Yiniang. She seemed to recognize one of the enemies, and upon seeing him, she beelined towards him and wildly attacked.

Chu Yan faced another person, but this person’s realm was clearly no equal to Chu Yan. He was likely a rank five iron blood realm cultivator.

And he was firmly suppressed by Chu Yan!

If Chu Yan’s combat experience wasn’t so scarce, he probably would have been finished within three moves.

The person Miao Yiniang faced was a sixty year old cultivator, and seemed to be the one that smacked Sun Yifei. His eyes were full of both rage and horror, and he dealt with Miao Yiniang’s unreasonable and crazy attack while cursing at Sun Yifei: “You bitch, I should have killed you back then! The Misty Palace remnants cannot remain! You will die today!”

Sun Yifei just foolishly held onto the one-armed and already perished Hua Nan. She didn’t say a word, like she was completely lost.

Miao Yiniang gnashed her teeth, and attacked the man even more fiercely. Although she hated Sun Yifei to the extreme for selling her out, they were still Misty Palace sisters in the end. It seemed as if the many years of suppressed anger and rage leaked out.

This old man had reached the golden stone realm as well, and was practically an unequaled existence in the secular world.

He was also a gold rank elder in the Vermilion Bird Association. He always looked at the highest peak, and didn’t place anyone in his eyes. The only reason he came out this time was for the Misty Palace heritage that Miao Yiniang carried.

After all, this would be a huge contribution, and given that he is a gold rank elder, he cannot escape convention.

Yet the elder never thought that this relaxed easy mission would lead to a deadly situation. With one step……he landed right into the frying pan.

Especially that beautiful woman, she actually recognized him……he was indeed one of the men who besieged Misty Palace. As a result, he tried to escape from the frenzied attack, but that almost impossible.

“Wild woman! Don’t force me to kill you!” The old man roared, and he started to unfold counterattacks at the same time.

He was many more years matured, and relied on cultivating step by step to the golden stone realm. Miao Yiniang could barely be his match once he becomes serious.

But Miao Yiniang already attacked wildly!

She completely adopted a life or death posture.

The old man hadn’t yet lived enough. Although he was furiously counterattacking, after a short time, he still had no way to defeat Miao Yiniang.

On the other side, Chu Yan was taught many ways to assassinate by Yuan Zidai. The princess also once used her status to put Chu Yan on death row, and forced Chu Yan to kill a prisoner. Chu Yan never dared tell Chu Mo about this, afraid that he would dislike her. But deep on the inside, Chu Yan wasn’t a good girl who was afraid to kill!

Because of this, the current battle between Miao Yiniang and the old cultivator reached a deadlock. At the time the other two were evenly matched, Chu Yan was gnashing her teeth. She swept her blade with extreme deft, making the opponent’s weapon shake.

Then her figure soared up into the air like a fairy. Soon after, she pierced towards the fifth rank iron blood cultivator from on high.

The weapon in the iron blood realm cultivator’s hand started to tremble at this moment, and both arms went numb, creating a wide opening. Faced with Chu Yan’s blade, he had absolutely no possibility of dodging.

His pupils enlarged, and he let out a dreadful cry: “Ah!”


Chu Yan’s blade pierced right into the throat of the iron blood realm cultivator.

The blade pierced through, and Chu Yan quickly left, not even stopping to see Chu Mo’s expression. She directly rushed towards the old cultivator, and tenderly yelled: “Big sister, I’ve come to help you!”


A golden stone realm aura exploded out.

The old man originally thought to withdraw, and now seeing this young, unreasonable, and excessively beautiful maiden unexpectedly release a golden stone realm aura, he was immediately taken aback.

“How is this possible?” The old cultivator exclaimed in disbelief.

Don’t tell me golden stone realm cultivators are everywhere nowadays?

Now he completely lacked any intention to fight, and he turned tail and ran.

Miao Yiniang gnashed her teeth, fundamentally not willing to let him go, and she thrusted a blade towards his shoulder.

Chu Yan also pierced towards the man’s brow from another direction.

Furthermore, this blade wasn’t only incredibly crafty, but also steady as a mountain!

It wasn’t a move that a teenage maiden would use!

Chu Yan’s heart was already completely calm. She was prepared to fully admit her past to noble son after this battle.

But at the present moment, she only wanted to chop this old cultivator!

She hadn’t spent many days with Miao Yiniang, but their affection was extremely good. The two were close like sisters. She had an extremely good understanding towards Miao Yiniang. Chu Yan knew that Miao Yiniang would never go this crazy, not unless she held a grudge towards the old man.

“Die!” The old couldn’t run. His run was unexpectedly interrupted by a pincer attack, creating an incredibly difficult situation.

Right when he roared, his golden stone realm power reached the extreme. He faced Miao Yiniang’s attack, despite everything, and avoided Chu Yan’s blade. Then he struck with a palm towards Chu Yan’s front!

“Little slut……go die!”