Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 124: Not The Same Pill

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Chapter 124: Not The Same Pill

Wang Dafa watched the figure of Chu Mo depart. He couldn’t help but deeply ponder, and finally mumbled after a long time: “What did the boy’s last words mean? Don’t tell me, he can deal with anyone below the understanding intent realm? How is that possible? Maybe if the emperor acted, but would the royal family even intervene here?”

Wang Dafa uncertainly shook his head. His eyes filled with confusion, and he couldn’t help but curse soon after: “You little thing. If you really are so powerful, then why do you need my help? Maybe later I should recruit you into the Azure Dragon Court!”

Wang Dafa muttered, wagged his head, and returned to his room. He looked at the pill bottle on the table, and his eyes flickered with light: “This boy, he actually is quite lovable.”


Chu Mo felt that no one was watching him after leaving the King Mansion. He moved straight through a small alley towards that separate house.

He already hadn’t seen Miao Yiniang and Chu Yan for several days. He didn’t know what the two girls’ realms had reached. According to the effects of the pills, Chu Mo estimated Miao Yiniang and Chu Yan already entered the golden stone realm.

The ingredients for these pills were quite expensive. Chu Mo might not even have enough money if relying solely on his own wealth. Especially one of the ingredients, it already entered into the category of top grade Yuan medicines. He was able to successfully refine ten pills because of this top grade Yuan medicine. However, no matter how miraculous the large green stone was, it could not produce the pills out of thin air.

Therefore, Chu Mo trusted the two girls very much.

Chu Mo arrived at the separate household after seven or eight turns, and quietly slipped inside. He found the mechanism and entered into the cellar

The two girls heard the activity, and they both took precautions. The finally relaxed a breath after seeing Chu Mo.

Chu Mo didn’t even have to use the jade to inspect them when he entered. The temperaments of the two girls were clearly not the same.

Especially Chu Yan, she was already a stunning girl originally, but she always felt inferior in the core of her bones because of her environment growing up. Outsiders may not necessarily see this feeling, but those close to Chu Yan could clearly sense her lack of confidence.

But over the past month, the lack of self-confidence quickly soared away. Now Chu Yan appeared extremely happy, and her face brimmed with a self-confident smile.

At the same time, her temperament became extremely noble!

It resided and stirred in the body, but several things weren’t exactly natural. Her self-confidence and temperament seemed to be not innately acquired.

Miao Yiniang’s change wasn’t as obvious at first sight. She had a charming and enchanting figure, and she honestly grew up to be extremely pretty. It was to the extent that when people first saw Miao Yiniang, they wouldn’t notice her other changes. Her face was enough to make people’s eyes linger for a long time.

But Chu Mo still felt the change in Miao Yiniang. There was also an extreme degree of self-confidence!

The two women both carried joyful expressions when they saw Chu Mo: “Noble son!”

“Young master!”

The two yelled in unison, then started giggling.

Chu Mo looked at the two: “How is it?”

Miao Yiniang spread her two arms wide. She turned her enchanting body in a circle, and the skirt of her garment danced in the air. She looked at Chu Mo: “See for yourself.”

“Beautiful!” Chu Mo praised.

“Who said you could look at that?” Miao Yiniang gave a haughty look, then angrily said: “I was telling you to look at what changed!”

“Even more beautiful!” Chu Mo spoke with his inner feelings.

“Not proper!” Miao Yiniang was secretly happy inside, yet she couldn’t help but speak with cute angry eyes: “Isn’t little sister Chu Yan even more beautiful?”

“Yes, also beautiful.” Chu Mo smiled.

Chu Yan bashfully lowered her head, and her two cheeks were glowing. She then raised her head and looked at Chu Mo: “Noble son, I already entered the golden stone realm! Sister Miao Yiniang and I both entered into this realm. Big sister Yiniang said that noble son’s pills are even more amazing than the legends!

“Ah?” Chu Mo was a little shocked. He didn’t know anything about the legendary pills that could make a person enter the golden stone state, so he didn’t know the miraculous nature of the pills he grabbed out. He somewhat uncertainly stared at Miao Yiniang.

Miao Yiniang nodded and said: “Right, the Misty Palace once had a pill refining master, and he could refine the pills that step into the golden stone realm. He raised several golden stone realm disciples, and they became the backbone power of the sect, carrying out all kinds of missions.”

Chu Mo nodded, and felt that this was something large sects probably did. He also thought the disciples were certainly happy to have an opportunity to scale the heavens in one step.

“However, those people didn’t have stable realms after taking the pills. It was very likely for their realms to fall after stepping into the golden stone realm. The most serious would fall all the way back down to the fourth rank iron bone realm!” Miao Yiniang said: “The Misty Palace was a first-rate sect of the Vermilion Bird continent back then. If four or five people could succeed out of ten, then that already would be considered good. This rate of success also made the the other sects incredibly envious.”

Chu Mo’s eyes flashed. He looked at Miao Yiniang, and slightly wrinkled his brow: “Big sister, before you took those pills……you knew there wasn’t a hundred percent chance of success? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Miao Yiniang smiled: “Wasn’t it successful?”

“……” Chu Mo didn’t know what in the world was going on.

Miao Yiniang softly said: “My young master, you mustn’t feel responsible. You must clearly know the value of this medicine! The people of this world would wildly chase after it if there was just a one in ten chance of success.”

Miao Yiniang’s pair of beautiful eyes fell upon Chu Mo as she spoke: “It’s a pity that the ingredients to manufacture these pills are too costly and rare. Not even the sects could have a large amount of golden stone realm experts. They basically couldn’t afford the cost. But your pills, at least so far…….have a hundred percent success rate!”

Chu Yan said from the side: “Yes ah yes ah, noble son, you may not realize it. I can clearly feel my realm is stable. Moreover……there might be a chance to make another breakthrough!”

“Right, I first believed that I was mistaken.” Miao Yiniang glowed at Chu Mo: “But sister Chu Yan actually has the same feeling! This explains the problem!”

Chu Yan said: “Noble son is the world’s most powerful medicine master! No……immortal pill master!”

“You all mean……in the future, you won’t be stuck at the golden stone realm?” Chu Mo was a little shocked. He looked at the two: “But these pills, they can’t actually replace a person’s maturation process!”

“Normally speaking, these pills don’t even guarantee success.” Miao Yiniang said.

“Perhaps, you are both the lucky four or five out of ten?” Chu Mo said.

Miao Yiniang slightly shook her head: “Even though I’m not sure what exactly happened, and I’ve never actually seen a legendary pill that can directly increase a person to the golden stone realm, but I have a feeling. The pills you refined young master, compared with those…….they aren’t the same!”

Chu Yan also vigorously nodded. She also didn’t know much about the legendary golden stone pills, but it didn’t stop the outstandingly gorgeous girl from reaching a blind level of worship for Chu Mo.

At this time, an enormous noise suddenly came from the door leading to the cellar.

It made the three people inside completely stunned.