Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 120: Hidden Kings

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Chapter 120: Hidden Kings

Chu Mo was busy discussing with Xu Fufu how to manage the organization he established, opening up the other branches of Gluttonous Ogre with Liu Mei’er, and following up with Xia Jing on the medicine that needed refining. He also had to guard against a retaliation from the Vermilion Bird Association, which could come at any time.

His organization’s true manager was Miao Yiniang. She already took a pill, and her body’s strength was quickly making breakthroughs, increasing by a large amount practically every day.

Miao Yiniang stayed hidden in the basement of that separate house. She was waiting to break into the golden stone realm and stabilize, and then she would come out. Chu Yan also stayed by Miao Yiniang’s side the whole time. Her rate of progress was even faster than Miao Yiniang’s.

Chu Mo only secretly came out a few times within the following month, and he was careful not to be seen each time.

Liu Mei’er worked with great passion at Gluttonous Ogre. This educated and clever girl finally found her life’s greatest joy. Because of this, she completed whatever project Chu Mo suggested in the shortest amount of time.

Chu Mo really admired this woman’s level of talent. As a result, Gluttonous Ogre opened up branches in the Qing province as well as some other large cities.

Xia Jing continued gathering ingredients on his end. He even placed his sights on all of Da Xia!

The drug prices of the entire country practically doubled during this period of time. Many drug suppliers were extremely happy, but the large drug store owners started to cry bitter tears.

They were happy at first, because they sold several drug ingredients that were stored up over the years. They wanted to sell everything, and it was a lot of money. But slowly…..they discovered there weren’t enough drug ingredients left to use! When it came time to buy again from the suppliers……they discovered too late. The prices had already risen to an unbuyable level!

Either……don’t buy, or pay the higher price!

The suppliers can easily go to the Prince Mansion for the same price.


And now Xia Jing had another crime against the people……monopolizing the drug ingredients!

This was just another drop in the ocean as far as Xia Jing was concerned. Another bad name didn’t have any effect. He ate and drank merrily, because this was a joyous occasion. His spirit had never been better.

These things weren’t too big a problem for Chu Mo. There was a person to manage almost everything, so he didn’t need to worry about much.

There was only one thing he really needed to worry about, the Vermilion Bird Association!

Chu Mo used the intelligence organization, as well as a few other channels, to learn more about the Vermilion Bird Association in this short period of time. He found out several pieces of shocking information.

Especially today while in the Prince Mansion, he came to know one piece of information which caused his heart to sink.

“Vermilion Bird Association? How are you entangled with them little Chu?” Xia Jing seemed very astonished when he heard those three words.

“I don’t have a dispute with them. I only heard they are a very large power. I’m just asking.” Chu Mo casually spoke.

“You musn’t provoke them, and stay as far away as possible.” Xia Jing wrinkled his brow and spoke in a low voice: “In our world, the top level sects rule high above the masses. Royal authority only controls the secular world. The Vermilion Bird Association, Azure Dragon Court, Black Tortoise Palace, and the White Tiger Temple make up four of the six biggest powers on the four continents. They are the spokesmen for the top grade sects in the secular world! Their organizations are extremely complicated!”

Xia Jing recollected: “I once met the court ruler for the Azure Dragon Court many years ago. He was an Immortal Sky elder! Their rank system is extremely strict. There isn’t much difference between their ranks and the secular world regimes. The court ruler is the diamond rank. Below are the gold rank elders, silver rank deacons, bronze rank stewards, and finally black iron rank at the lowest.”

Chu Mo asked while somewhat confused: “The top large sects can already rule over everything themselves. Why do they need to establish such a power?”

Xia Jing bitterly laughed: “The large sects have too many rules, and claim to be righteous. They have a clean and pure name, not dirtying the secular world…… Several years ago, the top large sects supported the royal powers in exchange for a large amount of resources. The royal powers of the secular world aren’t pushovers, and aren’t that easy to pinch. Besides, the secular world power only gives them a limited amount of benefit.”

Xia Jing sighed: “Human greed, is it only in the secular world? Those old sect elders actually have the largest appetites! When they aren’t satisfied with the resources that the royal powers provide……the Azure Dragon Court, Vermilion Bird Association, Black Tortoise Palace, and White Tiger Temple appear. Of course, the people that appear never admit membership to the organizations.

“So these powers were actually set up by the large sects……” Chu Mo finally understood why Hua Nan and Sun Yifei were so arrogant that day. They basically lacked any fear. Such large powers were actually supporting behind them.

“It’s not merely the large sects. Some of the middle and smaller sects need resources as well. They don’t even have a way to obtain benefits from the secular world royalty, so they entered into the four organizations one by one. They use the organizations to obtain a large amount of resources and expand themselves.” Xia Jing sighed: “If the royalty is the ruler of the secular world, then the four organizations are the secret kings! Several of the large businesses actually contain the organizations’ members.”

“Yes ah, the royal families have no way to root them out if they are supported by the sects.” Chu Mo said.

“Root them out? Ha ha, it’s good if they simply don’t revolt. First, they don’t care about the secular world power. Second, the two sides have come to a tacit understanding.” Xia Jing somewhat tiredly spoke: “Mutual non-interference.”

“So you’re saying that the Azure Dragon Court holds the same power within the Azure Dragon’s continent as the royal families hold within the secular world?” Chu Mo asked.

Xia Jing nodded: “It could be understood that way.”

“Then, if people from the Vermilion Bird Association came over and acted recklessly with the Azure Dragon continent, then would the Azure Dragon Court become involved?” Chu Mo asked.

Xia Jing raised his head and took a long look a Chu Mo. This crafty old prince already guessed a long time ago, Chu Mo was certainly involved in some conflict with the Vermilion Bird Association.

He seriously warned Chu Mo: “The Vermilion Bird Association members would most certainly be stepping out of bounds, but the Azure Dragon Court may not necessarily act recklessly within the Vermilion Bird continent. There is a silent agreement between the two.”

Chu Mo nodded, showing he understood. Chu Mo took his leave from the Prince Mansion soon after. His thoughts were somewhat heavy on the road home.

Xia Jing’s words were a clear warning to Chu Mo. The Azure Dragon Court will likely turn a blind eye if the Vermilion Bird Association attacks Chu Mo in Yellow Flame City.

“Could it be…….I can only wait until my enemy seeks revenge?” Chu Mo slightly closed his eyes and mumbled: “My current power is still very weak. I’m still not strong enough to fight with these huge monsters. Waiting for death to knock on my door is clearly unwise, so I need to think of a way to settle this once and for all.”

Chu Mo suddenly thought of Wang Dafa.

That rich and powerful person who acted like an upstart. The one who casually sent Chu Mo a bronze cauldron worth three hundred silver liang.

“I should go pay him a visit.” Chu Mo’s eyes twinkled as he thought.