Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 123: One Promise

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Chapter 123: One Promise

If going by just the Azure Dragon Court elder status, Wang Dafa really wanted to completely cut himself away from Chu Mo’s affairs. The Azure Dragon Court didn’t wish to get involved, and each person would go their separate ways. However, he couldn’t act this way when looking at the situation as a businessman. Other people might look down upon an ordinary General’s grandson, but Wang Dafa knew the ins and outs of Chu Mo’s background, and he didn’t dare look down upon Chu Mo.

And now there was one more reason to not become enemies with Chu Mo, pills!

Wang Dafa’s headache flared up once or twice a month, and he felt as if he wanted to die each time. Wang Dafa even thought to end his own life several times!

No one knew the feeling of that kind of migraine, and apart from himself……no one knew of its existence. Even the way Wang Dafa acted like a rich upstart over the past several years, it wasn’t merely to conceal his true identity. But even more so……his actions were a way to relieve the stress!

He was relieving the type of pain that warped his spirit!

He was afraid that he would die sooner if he lived life like a normal person.

It actually didn’t matter whether or not the youth with terrifying medical skill saw Wang Dafa’s illness at a glance, or if the youth’s mysterious and powerful master secretly watched him, thereby discovering his illness.

The most important thing was this. Xia Jing’s incurable illness was already beginning to recover!

This was what tempted Wang Dafa the most.

Wang Dafa looked at Chu Mo, and his eyes filled with an extremely complicated glow.

Chu Mo calmly watched Wang Dafa. The emotion in his eyes was extremely clear, cold, and raw, like the water flowing from an Autumn mountain spring. The bottom could easily be seen with one glance, but men didn’t dare lightly step in.

Wang Dafa smacked his head and suddenly laughed: “My chef, he came from the royal kitchen. He has several specialty dishes that received the emperor’s praise. Little brother, do you really not want a taste?”

Chu Mo also laughed at this time, and nodded: “Good!”

The two ate the meal happily.

Wang Dafa appeared to have mulled things over. He put aside his so-called reservations, and the two chatted like old friends. Wang Dafa even explained several things about the Azure Dragon Court to Chu Mo. Perhaps intentionally or unintentionally, he also spoke about the Vermilion Bird Association.

Chu Mo also intentionally and unintentionally gave away some information about his master, as well as the small mountain that he cultivated on.

People really needed experiences to mature. No one was naturally cunning, and no one was born a hypocrite.

The fourteen year old youth really wanted to always be able to maintain a child’s innocence. He really wanted to continue being passionate, but this was impossible.

Because this world does not belong to anyone.

Even the Demon Lord was so powerful that he was without equal in the world, but didn’t he still abide by this world’s rules? Otherwise, he would directly take all the drug ingredients from the Immortal Sky and the other large sects.

If they didn’t give the drug ingredients up, then he could extinguish them all!

Wouldn’t it be much easier?

Ultimately, everyone was human, and not demons!

Even if everything was calculated, even if there was selfishness, there was still humanity in the end.

The Demon Lord never spoke with Chu Mo about the Spirit and Immortal World cultivation methods, but Chu Mo had a feeling. Maintaining a degree of purity was a very important thing!

Wang Dafa could hold his alcohol. He had several cups with Chu Mo, but he appeared pretty much sober. He was only a little intoxicated.

Chu Mo was young and hot-blooded. His physique was also a much higher quality than the majority of people in the world, so he could also drink quite a bit. There was practically no major effect.

The two drank and ate their fill soon after. Chu Mo gave a bottle of Medicine to Wang Dafa before he departed: “Older brother, take a pill every three days if you trust me. There are ten pills in total. So after one month, your headaches will be healed.”

Chu Mo repeatedly researched his jade’s ability to refine methods over this short period of time. In the end, he discovered it to be the work of that large green stone. It is able to absorb a large amount of drug ingredients, and because of this, he only needed to meditate on the medicine’s application while in the jade space. Then the majority of medicine would quickly appear.

Take Wang Dafa’s ailment for instance. This was practically no problem for Chu Mo.

Wang Dafa looked at the pill bottle before him, and his eyes flashed with a complicated color. He raised his head and said to Chu Mo: “Does little brother trusts me just like that?”

“I should say, older brother just needs to trust me.” Chu Mo somewhat shyly laughed: “These ten pills are a complete cure. Taking one less than the full amount won’t have any effect on your illness. So…….if you don’t trust me, then test one out, ha ha……”

Chu Mo didn’t continue on speaking, but Wang Dafa spoke a little angrily: “Who does little brother take me for? Would I do such a thing? Other people couldn’t buy little brother’s medicine for ten thousand jin. How could I be suspicious?” Yet he secretly cursed: ‘Little bastard, why are you laughing so shy? Don’t you know that you are striking an adult’s face? You actually see right through my thoughts. It’s completely shameless!’

[TL: One jin = 10 liang. Wang Dafa doesn’t specify gold or silver jin.]

It’s hard to say which one was truly shameless. Wang Dafa already thought to find a few doctors that he knew quite well. He would have them research the medicine, and find out if Chu Mo wished to harm him. In the inner depths of his heart, he still didn’t completely trust Chu Mo.

As a result, Chu Mo’s words placed him into another corner. At the same time, he also somewhat lamented: ‘Is this really a fourteen year old?’

“I’m just being cautious. You will clearly see results after taking one pill older brother.” Chu Mo said: “I am always this good to friends.”

Wang Dafa deeply sucked in a breath, and then he said: “Good, since little brother has already spoken to here, then I will give you a promise! Yellow Flame City……and even all of Da Xia is not the territory of the Vermilion Bird Association! The Azure Dragon Court won’t turn a blind eye if they become too excessive.”

At this point in time, Wang Dafa’s aura of an Azure Dragon Court Elder finally released.

The words of great men hold enormous weight, and they must keep their promises. Ordinarily, people only destroyed these kinds of promises when absolutely necessary. This was even more so for those in higher positions.

Chu Mo faced Wang Dafa and bowed: “Older brother is righteous! I must thank you in advance!”

Wang Dafa waved his hand, and said in a low voice: “The Azure Dragon Court can demand them to not be too excessive, but a few secret methods are unable to avoid.”

Chu Mo thought of Miao Yiniang and Chu Yan’s current realms. He laughed and said: “This is no harm. The Azure Dragon Court would never send out an Understanding Intent realm expert right?”

Wang Dafa shook his head in shock: “Not possible. Do you think Understanding Intent experts are that easy to call out?”

Chu Mo smiled and shook his head: “That’s good! Older brother, I must depart!

Chu Mo was very happy. The trip to visit Wang Dafa far exceeded his expectations. But he reckoned Wang Dafa……was not nearly as happy.