Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 122: Dilemma

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Chapter 122: Dilemma

Chu Mo slightly squinted while looking at Wang Dafa. He laughed and walked over: “Older brother, in my eyes, we don’t need to drink the wine. We are just acquaintances. Older brother gave me a bronze cauldron, so I had to show thanks as a younger brother.”

Chu Mo pulled out a porcelain bottle from his robes as he spoke: “I see older brother doesn’t have any illnesses, but you work too hard every day, and often have a splitting headache. When it happens, I’m afraid it gets quite bad. The heat and swelling can be difficult to bear, so you must drip ice water on the forehead, and finally relieve swelling.”

A cold trace of light suddenly flashed within Wang Dafa’s pupils, vanishing away the smile. He looked Chu Mo up and down: “You investigated me?”

Chu Mo laughed and waved his hand: “I mean no harm old brother. What’s the harm in investigating? You don’t need to worry. You spoke so much just now, but there is one thing you didn’t say.”

Chu Mo laughed and said: “Ha ha, older brother could find out Miao Yiniang’s identity from the bronze cauldron. Don’t tell me you haven’t guessed who I am? Seeing how quickly you wish to part ways, I’m afraid my identity is the reason right?”

Wang Dafa stared at Chu Mo, and his eyes gradually revealed a trace of admiration. He finally sat down and bitterly said: “I never thought a teenager could easily disguise as a man in his twenties. And not the slightest flaw is showing. You’re right, I inferred! However, I would have never taken the initiative and ask if you didn’t admit first. There are some things I really don’t wish to mix with. I really am an Azure Dragon Court Elder, but I am also a businessman.”

“You know who I am older brother, so you know how amazing my medicine is right?” Chu Mo sighed to himself. His relation with Miao Yiniang wasn’t exactly public, but it appeared to be investigatable in the end.

One could see the importance of intelligence information just from this alone. The Azure Dragon Court…….was a huge monster in the Azure Dragon continent. When it came to intelligence gathering, they were an unparalleled force!

The organization that Chu Mo and Xu Fufu establish was extremely weak in comparison.

But Chu Mo wasn’t worried. He had patience!

One day his power would mature.

Chu Mo calmly admitted his identity to Wang Dafa because he had other plans!

Chu Mo viewed this Azure Dragon gold rank elder as someone he could work with!

Wang Dafa nodded and looked at Chu Mo: “Little brother’s ability to refine medicine has already spread around the circles. Right now no one is seeking you to refine medicine because a few things aren’t quite clear. But soon, probably very soon, people will be seeking little brother’s house, and come asking for medicine.”

“That depends on my master’s mood, and their sincerity.” Chu Mo plainly said.

A tiny ray of light flickered in Wang Dafa’s eyes, and his heart shivered. The master that can produce such a disciple in six months, how could he come from an easy generation? This was precisely the reason Wang Dafa wished to distance himself.

Wang Dafa was an Azure Dragon Court gold rank elder, and had a vast amount of intelligence at his fingertips.

The Vermilion Bird Association constantly searched within Yellow Flame City for one of the twelve Misty Palace disciples. Wang Dafa already caught wind of this a long time ago.

He also knew the Vermilion Bird Association had their sights on Miao Yiniang for a long time.

However, Wang Dafa never thought the bronze cauldron was bait from the Vermilion Bird Association. He was extremely angered when he came home and found out the truth.

Because he accidentally got involved!

The Vermilion Bird Association members naturally knew his status, so they couldn’t run over and bring trouble to Wang Dafa. However, Wang Dafa still felt unpleasant.

Wang Dafa thought to himself: ‘A person easily called me mister, and I easily favored him. How can you seek trouble with me Vermilion Bird Association?’

So Wang Dafa immediately started to investigate the matter. He didn’t know before investigating, but with one look, he was chilled to the bone!

Because he suddenly discovered the youth next to Miao Yiniang. All the evidence he gathered pointed to one person!

It was Chu Mo! The one causing a stir in Yellow Flame City!

This youth provoked catastrophe only half a year ago. He offended prince Xia Jing, and was madly pursued. He fled Yellow Flame City and vanished. He appeared once again after six months, but with the attitude of a king. First he mightily smashed Xia Jing’s Prince Mansion, and then Xia Jing welcomed him inside, like not a goddamn thing happened.

Then came the news of Xia Jing recklessly buying all the drug ingredients……

All this information combined led to an astonishing conclusion. After half a year, this youth named Chu Mo possessed ability beyond imagination.

According to a man like Wang Dafa, there was only one person who could make Chu Mo possess this much ability. That was a hermit!

Yes, not a sect, but a hermit!

The sects could never raise this kind of disciple. Even if Chu Mo was a world ending talent, he could never enter a sect, and then leave his master half a year later. The more talented a disciple, the more they had to stay with master, and receive all kinds of training. The most crucial point of training……was to build sect loyalty!

How much loyalty would he have to the sect after leaving half a year later?

Not to mention, the top sects aren’t lacking in talent at all. Chu Mo could never squeeze out everyone else’s resources as soon as he entered the sect, no matter how talented he was. If he acted that way, then he wouldn’t last a month!

So, there could only be the hermit. Only a hermit could raise such a disciple, then release him into the world to gain experience after such a short period of time.

So-called hermits possess tremendous power, but they don’t belong to any sect!

There weren’t many of these people in the four continents, but Wang Dafa knew of at least ten!

Practically every hermit was an unprovokable existence.

First of all, they had nearly unmatched military strength. Every hermit possessed terrifying power beyond what a normal person could imagine. In fact, practically all the hermits were alone in the world, without any cares.

This kind of person……was the most terrifying!

Because not only were they powerful, but they don’t care about anything!

Provoking a hermit was really the same as seeking death.

Because of this, Wang Dafa immediately broke into a cold sweat after deducing the youth at the auction house was Chu Mo indisguise.

He was an Azure Dragon Court gold rank elder, holding a high position. However, he would still hold an outside elder status if he resided in a sect. This made Wang Dafa understand even more so than others.

Hermits cannot be provoked!

Hermit disciples……naturally can’t be provoked either!

Now it was clear. The Vermilion Bird Association members wanted to capture Miao Yiniang. Chu Mo certainly wouldn’t turn a blind eye as Miao Yiniang’s best friend in Yellow Flame City.

Later on, an intense conflict would likely occur!

This would happen sooner or later in Wang Dafa’s opinion.

The Vermilion Bird Association members certainly didn’t know the youth was Chu Mo. Wang Dafa wasn’t looking down upon them. Not even the royalty had better intelligence collection than him in Yellow Flame City!

Wang Dafa didn’t wish to enter the whirlpool, and he certainly didn’t wish to provoke a hermit!

Only now this guy didn’t leave him any way out. With no room to negotiate, Chu Mo placed everything that should and shouldn’t be said onto the table.

‘Why are you telling so much to an outsider like me?’

This was Wang Dafa’s dilemma.