Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 117: Dove and Hawk

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Chapter 117: Dove and Hawk

After the experience honed on the grasslands, Chu Mo clearly understood one thing. Releasing the tiger back into the wild will only bring future troubles. He must thoroughly dispose the man in one fell swoop!

Hua Nan seemed to finally come back to his senses, and furiously roared like mad. His body immediately flew out, and then turned into a flowing stream of light, disappearing from Chu Mo’s line of sight.

The severed arm still remained on the ground, and a dull trace of blood still lingered in the air.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but softly sigh, then mumble: “The gap in realm still exists. If we were at the same level, then how could you run right before my eyes?”

He glanced over at Sun Yifei while mumbling. She was as dumbstruck as a wooden chicken.

“Ah!” Sun Yifei let out an extremely terrified shriek. Then she turned and ran! She advanced in the direction Hua Nan escaped, and fled like mad.

Cho Mo shook his head. He looked at Miao Yiniang and said: “They both ran.”

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo, but didn’t say anything.

Chu Yan’s pair of beautiful eyes fell upon Chu Mo, and filled with admiration.

Chu Mo defeated the old man that came to assassinate him on new year’s night. One could say Chu Mo was lucky. He relied on the opponent’s underestimation of him, but today Chu Mo merely used one slash in a direct fight, cutting off a fifth rank cultivators arm. Luck really couldn’t be used as an excuse now.

This was power!

A truly matchless fighting strength!

This was the crushing pressure of martial skill!

“Sorry, I have confidence in defeating them, but I don’t have confidence in stopping their escape.” Chu Mo regrettably said.

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo, but she still stayed silent.

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, and he said: “Big sister……you……”

Chu Mo didn’t finish speaking before Miao Yiniang suddenly pushed into his arms, and tightly held onto him. Chu Mo only sensed a fragrant wind flow up, then it was followed by a soft body in his embrace.

“Oh……big sister, are you okay?” Chu Mo was distracted a moment, then he softly started to pat Miao Yiniang’s back.

Miao Yiniang still didn’t speak. She only tightly squeezed onto Chu Mo’s waist.

Chu Mo undoubtedly had the body of an adult at this time. Miao Yiniang looked a little cute and helpless when she hugged him, and they seemed to match extremely well.

Miao Yiniang finally loosened up on Chu Mo after a long time. Her face was scarlet colored, and she whispered: “Can we go back?”

Chu Mo new the events today made Miao Yiniang quite upset. She was sold out and plotted against by her sect sister. It was the same as being sold out by her closest friend, and her frame of mind was certainly off.

He nodded, and silently led the two women back. Chu Mo didn’t bring them to Gluttonous Ogre orv the Fan Household. He was still disguised like another person after all, so he brought them to another house in Yellow Flame City.

This was one of the many houses Xu Fufu bought two years ago.

This area was extremely peaceful. It would be very difficult for most people to find the place. Moreover, Xu Fufu also dug out an enormous basement in this separate house. He stored enough resources for someone to live for several months.

“Big sister, don’t go back to Gluttonous Ogre for the time being. They suffered a loss, and won’t rest easily.” Chu Mo softly spoke to Miao Yiniang.

“Then what about our organization?” Miao Yiniang clearly understood she shouldn’t appear in public, but she wasn’t ready to drop the power that she just established.

Chu Mo shook his head: “Nothing is more important than your safety. You also don’t need to worry. Those people are strong, but they won’t dare be too excessive within Yellow Flame City. After all, this is royal territory! Wait for me to go investigate the Vermilion Bird Association. I will see what kind of influence they hold in Yellow Flame City. Then we will think of a way to eradicate their power here.”

“I can’t hide in here forever.” Miao Yiniang said in a low voice: “Continuing on like this isn’t a possibility.”

Chu Mo said: “It won’t be too long. Don’t worry!” Chu Mo pulled out a pill from his robes as he spoke. He looked at Miao Yiniang and said: “Big sister, you know there are pills that can increase realms. However, using pills to increase your realm is the greatest corruption.”

Miao Yiniang was slightly startled. She immediately said: “I know. There are pills in this world that can increase a realm directly to the golden stone state. But if you use this method, then the golden stone state is the final resting point. There is practically no way to enter the intent refinement phase without experiencing bone and body refinement.”

Chu Mo nodded: “Big sister knows this better than I. Right now I hold a pill in my hands that can increase a realm straight to the golden stone state!”

“What?” Miao Yiniang was completely shocked. She didn’t dare believe Chu Mo and said: “How is this possible? The pills that can increase a person’s realm to the golden stone state……they exist, but they are incredibly difficult to produce. Even top pill refinement masters in the large sects don’t have a guaranteed success rate. They only succeed once out of every ten tries……and that is already considered amazing. How could you possibly……have one in your hands?”

Chu Mo laughed: “Big sister, did you forget about me refining medicine for Xia Jing?”

Miao Yiniang was stupefied for a moment, then she immediately nodded: “You can really refine pills like these?”

Chu Mo raised the pill in his hand: “I guarantee it’s authentic.”

Miao Yiniang breathed slightly anxious. She looked at Chu Mo and said: “Do you know……the value of a pill like this?”

Chu Yan stood to the side and enviously looked at Miao Yiniang.

Chu Mo saw the expressions of the two women, and he wryly smiled: “Have you thoroughly thought it through before? After eating a pill like this, your lifetime path of cultivation……will come to an end.”

Miao Yiniang somewhat strangely stared at Chu Mo: “Don’t you know? I will never reach the golden stone realm without this pill.”

Chu Yan softly said from the side: “I’m the same……”

“Both of you……” Chu Mo depressingly looked at the two women: “How do you know that? How can you not have any confidence in yourselves?”

Miao Yiniang bitterly smiled: “Who is the the same as you? Can everyone break through the Yuan closure and enter the third realm in half a year? Where are there so many talents in the world? Not to mention I don’t have any resources. Even if I have inexhaustible resources, at best I will reach the golden stone realm in this life.”

Chu Yan said in a low voice: “The golden stone realm……I don’t even dare imagine it.”

Miao Yiniang nodded her head: “Yes ah, I also don’t dare imagine. So my young master, if you really hold a top grade pill that can increase a realm to the golden stone state, then I really wish to have it……The golden stone realm ah! It’s simply too tempting! I still can’t help but want it, even though I know the value is priceless.

Chu Yan gulped: “I also……”

Chu Mo speechlessly said: “You all won’t have regret? For instance, when you see the upper skies, won’t you want to fly up higher and take a look?”

Miao Yiniang laughed: “There are many birds that can fly in the sky, but a dove can never fly as high as a hawk.”