Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 118: Understanding

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Chapter 118: Understanding

Miao Yiniang’s charming eyes gazed at Chu Mo while she spoke: “This isn’t a problem of what I want, but what is feasible. I am only a dove, but my luck is good. I have met a young eagle. I can fly with him in the skies for a number of days. I am already very fortunate. Chu Yan, aren’t you the same?”

“Ah, I, yes, yes ah.” Chu Yan seemed to be in the middle of thinking something, and was a little distracted. She answered in a flurry when she heard Miao Yiniang ask the question.

Miao Yiniang gave Chu Yan a deep look, then she said to Chu Mo: “Bring it over. My young master, in this life, I am yours!”

“What do you mean mine……” Chu Mo didn’t know what in the world was going on, but he handed a pill bottle over to Miao Yiniang: “There are three pills all together. Take one every ten days. This will better allow you to adapt to each realm.”

Chu Yan didn’t even blink once at the pill bottle. Her eyes were full of envy.

Chu Mo looked to Chu Yan and said: “You don’t have bad talent. Do you also wish to take the shortcut?”

Miao Yiniang plainly said: “You must clearly understand yourself, then make a decision.”

The already undecided Chu Yan heard these words, and she was slightly startled. She said to Miao Yiniang: “My great young master will certainly break through the void one day. If I wish to follow him, the golden stone realm is obviously not enough.”

Chu Yan looked somewhat amazed at Chu Mo. She was silent for a long time, then quietly said: “That day will come very quickly won’t it?”

“I don’t know.” The thought of Qi Xiaoyu’s absolutely gorgeous face floated up within Chu Mo’s mind, and slightly stung his thoughts.

Chu Yan thought a moment, then captivatingly smiled: “Noble son, I also want a pill like this. Would you be able to part with one?”

Chu Mo seriously looked at Chu Yan: “You also want the same?”

“Yes!” A dull fog covered over Chu Yan’s pupils. She softly said: “I was only a blade before meeting noble son……a blade in the hand of the princess. I once said that prince Xia Jing is a bad person, but in fact……am I a good person myself? I only became a real person after meeting noble son.”

Chu Yan looked at Chu Mo: “Therefore, I will do anything for noble son! Since noble son needs manpower right now, then let me become a blade again! I am happy to do so!”

Chu Mo wrinkled his brow while looking at Chu Yan, and somewhat hesitated.

He received a large amount of medicine from Xia Jing. Apart from the medicine used for the Demon Lord, Chu Mo was able to manufacture about ten pills that can break into the golden stone state. The piece of jade was like an unfathomable pill master. Chu Mo only needed to think of the objective, and the jade would give a precise prescription.

Generally speaking, Chu Mo only needed to obtain the necessary drug ingredients, then…….the jade could theoretically make any pill in the world!

So Chu Mo wasn’t wrinkling his brow because he didn’t want to part with the pills. He didn’t wish for Chu Yan to forsake her potential future breakthroughs.

Chu Yan wasn’t the same as Miao Yiniang. Miao Yiniang’s current plight was quite ugly. The opponent already knew her identity. Now after suffering a defeat, the people who come again will be even stronger! And she can’t keep hiding like this her whole life.

She must confront those strong enemies someday. Because of this, the best method was to increase her realm to the highest level in as short a time as possible. She can peacefully spend her time after the crisis is over.

A sixth rank realm that can move unhindered through the secular world was already enough!

Intent refinement phase cultivators were already considered almighty in this world. They would practically never appear in the secular world.

“You’ve become human again after so much trouble. Why do you wish to be the blade again?” Chu Mo wrinkled his brow at Chu Yan.

Chu Yan captivatingly smiled, like the blooming of flowers: “I am more than willing to be noble son’s blade! Moreover, the golden stone realm! A cultivator that can move unhindered through the secular world! Noble son will break through the void one day, and I will still be considered an expert in the secular world! Even the emperor will look highly upon me. If I can live my life in these conditions, then it is worth it!”

Miao Yiniang saw the emotion in Chu Yan’s eyes, and she filled with admiration towards her. She thought: ‘This little girl is too clever! Break through the void? An almighty like that hasn’t appeared in centuries! To actually cultivate there, and walk towards that position step by step, it is the same as climbing the heavens.’

Being able to clearly recognize yourself is an extremely difficult thing. Thing thing worthy of praise was being able to understand this at such a young age.

Miao Yiniang softly spoke to Chu Mo: “Give them to her. In any case, I will have this little sister to accompany me. When you leave one day……I won’t be so lonely.” Miao Yiniang’s heart softly shook when she spoke these words. A voice appeared in the depths of her heart: ‘Will you really not be lonely?’

Chu Mo sighed, then said: “That’s good.” He took out another pill bottle, and handed it to Chu Yan as he spoke.

Miao Yiniang became a little dumbstruck. She mumbled to Chu Mo: “Just how many do you have? A single one of these pills would cause Yellow Flame City to sink into madness. My young master……in this past half year ah……”

Chu Yan accepted the pill bottle while shaking. Then she earnestly spoke: “Noble son, after one month, I will become the sharpest blade at your side!”


Back at the Fan household, Chu Mo sat on a chair in his room, restored to his original appearance. His thoughts were still somewhat heavy. He didn’t know if what he did was right or wrong.

Perhaps Chu Mo had a much broader horizon because his master comes from the Immortal World. It was no exaggeration to say that Chu Mo’s horizons were unmatched by anyone in the world!

His understanding comes from his experiences with the Demon Lord……and all the knowledge he learned, it all came from the Immortal World. Chu Mo never believed that the ninth realm was his final resting point since the very beginning.

Therefore, he also placed this thinking upon the others around him.

This included Xu 2Fu, Miao Yiniang, and Chu Yan. It even included his grandfather and one-armed uncle.

Chu Mo always believed they could do the things he could! What he wants should also be what they want!

But today’s events made Chu Mo aware of a problem. His previous way of thinking……was a little naive!

The innate talents, the horizons, and the mentality of those at his side……already determined the heights they will achieve.

He could speak with them about breaking through the layer of blue sky, to the Spirit World, the Immortal World, and even……the Heavens!

But they would still choose to stay at the lowest human world.

Because their hearts were here!

It was also because innate talent determines how high they will climb in the world.

The most precious thing in the world was never the ‘unobtainable’ and the ‘already lost’, but rather cherishing the present!

The rich and powerful Wang Dafa could see this completely clearly.

Miao Yiniang and the others could also see.

It was just as Miao Yinaing said. ‘There are many birds that can fly in the sky, but a dove can never fly as high as a hawk!’

Moreover, doves may not like flying as high as a hawk!

The scenery is better, but strong winds also blow.

Chu Mo calmly thought in his room for a whole night. The room was entirely dark, and the first ray of light from early morning illuminated his face. Chu Mo let out a deep breath when the golden light shined on his face.

His face revealed a relieved smile.

He thoroughly understood.