Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 121: Azure Dragon Court Elder

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Chapter 121: Azure Dragon Court Elder

An hour later, Chu Mo was changed into his appearance from auction house, and swaggering into the most prosperous area of Yellow Flame City

The people that lived here were the richest of Yellow Flame City, and even the richest of Da Xia!

Wang Dafa’s mansion was here, and it spread over a wide area. The square footage was actually no less than the Prince Mansion.

The name was also quite interesting. It was two antique style words, King Mansion!

[TL: Wang is a common name in Chinese, and it means king, so he actually named the mansion after his surname. Wang Dafa’s name literally translates to something like King Big Moneymaker.]

Chu Mo couldn’t help but smile when he saw the two words. He thought this high-profile businessman was indeed clever.

Normally giving a mansion this name would not only invite criticism, but it would also stir up some trouble. However, Wang Dafa’s King Mansion had already existed for several decades, and he never had any trouble. Just this point alone can showcase the power of Wang Dafa.

Chu Mo was unsurprisingly stopped by the guards. He was quite tall after changing appearances, and held a dignified appearance, making people not underestimate him. The guards very politely asked who Chu Mo was seeking.

“Please report to your master. Tell mister Wang that a friend from before has come to pay a visit.” Chu Mo politely said.

“Mister Wang?” The gate guard’s mouth subconsciously twitched. This was probably the first time he heard his master called Mister Wang. However, Chu Mo saying the words friend made the guard act politely. He made Chu Mo wait a little bit while he passed the news inside.

“Ha ha ha ha……”

Chu Mo could hear the hearty laughter of Wang Dafa after a short period of time. It came from the courtyard, before the man even appeared.

“My good old little brother, you really are good ah, unexpectedly visiting your big brother after a month. You should know, your big brother has been waiting several days for you at home!” A plump dark-tanned man with thick eyebrows and big eyes walked outside, and he warmly welcomed Chu Mo.

He had an expression of complete familiarity upon seeing Chu Mo, and he enthusiastically started to talk: “My little brother, you look a lot like me, simply handsome! Ha ha, come quick come quick. I just gave orders to the cook. He’s quickly preparing good wine and dishes. I wish to drink several cups with my brother!”

He brought Chu Mo straight into the King Mansion drawing room room as he spoke.

Wang Dafa sent everyone else away after they entered the drawing room. He then stood for a moment and gazed out the window before finally turning around. He looked at Chu Mo and lightly said: “Little brother, did you encounter any danger that day?”

Chu Mo was slightly stunned. Part of the reason he came today was to seek information, but the greater reason was to thank Wang Dafa and become friends. He never thought Wang Dafa would give him such a pleasant surprise upon first meeting.

In a sense, they were strangers deep in conversation, but Chu Mo didn’t feel the slightest bit awkward!

It was actually very pleasant!

Chu Mo looked up at Wang Dafa and said: “How does older brother know?”

Wang Dafa sighed: “Brother, I felt regret after I gave you the bronze cauldron.”

Chu Mo was slightly stunned while looking at Wang Dafa

Wang Dafa said: “Don’t misunderstand. I don’t care about the silver. Several thousand silver liang is nothing to me. I can casually give several thousand silver liang to people I like.”

“Yes brother?” Chu Mo looked at Wang Dafa.

Wang Dafa sighed: “I didn’t pay much attention to the bronze cauldron that day. Who cares that it came from the Vermilion Bird continent. I wouldn’t even care if it came from the Black Tortoise or White Tiger continent. But I later discovered that thing came from the once glorious Misty Palace!”

Wang Dafa held a bitter expression: “I felt regret at that time. Although we are complete strangers, I still look favorably upon you, and don’t wish you harm! Several Vermilion Bird continent sects combined to tear down the Misty Palace back in the day. It was said that twelve disciples from the Misty Palace escaped, and those twelve disciples all carry terrifying treasures.”

Wang Dafa sighed: “The most important is the heritage that was split up amongst the twelve disciples! Each one received a portion. Whoever finds all twelve can control the complete Misty Palace heritage.”

Chu Mo said to Wang Dafa: “How does older brother know this?”

Wang Dafa looked at Chu Mo: “Don’t you know as well little brother?”

“I know something……I was pursued for no good reason, and almost lost my life.” Chu Mo said with a sigh.

Wang Dafa smiled and said: “All right, I heard that two people planned to use a Misty Palace treasure to draw out a disciple. One had their arm cut off and was badly injured. The other disappeared without a trace. I never imagined, I inadvertently made friends with such an amazing little brother.”

Chu Mo looked into Wang Dafa’s pair of shrewd eyes, and he couldn’t help but wryly smile.

Who said this guy was an upstart hillbilly? Come out, I swear that I won’t beat you to death!

Where was the crude upstart? Clearly he was a clever businessman!

Furthermore, his knowledge ranges from the sects down to the regular world. He was an unimaginable businessman!

“Yes ah, I really did do that. They followed me after I left…..” Chu Mo shook his head and bitterly spoke: “However, I never heard the three words Vermilion Bird Association before this. And I’ve certainly never heard about the Misty Palace!”

“Is Miao Yiniang still doing well?” Wang Dafa suddenly asked.

Chu Mo’s pupils flickered at Wang Dafa.

Wang Dafa laughed and said: “I’m not very close to Miao Yiniang, but we are acquainted. Her reaction that day was a dead giveaway! Even outsiders could see, not to mention the person staring at her the whole time. She had a special sentiment for the bronze cauldron. Such a clever person, how could she in the crucial moment…….women!”

Wang Dafa sighed and said: “Don’t think too much little brother. The reason I know all this is purely accidental. You see, I……am an Azure Dragon Court Elder! I have a gold rank status in the Azure Dragon Court! So knowing this kind of information is normal.”

“What? You are an Azure Dragon Court Elder?” Chu Mo was honestly quite surprised.

Chu Mo guessed that Wang Dafa likely belonged to a large power, but Chu Mo never thought he was an Azure Dragon Court Elder.

Wang Dafa laughed: “Looks like my little brother has been doing his homework over the past several days. The Azure Dragon Court entrusted me to buy several Red Dragon Ice Python pieces on that day of the auction. I happened to see the bronze cauldron, and I really did intend to bring it back. However, you called me Mister, and I was touched, so I gave it to you. Ordinarily the matter would stop here.”

Wang Dafa said to Chu Mo: “My little brother you’ve come for a visit, so your big brother will treat you well, and regard you as a good friend! But who could have thought the bronze cauldron was bait from those Vermilion Bird Association sons of bitches! And they suspect Miao Yiniang is one of the twelve disciples from the Misty Palace. I combined all the pieces of information, and I feel that I likely endangered you. I can finally relax after seeing you today. Your old brother won’t ask who you really are. Let us have plenty to drink! But after these drinks, let us no longer be related.”