Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 119: Enormous Wealth

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Chapter 119: Enormous Wealth

One-armed uncle brought back astonishing news the next day.

After the auction house took out their profits, Chu Mo was left with 360,000 gold liang!

One-armed uncle’s hand trembled when he showed the 360,000 gold liang bank note to Chu Mo!

This number not only shocked one-armed uncle, it also shocked Chu Mo. He knew the high level Yuan beasts were worth a fortune, but he never thought the fourth rank Red Eye Ice Python would auction for this kind of price.

This wasn’t simply getting rich overnight, this was money dropping directly from the heavens!

No wonder those adventure teams risked their lives to hunt Yuan beasts.

“Young master, hasn’t our money……come too quickly and too much?” One-armed uncle looked at Chu Mo, and his voice quivered a little: “This much money is almost enough to launch a large scale war!”

“I never thought we would have this much money. But like this……won’t our our organization have more than enough money for all kinds of expenses?” Chu Mo asked.

One-armed uncle was completely excited: “Isn’t it more than enough? In my opinion……even if we rapidly expand, it can still be used for ten years! Moreover, this is merely the first batch. According to the initial estimates of the auction house, everything could auction off for a million gold liang. That’s ten million silver liang!”

“We don’t need to rapidly expand. That will easily attract the attention of others. And also……will be much harder to control. After all, we don’t have that much suitable manpower.” Chu Mo said.

One-armed uncle nodded: “Don’t worry young master. I understand.”

Chu Mo looked at the middle-aged one-armed uncle, and suddenly said: “One-armed uncle, I want to ask your opinion on something.”

One-armed uncle actually had a well known name. He was called Sui Hongjun, and it was a very intentional name. He was supposedly born into a scholarly family, but he really liked martial arts, so he abandoned his culture for the military. But Chu Mo was already accustomed to calling him one-armed uncle. Sui Hongjun had also gotten used to the name.

[TL: Sui Hongjun’s name means great scholar.]

Sui Hongjun warmly smiled at Chu Mo: “Say whatever you have to say young master.”

The Fan household never had young maids before, or any of those old maidservants. It could be said that Chu Mo was raised by one-armed uncle, so the two were extremely close!

Otherwise, how could Chu Mo easily let another person manage several hundred thousand gold liang? He held the same trust in one-armed uncle as his own grandfather. Chu Mo considered one-armed uncle as family, even though there was no blood relation.

Therefore, Chu Mo came to a decision after thinking some things through. Since he can’t carry them to the highest heavens, then why shouldn’t he help them fly more freely in their skies?”

From the Immortal Sky, to the grasslands, and all the way to Yellow Flame City……Chu Mo wanted to completely remove himself from sect influence that came from on high. There was only one way for this, and that was to be stronger than them!

Hiding……was an escape.

“One armed uncle, it’s like this. You know my master can manufacture high grade pills. Xia Jing’s ailment was cured by my master.” Chu Mo clearly understood after talking with his master. Relying on his own strength was not enough to hold back torrential storms. It was much better to push situations, especially ones that could easily lead him to death, onto a formless, traceless mysterious master.

Sui Hongru nodded. He looked at the empty right arm, and bitterly smiled: “I know this. But, young master, is there such a medicine that could make my arm grow again?”

Chu Mo bitterly smiled: “This kind of medicine might be possible in the Immortal World, but it can’t be conceived in ours.”

Sui Hongru laughed loudly. He already let the matter go a long time ago. People can’t live in the past, so shouldn’t they look forward? Besides, he lived quite well now. He was even happier than his days in the military.

No matter what, people can only realize their own value, and find something worth living for.

“There isn’t a way for your arm to regrow, but there is a way to make you increase realms, all the way to the golden stone realm!” Chu Mo simply said. Then he watched one-armed uncle’s reaction.

“Ha ha, of course I’ve heard that before. There is legendary medicine in the world…….” Sui Hongru was speaking, but then he suddenly stared with big eyes. A smile started to spread across his face, and he looked not quite convinced at Chu Mo: “Young master, you……what are you trying to say?”

Chu Mo took out a pill bottle, and handed it to Sui Hongru. He smiled and said: “This is the last batch of this kind of medicine. Making more won’t be that easy. I think you can be an expert with just a left arm when you reach the golden stone realm.”

Sui Hongru subconsciously received the pill bottle, then he foolishly stared at Chu Mo. The corners of his mouth sharply pulled up into a smile. His lips slightly moved as if wanting to say something, but nothing came out in the end.

“It isn’t easy to find a martial skill that let’s you use your left arm to the fullest, but don’t worry uncle.” Chu Mo seriously spoke: “Once there is a chance, I will certainly find you a martial skill suited for the left arm!”

“Young……young master?”


“Inside this bottle, is it really……godly medicine able to promote me to the golden stone realm?”

“What godly medicine? It’s merely medicine combined from pieces of refined bone, congealed blood, and transformed metals. That’s it.” Chu Mo simply said.

Sui Hongru held the medicine bottle like it was a baby, then looked at Chu Mo like he was a freak: “How can you say it so simply? Don’t you know Da Xia has only a few golden stone experts? Don’t you know that this medicine bottle can’t be bought with millions of golden liang!”

As he spoke, an expression of struggle appeared on Sui Hongru’s face. Then he said: “Young master……I can’t have this bottle!”

“Why?” Chu Mo looked confused.

“Your grandfather still hasn’t taken one.” Sui Hongru softly said: “Your grandfather needs it more than myself.”

Chu Mo said: “I have arranged something else for my grandfather. This is for you. So long as you don’t despise using it uncle, losing the potential to rise.”

“How can that be?” Suo Hongru gazed with big eyes at Chu Mo: “Despise using it? Is there someone the world that despises these things?”

“Well, after using this medicine, you cannot enter the intent refinement phase.” Chu Mo said.

“My young master……is this really the way you think? Without even mentioning the secular world, how many people in the large sects dare say they will enter the intent refinement phase?” Sui Hongru looked in disbelief at Chu Mo: “You think too much!”

Chu Mo wryly smiled. In fact, he already thought things through.

Chu Mo started to have extremely busy days after this period of time……